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By SuperFlash101 and Zukofan123 Part of the Rebellion: Final Hope continuity.
"Hey, Kenji Forest. Must be named after you, huh, Kenji?
Yeah, sure.
Lee and Kenji.
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom


86 AG, Ba Sing Se

Physical description


Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice
  • Dagger
  • Spear
Chronological and political information



Earth Kingdom Rebellion

Kenji is a member of the Earth Kingdom Rebellion. He has a bitter hatred towards the Fire Nation for destroying his family and is determined to have revenge on them. He tends to be rather rude to his fellow rebels due to the hardships he's had, especially toward Fire Nation rebels Mogra and Takeshi.


Early life

Kenji was born somewhere in the North-Western Earth Kingdom to two refugees. When he was four, whilst on refuge to sail to Ba Sing Se from Full Moon Bay in a row boat that was only available then, Fire Nation soldiers attacked them. They harshly interrogated Kenji's parents, and when they threatened them, Kenji tried to move, the soldiers pushing him off and into the water. The soldiers then killed his parents. Kenji crawled up and swam to shore with his parents dead bodies, and broke down into tears once reaching the coast.

Joining the Rebellion

At age 14, while living in Ba Sing Se, Fire Nation Princess Azula took over the city in a full-scale Coup. Kenji and all the other citizens were forced to abide by the empire's dictations, including all decrees made by Brigadier Han, controller of the city. Once two men, Sazuki Yuro and Mogra, started rebelling against the country,[1] Kenji joined their rebellion.

Takeshi's joining

Attempts to kill Takeshi

Battle of the Rebellion Bunker

Kenji Forest

Battle of Ba Sing Se and Aftermath

Personality and traits

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