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Fire Nation


25 (Deceased)

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Dragon King Lao

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Royal Body Guard

  • Student of Master Wen
  • Personal Body Guard of Fire Lord Li

Fire Nation

Master Wen

Ken was found on the doorstep of the worlds greatest martial arts master, Wen, as a baby. Wen took Ken in and raised him as his son. When he came of age Ken began his martial arts training under Wen. Over the years Ken learned various martial forms as well as the ability to wield two katanas at once. Wen considered Ken to be his greatest student. He was the only person Wen taught all five of his secret techniques, called the Five Paths of Enlightenment, to. After studying under Master Wen for nineteen years, Ken left his master for a new life at the Fire Nation Capital. Wen gave Ken his blessings.

Becoming a Palace Guard

When Ken arrived at the Fire Nation Capital he had some problems getting a job. Nobody wanted to hire a supposed "bum" off the streets without a single coin to his name. Eventually however Ken caught a lucky break. A tournament was to be held, and the winner would receive two hundred gold pieces and a job as a guard at the Royal Palace. Ken entered without hesitation. Most of the other contestants tried to discourage him by telling him that non-benders never won, and killing was allowed. Ken however never faltered, he quickly progressed through the tournament, all the while avoiding death blows. Ken won the tournament without using any of the Paths of Enlightenment.

Once Ken received his payment he was escorted to the Royal Palace, where he and other new recruits were presented to Fire Lord Li. Ken was then given his assignment, to patrol the palace wall.

Fire Lord's Body Guard

Marriage and Child


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