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Sokka, Earth Kingdom, Zhang, Gan Jin (after The Great Divide)


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The Great Divide in Eyes of Katara

Kelda is the leader of the Zhang tribe. Despite her valiant efforts and refusal to uproot her tribe from their homelands, she was forced to lead the tribe to Ba Sing Se as refugees.


Before her tribe was uprooted, she stood her ground against Fire Nation assaults ferociously, hacking at anyone who dared close within her bear-like strength. Wave after wave the Zhang endured, refusing to budge even when they were beaten. It was only when the Fire Nation managed to burn down half their village's huts and take numerous of their warriors lives that they caved to defeat, but not before Kelda rounded up the remaining forces to retaliate in the dead's honor. After successfully pushing back their killers, those remaining regrouped only to discover their leader had perished in the battle and half their forces remained. Kelda was unanimously supported as the new leader given her vigilance and valiant retaliation, successfully holding together and striking back firmly with a weakened crew.


Kelda is extremely headstrong, unwavering in her beliefs. If challenged, she'd waste no time retaliating with action. She takes severe pride in her new role as leader, despite her duty being to retreat. She views it as a task of necessity endowed upon and she will succeed in placing her people in a better situation.

Despite her overly hostile demeanor, she possesses a caring, soft side that only those within her ranks are allowed to see. When it comes to her tribe's members, she reveres them as brother's and sister's in arms. Each and every one of them have shared their lives hardest hours with one another, afterward coping with the loss of their family, friends, and children together. To the ends of the earth she would endure these bonds, and intends on establishing a small community in some corner of Ba Sing Se, allowing her tribe to live on in an era of peace as one.


When it comes to her combat prowess, she's all brawn and little brain. She can readily endure many a blow, forcing herself forward with heightened adrenaline in determination to see the battle through to the end. With her notched sword she can easily deflect incoming blows, sometimes even deftly disarming unsuspecting foes before giving them a reason to regret standing against her. She ensures that with each strike, should it connect, has the strength backing it to potentially be the last blow dealt.

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