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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Saga of Kento.

" One Choice can change the World"
— Kento
Marking the warriors
Biographical information

Kenny (by Sokka and Dutch)


Water Tribe

Birth place

Southern Water Tribe




90 AG

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Duel Flintlock pistols, Water Tribe club, Water

Bending style(s)





Sokka, Katara, Aang.


Team Avatar, Earth Kingdom, Water Tribe.


Bandits, Outlaws, Fire Nation.

Chronological and political information

Waste Cartographer(formally), Bounty Hunter, Marshal.

Kento is the younger brother of Sokka and Katara, and is the main character in the Avatar Fanon The Saga of Kento . He was a former war hero and currently, he is employed by the Earth Kingdom government to map the burnt out areas of the Western Earth Kingdom.


Kento was born to Hakoda and Kya in 90 AG. He was the youngest of three children born to said couple. At the age of four, a Fire Nation Raid killed his mother. Over the course of the next four years, Kento was raised by his father and brother to be a warrior, while his sister taught him her values and veiws on life. At the age of eight, Hakoda and the other elder male members of the tribe left to fight in the war, leaving Sokka, Katara, and Kento to be raised by their grandmother.

For the next two years, Kento helped his sister in running the family and holding what was left of the tribe together. Like Katara, Kento held hope that one day the Avatar would return. Unlike his sister, it wasn't until the age of nine, a year after Hakoda had left, that he discovered his ability to Waterbend. Katara taught him what she could about the bending art, however do to her lack of a bending master, this wasn't much. In order to make up for his lack of bending training, he regularly dueled Sokka with Water Tribe weapons. Even though he was only at the age of ten, he could easily best his teenage brother in a fight.

Return of the Avatar

Then one day, Sokka and Katara returned from a fishing trip with a newcomer, an airbender named Aang. Unlike most of the tribe, Kento welcomed the newcomer with open arms. He didn't support his grandmother and brother's decision to ban Aang from the tribe when he accidentally set off a flare in an old Fire Navy ship.

When Prince Zuko arrived and threatened the village, he used Sokka's failed attack and Aang's intervention as a distraction so he could use his underdeveloped Waterbending in order to puncture a hole in the hull of Zuko's ship. While this wouldn't sink it, it would slow down the ship enough so that his brother and sister could pursue it. Rather than travel with his siblings and Aang, Kento made the decision to remain in the Southern Water Tribe in order to help where he could.

Months after the departure of his brother and sister, Kento was shocked to see a small flotilla arriving from the Northern Water Tribe. The relif from the sister tribe was gladly welcomed, and Kento immediately began training with Master Pakku, as his sister had requested that he be trained the way she did. In late 100 AG, Kento left the tribe and journeyed to the Eastern Air Temple to meet his siblings. While here, Kento helped his brother and the Mechanest develop and prefect the first firearms. In early 101 AG Kento, in a desire to prove himself to his brother and Team Avatar, took the first ever shipment through the Fire Nation front lines to a pocket of Earth Kingdom soldiers. Upon his return, Sokka rewarded him with a specially made pair of pistols.

Life in the War

On his eleventh birthday in the Summer of 101 AG, Kento left the Air Temple once again and participated in the Battle of Ba Sing Se. Despite his young age, his fighting skills and leadership qualities proved invaluable to the liberation of the city. After this, Kento, traumatized by what he had seen during the battle, fell silent for two months. However, talks with his sister and now good friend Aang helped bring Kento back.

When the Winter Deadlock began in late 101 AG, between trips to the front and conversations with his brother helped him try to find ways to break the deadlock. The Council of Five, having seen his leadership and skills during the Battle of Ba Sing Se, personally requested that Kento led a troop on the front lines. Still recovering from his time in the battle, Kento politely declined, stating that someone older and with more experience should lead them.

In early spring of 102 AG, Kento was shocked when he learned of the Fire Nation's withdraw from the fighting. Having learned some basic healing skills from his sister, Kento traveled with Katara in the month after the withdraw, helping Earth Kingdom troops that had been wounded during the deadlock.

Time after the Cease Fire

After a time of traveling and training under his sister, Kento left and began to travel on his own. During this time, Kento continued to suffer from survivor's guilt, as he had lost many friends at Ba Sing Se. By 104 AG Kento, now fourteen years old, became an expert guide for caravans and travelers crossing the wastes to the few remaining towns on the western coast. However, he refused to guide Earth Kingdom troops, as he believed that these small pockets of civilisation should be allowed to govern themselves. It was around this time that he met his long time friend and companion Spree.

During his travels, Kento came to believe that what was left of the Fire Nation Colonies belonged to no nation, mainly due to the cultural mix they had. Despite this belief, he took a cartography job for the Earth Kingdom in 105 AG. By the start of The Saga of Kento in 107 AG, a now seventeen year old Kento was familiar with a majority of the wastes.

Arriving in Yue City with Spree and Hiroshi Takara, Kento found himself in debt mainly thanks to the constant gambling by Dutch. In a choice that would forever change his life, the young veteran picked up a warrant for a small time outlaw and turned to bounty hunting. Realizing that bounty hunting paid better than being a cartographer, he abandoned his former life and began anew.


Kento was a strongheaded and stubborn person, usually determined to finish what he started. He tended to be rash in his actions, but also held fast to his beliefs. When he was younger, Kento was a kind and big hearted child. His personality changed drastically after the Battle of Ba Sing Se, causing him to become colder and angrier then he had been. He also suffers from survivors guild, believing that the friends he lost were more worthy of living then him.

Despite his actions before the ceasefire and his job of mapping a harsh and lawless land, Kento still displays signs of kindness and compassion, often helping remote villages in the wastes by bring supplies or helping to dig wells with his bending.

Skills and Abillites

Like his father and brother, Kento has a natural talent for planning, map skills, and fighting. He also shares a level of waterbending mastery equal to that of his sister. Being as he is a cartographer, he obviously has some skill in map making as well. It is currently unknown if Sokka taught him any forging skills or swordsmanship that he learned in the Fire Nation.


Hakoda: Father

Kya: Mother

Kanna: Grandmother

Pakku: Step-Grandfather

Sokka: Brother

Katara: Sister

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