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Hikar Spiritual Force By MetalbenderParker Part of the Hikar Spiritual Force continuity.
Biographical information

United Earth Republics, Northern Water Tribe


Water Tribe

Birth place

Northern Water Tribe


6-16 in New Cycle
19 in Book 1: Metal & Book 2: Energy
20 in Book 3: Aliens
21-22 in Book 4: Humans


278 AG

Physical description





1,80 m


75 kg

Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color

Dark Blue

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Water, Ice Feathers

Fighting style(s)

Waterbending, Spiritbending, Bloodbending

Love interest(s)

Shaila (girlfriend, formerly)
Hikar (lover, formerly)
Aria (girlfriend, eventual wife)


Hikar, Bultina, Shaila, Tao Tenba, Nikumi, Denryoku, Kimyona, Takeyon, Rohan, Asami Sato, Opal Beifong, Poppy Beifong II, Shifei Beifong, Diamond Beifong, Isafire Beifong, Irubi Beifong, Aria, Teokan Tenba, Tenba, Natsuki Tenba, Fire Princess Shaila, Order of the White Lotus, Team Avatar, New Airbenders, Palmex, Wengar, Kosen...


Martian Spirits, Spirit Lord Roshmark, Heindex, Vaatu, Dai Li, Red Lotus, Freedom Fighters (formerly), Yurei, Zhasha, Overbender Forces, Zeraax (formerly)

Chronological and political information

Defender of Humanity
Spirit Pacifist
Waterbending Master


Waterbending Instructor
Friend of the Avatar


Team Avatar
Spirit Pacifists
Water Angels

First appearance

"New Cycle Part 1"

Kensi, also named Kensi Firestone, is a young waterbending master, friends with the Avatar, originally from the Northern Water Tribe from unknown parents, and adopted by Hikar's family. He is the Avatar's best friend. He always does the best in everything he can, specially for learning waterbending and helping Hikar improve in the art, even though he went through his waterbending master Iruka.


Early Life

Most of his past is unknown. He was found in a basket abandoned right in front of Sterkur and Vona's house before they adopted Nikumi and Hikar was born. Ever since, he and Hikar have grown peacefully until the 12 years, when they moved to Republic City.


Hikar and Bultina consider him a clown and sarcastic person who likes to party and surf in waterbended waves near the earth village and Republic City. Shaila considers him "too attractive", and by that she means he's such a nice person, girls try to flirt with him even if he got a royal girlfriend.



  • Shaila: His long time girlfriend. The person he loves mostly in the world. They've known each other since she traveled to the village to go to a new school. They're completely different personalities, but as they say, opposites attract.
  • Hikar: After they defeat Yurei, he entered a state of depression that made him realise he loves Hikar, and they start a lover relationship.
  • Aria: After defeating Hakai, they both start sharing feelings for each other.


  • Bultina: They both have a good friends relationship, sometimes making jokes involving Hikar about his waterbending practice or his failed attempts to metalbend. Sometimes she just can't stand his jokes or anything he likes to comment.
  • Kosen: He doesn't know she likes Hikar, so sometimes they have weird conversations, even though they have a good friend relationship.
  • Tao Tenba: They have a "bros relationship" between them, and they both go surfing with Hikar, even though Kensi always cheats.
  • Iruka: Even though he's his third waterbending instructor, he considers him as the "Best Teacher Ever".



Since he was a kid, he always knew how to control his art. Given the fact that he was raised in an earth family, he waterbends inspired by Hikar's earthbending. He has the ability to make himself a water jet around his body like a bullet or a drill, but soon afterwards he defeats Yurei alongside Team Avatar, he unlocks his potential in waterbending, creating ice wings under his arms with waterbended ice feathers.


Even though that's an ability of waterbending women, he learned the sub-skill for the case his friends get wounded, specially Hikar. With Iruka, he learns spiritbending and uses it to purify dark spirits.


While he was battling Deyek, he discovered he had the ability to bloodbend without a full moon, making him realize he's a very powerful waterbender. Although he doesn't find it terrifying, he rarely uses it unless there is no choice.


  • His name comes from Tenshi, that in Japanese means Angel (天使).
  • After Katara, he's the only one who has mastered both Bloodbending and Healing.
  • The award of "Best Teacher Ever" is a tribute to the award of "Not As Much Of A Jerk You Could Have Been", even though one is positive and the other not.
  • In this storyline, he's the first LGBTQ character, the other ones by now are Hikar, Iruka, Janji, Danila, Palmex, and Deyek.
  • He's the spiritbender from the opening credits.
  • He's the first character to have a chapter for his own in the series: "Kensi Alone".
    • He's the only character who appears in every single episode.
    • His shortest appearance happens in "Aria's Lost Days"; he does a cameo.
  • His T-shirt features an image of Tui, the moon spirit.

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