Kenji Nara
健二, 研二
Kenji Nara
Biographical information

United Republic, Yu Dao

Birth place

Yu Dao


Northern Water Tribe




183 AG

Physical description





138 lbs.

Hair color

Blonde with black highlights; now silver

Eye color

Blue; now red

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Dagger, Water

Bending style(s)

Water (Northern)




Datte, Kuun, Baki, Momo


Datte, Bakki, Kuun, Azumi, Koko Jr., Mika, Zoro, Zuko, Hope, Tahno, and Red Monsoon Triad


Ikki, Isra, Agni Kai Triad and Akari

Chronological and political information

Member of Red Monsoons


Zuko, Tahno

First appearance

Tale of Kenji

Kenji is a teenage waterbender residing in the Northern Water Tribe. He is a waterbender with a great potential and power. He was born in United Republic and when he was still an infant he moved back to the North Pole with his aunt, Momo, where he then later learned waterbending and then healing. He has had a rough childhood with his parents being arrested when he was young. He eventually learned the way of the blade from Zuko. He then made a "space dagger". He got the idea from Sokka's "space sword". He and his brother are massively powerful and skilled waterbenders. He wanted to take his skills to the next level, so he plans to move back to the United Republic and rejoin the waterbending triads; the Red Monsoons. He moved back to the Northern Water Tribe to protect his brother from the comet that will pass this summer. He is now learning the master skills from Korra who is now in Republic City in honor of her past.


In 184 AG, his parents were arrested as waterbender triad members. He was then sent to the Northern Water Tribe to live with his aunt, also a waterbender, yet only a healer, Izumi. She taught him the basics of healing and he learned waterbending from masters. In 184 AG, before he moved, his brother, Datte, was born.

His dream is to travel to the Spirit World and lean from Iroh.

Kenji waterbending

Kenji Pre-Timeskip


Kenji is a cocky, spiritual, patient, head-strong, sarcastic person with massive bending powers. He has a personality similar to both Aang and Korra. He was always breaking the law and having fun with his brother.


Kenji healing

Kenji healing Zoro

He has an incredible ability of his waterbending. He has a rare ability to heal. He has only somewhat learned healing from his aunt, Momo. He has journeyed to the Southern Tribe and has learned a new style of waterbending. He now knows Northern, Southern, and Pro-bending styles of waterbending. He pro-bent in one tournament and made it to the semi-finals and has now resigned. 28 years ago, the pro-bending arena was re-opened. He now wants to master healing from Kya, learn plant bending and Foggy Swamp style in the Foggy Swamp Tribe, and learn and legalize bloodbending.


Republic City Ferry

Kenji and Datte on the ferry ride to Republic City.

He is close friends with Mika and Roronoa. He has a close bong with his masters Tahno and Zuko. He has a girlfriend, Azumi, his childhood sweetheart. His brother is Datte and his parents are both Red Monsoon waterbenders, Kuun and Baki. He now lives with his aunt, Izumi.

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