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Kerou Yukana
Biographical information



United Republic of Nations


Fire Nation, Water Tribe (Northern)

Birth place

Republic City


Republic City




142 AG

Physical description






Hair color


Skin color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Fire, Lightning

Fighting style(s)

Hand-to-Hand Martial Arts

Bending style(s)



Unnamed parents (deceased)


Triple Threat Triad, Shady Shin, Lady Jay


Rat Tail, Lola, Agni Kai Triad, Red Monsoon Triad, Republic City Police, Equalists

Chronological and political information
  • Gang Enforcer
  • Firebending Sifu
  • Mobster
  • Third Elite Triad Member
  • Upper-class United Republic citizen
  • United Republic prisoner (formerly)
  • Triple Threat Triad

Tuza (deceased), Azon (deceased)


Lady Jay

One of the high pillars of the Triple Threat Gang, Kerou Yukana—better known as "Kerosene"—is proof that some bonds are thicker than blood. She's a madwoman that tends to get her kicks by making demonstrations of her firebending prowess in the form of victims. She plays a supporting role in House of Cards.


142 AG: Kerou is born in Republic City to a mixed family.

148 AG: Kerou discovers her talent for firebending.

149 AG: Kerou's non-bender parents try to suppress her bending in an effort to minimize her chances of getting involved with oppressive benders. Taking their over-protectiveness the wrong way, Kerou lashes out against her parents in rebellion and continues to practice her firebending as an act of defiance.

150 AG: After stealing several cabbages from a local cabbage merchant—and using said cabbages for her personal target practice—a gentle firebending master by name of Tuza discovers her. Admonishing her for her dishonorable behavior, he agrees to take her as his student on the condition that she will not steal while she is under his tutelage. Kerou agrees to abide by Tuza's terms and begins her training with him.

152 AG: While doing an odd job for a friend, Tuza is attacked by a band of street thieves and dies in the fight. Upon hearing the news, Kerou is disappointed that her teacher was bested by common thugs. Her master's defeat only further instills her self-righteous beliefs. With that in mind she begins her search for a new master; preferably one that doesn't mind if she steps on a few toes.

153 AG: Avatar Aang dies. Kerou accepts Azon, a retired military man with the unique ability to lightningbend, as her new master.

155 AG: March - Insulted by the dishonorable teaching methods employed by Azon, Kerou's parents finally put their foot down and forbid her to continue her firebending training with him. In a fit of rage Kerou kills her parents (and she'll always tell you it was an "accident"). Stunned and afraid of the crime that she had committed, Kerou burned down her home to cover her own tracks from the police. With nowhere else to go Kerou turned to her master for help. She managed to convince him that a rogue Agni Kai member killed her parents and desecrated her family's home, leaving nothing behind but ash and the charred remains of her parents. Kerou then moves in with Azon. Shortly thereafter, she is taught how to bend lightning.

August - Police discover evidence that re-opens the case and rekindles the investigation of her parents' murder. Kerou finds herself constantly dodging the law enforcement and authorities out of fear that they might uncover her secret. She continues her training with Azon, meanwhile finding new uses for her bending abilities in the forms of extortion, muggings, and other staples of banditry.

157 AG: February - By age 15 Kerou had collected quite a rap sheet, so when she is caught by the authorities she does not at first know what exactly she is being charged for. Keeping her big mouth shut proves to be a wise move when she is only found guilty on a few low key crimes. She winds up convicted for a full year without parole, but reminds herself that her sentence could've been worse—much worse. While in prison, Kerou picks up recreational poker and starts to bond with a fellow inmate named Shin.

April - Mr. Shin's cellmate unwisely attempts to make a move on her. Following a well-played game of seduction, Kerou manages to lure said cellmate into the corner of the prison yard sitting at a rare blind spot to the guards. She then proceeds to load him up with lightning. The fallout of which for Kerou is another year behind bars.

May - Shin is released from the slammer.

158 AG: Learns of Azon's death by reading the obituary of the United Daily Newspaper on July 9th. She was unmoved by his death and has no thoughts or reflections on it.

159 AG: Kerou is released from prison. Shortly after, she is approached by her old pal Shin, and discovers that he is none other than Shady Shin of the Triple Threat Triad. He offers her a grunt position within the organization's ranks which she accepts without hesitation.

165 AG: Kerou begins to work her way up the ladder of power by establishing her strength to those around her. Challenging higher-ranked members to duels, ordering lower ranked members around, and of course sucking up to the boss are all methods that she puts into practice to achieve the rank of Hit Man.

170 AG: The Elite Triad members lose their bending to Amon. Chaos ensues within the Triple Threats as gang members vie for control during the shift and transition of power. With new Elite Triad members Rat Tail Sanban and Kerosene to back up a bendingless leader as Enforcers, Shady Shin is able to ease into the role of Crime Boss.

171 AG: Kerou's loyalties lie with the highest bidder, and right now that bidder is Shady Shin—but she is beginning to suspect that her cohort Rat Tail is pulling some strings and dealing under the table, and that could very well tip the balance of power in the earthbender's favor. Unfortunately, Kerou's dislike of Rattie outweighs her responsibilities as the earthbender's partner. This firebender's loyalty will drive her to keep Shin in power for as long as possible, and if the Dirty Rat moves one pebble in the wrong direction there will be hell to pay.


Kerou was an only child, and she killed both of her parents at the age of 13. Both of her parents were non-benders, her mother being Fire Nation and her father being from the Northern Water Tribe.


Kerou is a strong, independent, manipulative, intimidating, and careless woman. Her endeavors are only to intensify the amount of control and power she possesses, and she will take any and every opportunity to remind all and sundry of her strength. Kerou is wild and fun, though her definition of fun is different than most—generally anything she enjoys breaks some kind of law. However, the way she sees it, with all the laws constricting Republic City, you're bound to be breaking one of them.

After the Elite Triad members lost their bending to Amon, Kerou quickly ascended through the ranks to secure a spot in the Elite Triad alongside Shady Shin and Rat Tail Sanban. One of her bad habits, besides smoking and gambling, is to splash a flammable, oily substance on her victims before she lights them up—effectively earning her the moniker "Kerosene" upon her induction into the Triple Threats.

Kerou has medium length black hair, and blue eyes. She has a tall, athletic physique, and tends to wear revealing clothes—which she uses to her advantage. Kerou is also very agile and trained in hand-to-hand martial arts. In combat Kerou incorporates multiple strategies in an effort to confuse her opponents.

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