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Kendo Gardie
Biographical information

Northern Water Tribe


Water Tribe

Birth place

Northern Water Tribe


Forest of Thorns in the Earth Kingdom


Killed during the Battle of Omashu

Physical description


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)



Onza, Naton, Tazen, Kian, Karrie



Chronological and political information

Ben Hai

Kendo Gardie was a Northern Water Tribe waterbender who helped defeat a pirate fleet. He was honored by the Northern Chief and he journeyed into the Spirit World. He accidentally set the prince of dark spirits free and began to delve deep into the knowledge of spirits. He taught himself plantbending and isolated himself in the Forest of Thorns. He was killed during the Battle of Omashu.


Gardie was a good leader and friend, and he was very wise. His knowledge of spirits was great. He was helpful and was kind to his allies. But Gardie could be rash at times and not know what he was doing. Gardie could sacrifice himself for his friends if he needed to.


Northern Water Tribe

Kendo was born in the Northern Water Tribe to his two parent; his father was a decorated officer. Kendo grew to become a renowned soldier, like his father, and led the defeat of the pirate fleet. In honor of his military actions, the Northern Water Chief let Kendo enter the Spirit Portal.

Entering the Spirit World

Kendo ran into the large and tall shrine, at which he, out of curiosity, waterbended, which released the prince of dark spirits, Kaaju. The guardian spirit put Kaaju back into his prison before anymore damage was done, but dark spirits had escaped into the physical world. The guardian spirit, Alang, led Kendo to Wan Shi Tong's Library, where Kendo gained vast knowledge of the Spirit World. After some time, he returned to the Northern Water Tribe, only to see that dark spirits had attacked the city. In deep guilt, he retreated to the Earth Kingdom, where he lived in the Forest of Thorns. He taught himself bending and dubbed himself, "Gardie".

The Dark-bending War

The Ben Hai, led by Onza, came to Gardie to seek his help. Gardie helped Naton improve his control over the Avatar State. After the death of Onza, Gardie became the new leader of the Ben Hai. When Tazen was transported to the Spirit World during the Battle at Flare Fields, Gardie and Naton rescued him. Gardie joined President Raiko and Commander Meelo to fight the darkbenders. During the Night of the Green Moon, Gardie and Naton were trapped in the Spirit World. In Omashu, Gardie was killed by Kaaju.


Gardie's funeral was held in the Southern Water Tribe and Kian and Karrie created an ice sculpture as a homage to their fallen leader. The Siege of Ba Sing Se was in a way to avenge the death of Gardie. Kian named his son Kendo after Gardie.

The Spirits

Gardie had a complicated relationship with the Spirit World and the spirits. On one hand, the spirits liked him since he respected nature and kept traditions. On the other hand, some despised him for releasing dark spirits and Kaaju (for example: Wan Shi Tong and Alang). Many spirits would trust Kendo in times of need and he eventually was honored.

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