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By Vulmen Part of the Eyes of Katara continuity.
Polar dog
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Southern Water Tribe


9 (100 AG)

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Katara, Sokka, Southern Water Tribe

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Eyes of Katara

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Broken Promises

Kesuk is a polar bear dog with white fur and a long black stripe running along the top of its head to its back. He is extremely docile and carefree, making him a wonderful playmate for the children of the Southern Water Tribe.


Kesuk was born to a litter of wild Polar Bear Dogs. The mother had been docile and friendly with the people of the Southern Water Tribe, and as such was tended to during her birthing by the locals. Seeking a special gift for Katara; Hakoda and Kya agreed to give her one of her puppies, allowing their son Sokka to make the selection which pup it would be.

The day of her birthday, the poor creature was scared to death to find an ecstatic little girl, Katara, charging it in a vigorous uproar. However, once she held him within her arms, Kesuk attached to her quite quickly. It became her responsibility to see to Kesuk's well-being; grooming him, providing him nourishment, keeping him well exercised and happy in general. Katara quickly developed a nasty habit of constantly slipping him whatever she was eating.

After the death of Kya, Katara's attention for Kesuk diminished. She hadn't stopped tending to him, but she found her time to be divided among the remaining tribe as she filled the role left behind by her mother. It was after the tribe parted ways that he became more of a community pet. Regardless, he still remained Katara's dog, making her room its home.[1]

Upon Aang arriving at the South Pole, Katara became quickly distracted with the air of mystery surrounding the boy. Nearly completely ignoring her full grown dog, he remained in the company of the children of the tribe yet often kept within the vicinity of his friend and master, Katara.[2] Following her departure for the Northern Water Tribe with Aang and her brother, Kesuk was left in the care of Kanna, Katara's grandmother, although he ended up mostly being tended to by the younger members of the tribe.


  • Kesuk is an Alaskan word, referencing water and sky. See the foreshadowing there?


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