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Warning! This page contains spoilers for "Avatar: Perfection".

Kenta is a sixteen year old waterbender and one of the main protagonists of Avatar: Perfection. He lives in the Northern Water Tribe, training under waterbending masters.

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A young Kenta (far right corner) with his older sister, Nayun (to his left)

Kenta was born in the year of 63 AG to a normal Water Tribe family. His mother died during childbirth, leaving Kenta, his older sister Nayun and their father alone. Kenta discovered he was a waterbender like his sister and began training at age 13. Because Nayun was a girl, she could not be taught waterbending, and instead learned how to use her gift to heal. From a young age Kenta thought this was unfair, and at first tried to teach her bending himself. Nayun eventually made him stop, in fear that he would end up in trouble. Kenta eventually matured into a very talented waterbender, earning the praise of many masters. His father was very proud of Kenta and Nayun both, that they would both be able to help fight against the Fire Nation someday in their own way.

When Kenta turned 16, he was eligible to select a wife. Being fairly good looking, many girls hoped to be his wife. However, Kenta was hesitant to find someone, often shy on the subject of love. Nayun had married about a year before to a high ranking Water Tribe warrior. It had been an arranged marriage, but nevertheless Nayun seemed happy about her life. Kenta eventually decided that he would not marry yet, for he cared more about furthering his waterbending and hopefully fighting the Fire Nation.

The Visitors


Kenta is a brave, loyal young man who loves his family. He's very protective of his older sister, Nayun especially, and wants the best for her. Doesn't trust anyone very easily, and is hostile to outsiders. When Ryuu, Lia and Shi Lin with Po arrive in the Northern Water Tribe, he is at first standoffish. After they explain they are all escapees from the Earth Kingdom (Ryuu hides his Fire Nation identity), he is a bit more welcoming and friendly. Once he gets to know people better, he is a bit more laid-back. He does sometimes brag about his waterbending abilities, but tries not to go over the top. Has a deep hatred for the Fire Nation, and seems grateful to live in such a safe place.


Standing about 5'10", Kenta is the tallest member of the team out of Ryuu, Lia and Shi Lin. He has tan skin and brown hair that he is growing out long in the back, and which he wears in a small warrior's wolf tail. He wears a necklace made out of teeth from various Water Tribe animals, including the Polar Leopard which once belonged to his father. Other than this, he wears traditional Northern Water Tribe clothing, with three-fingered gloves that he wears.



Ice column

Kenta attacks Ryuu after learning he is Fire Nation.

Kenta learned waterbending from very experienced masters, and has nearly mastered the art when he meets Ryuu, Lia and Shi Lin. He uses it whenever he can, and sometimes in unnecessary situations. Over the course of the story, Kenta learns about water in places he hadn't thought of before, and eventually reaches the point where he is considered a waterbending master.

Water Tribe Weapondry

Kenta also has mentioned that he is experienced with seveal Northern Water Tribe weapons. Though he usually uses his waterbending over any of these, he is also seen to be capable with a spear and machete.

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