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Equalists icon By Idaks Part of the House of Cards continuity.
Biographical information



United Republic of Nations


Water Tribe & Fire Nation

Birth place

Republic City


Republic City




153 AG

Physical description






Hair color

Dark Brown

Skin color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Equalist glove

Fighting style(s)

Eskrima, Chi blocking

Bending style(s)



Unnamed parents (deceased)


Tega, Jei Hin-su, Amon (deceased), Lieutenant, Equalists


Non-bender Alliance, Triple Threat Triad, Red Monsoon Triad, Agni Kai Triad, Republic City Police

Chronological and political information
  • Unknown day job
  • Equalist
  • Lower class United Republic citizen
  • Equalist chi blocker
  • Equalists
  • Non-bender Alliance

Unknown chi blocker

Kesuk is a non-bender and a loyal Equalist who refuses to allow benders to oppress him and holds all firebenders responsible for the actions of one Agni Kai member. He is a slightly misguided minor character in House of Cards, but still leaves quite an impact on the other characters.


153 AG: Born in a lower-class family, Kesuk is the product of two non-benders who moved to Republic City for a new life where they could live as simple shop keepers—and hopefully find less benders.

154-160 AG: Kesuk, throughout his childhood, is picked on by benders and becomes annoyed and distrustful of them. However, due to meeting almost as many friendly benders, he does not exhibit a full-blown hatred. Yet.

161-165 AG: Life is relatively good apart from the Agni Kais now forcefully taking money from his parents. They seem to be coping, though, so although this does nothing to better his opinion of benders, he thinks nothing of it. As he and his peers get older, the world becomes a darker place, and he finds himself losing friends of the elemental kind that he thought he could trust.

166-168 AG: The Agni Kai's demands are getting larger and larger and they are quickly running out of money. Due to this, his folks decide that they will put their foot down and not pay up, hoping other oppressed non-benders will join them. They don't.

169 AG: When a 16-year-old Kesuk arrives home, he arrives to see his parents' charred bodies and a smug-looking firebender who tells him that his parents were killed as an "example" to the other oppressed non-benders. He lets Kesuk live to tell people of this and also because, well, he doesn't really need to kill him. The gangster's parting remark being, "At least you get the privilege of burying 'em." Feeling alone and helpless, Kesuk gathers his parents' remains and buries them spirits-knows where.

169-170 AG: He now sees the "true" nature of benders, and with that knowledge in mind and not a penny to his name, he is left to survive on his own. That is, until he joins the Equalists, who support his ideals. The hatred of benders that he has built up and realized over the years remains steadfast in its consistency. When it is discovered the Equalists' leader was a waterbender, he aims to leave in disgust. He is reminded, however, that he won't have anywhere else to go and that—although their leader was corrupt—the cause is still the same.

171 AG: He remains in the Equalists for now, but is looking into exploring the other Anti-bender factions—mostly for purposes of sabotage.

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