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"I was thinking since we are half siblings, we should get to know each other."
— Kenshi, telling Argus they need to learn about each other.
Biographical information



Southern Water Tribe


Earth Kingdom; Water Tribe

Birth place

Southern Water Tribe




152 AG

Physical description




Hair color

Dark Brown

Skin color


Eye color

Dark Green

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Earth, metal

Fighting style(s)

Earthbending, metalbending (In training)


Victor (Father), Emerald (Mother), Nora (Sister), Argus (Half-brother)


Victor(Formally), Emerald, Nora, Argus

Chronological and political information

Hunter, wanderer


Emerald (Earthbending, Metalbending)

Kenshi is an Earthbender who lives in the world in Avatar Korra's time.


Kenshi has a mid build body. His hair is dark brown, parted to the sides of his head. Kenshi has dark green eyes.

Kenshi wears a long sleeved green button up shirt over a short sleeved blue shirt. He wears khaki pants.


Early Life

Kenshi was born in the Southern Water Tribe to a Waterbender named Victor and an Earthbender named Emerald. He is the youngest child of Victor and Emerald. He was trained in Earthbending and Metalbending by his mother.

Meeting Argus

When Kenshi was 18, he, Nora, and Victor would all go on a hunting trip. Kenshi and Nora would split up from their father to set up traps, while their father set up camp. While they were finishing setting the traps, they heard commotion coming from where their father was. Kenshi would rush to Victor to find him fighting a Firebender. Kenshi and his sister would fight the Firebender until the Firebender stopped and revealed himself to be a son of Victor.

Following Argus

After learning that Argus was their half brother, they decided to find out if it was true and confronted their father and questioned him about it. Victor would admit to them that he had another child with another woman the same year that Nora was born. Kenshi and Nora would then follow Argus to Republic City and confront him. All three of them met at Argus's apartment and learned all about each other.


Kenshi and his sister would wander the world with Argus and would meet Agrus's mother and grandfather. While traveling the world, Kenshi would meet other Metalbenders and would learn from them.


Kenshi is a fun loving person. He is always looking to make any situation into a good time. He loves to tell jokes to people, even if they are bad jokes.



Kenshi knows the basics of Earthbending, but would never be counted as a master. He does know a few advanced Earthbending moves though.

Basic: Kenshi mainly uses earth/stone levitation, rock shield, earthquakes/fissures, earth smash, earth launch, earth block, and earth column.

Advance: Kenshi knows how to use a few advance moves properly, those being earth tunneling, earth wave, and metalbending.

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