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By Waterkai and Vaznock Part of the Kyoshi Revolts continuity.
Freedom Fighters
Kein Forest Rebellion
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Kein Forest

  • Rebelling against the Fire Nation

The Kein Forest Rebellion was a large and semi-successful group of rebels that contained people of all nations that eventually rose to become an entire city. The group was formed by Kambi, who, alongside his advisers Ray and Giu, led the rebel's powerful militia and government. The group, as well as the entire city, was tarnished following a successful conspiracy led by Princess Mitsuki of the Fire Nation.



After the death of his older sister and brother, Kambi felt a deep-seated grudge toward the Fire Nation. Over the years, Kambi risked his life, gathering rebels from all nations, such as Giu and Ray. Kambi was very successful in his search, gathering many traitors to the Fire Nation and brave people who simply disagreed with what the Fire Nation was doing. When Azula heard of this, she sent an assassin after Kambi. The assassin failed, and Kambi was able to guide the rebels over to a deserted forest. The rebels began building a large city, in size equal to the Fire Nation Capital.

After the city was built, Kambi was appointed leader by all the other rebels. Then, one day, a small invasion on the city was conducted. The Invasion was defeated with no problems. Kambi was especially impressed with the work of Ray and Giu (whom Kambi has already greatly befriended), who were very impressive as they showed their skills in battle. After another small Invasion was defeated, Kambi decided to make Ray and Giu his close and personal advisers, much to their great happiness. Eventually, Azula decided to ignore the rebellion.

Secret Fire Nation Infiltration

Seeing his opportunity, Kambi decided to gradually send rebel assassins into the Fire Nation. The assassins snuck into the Capital, in which they created an under ground base behind the Great Volcano. When enough assassins were in the Capital, Kambi ordered that the assassinations start. The first two assassins were no match for Azula, being obliterated by her bodyguards in seconds. The third one, however, proved to actually be a formidable opponent, as he was able to take out Azula's bodyguards within seconds, though he was in-turn killed by Azula.

Azula, noticing that the assassins were getting stronger, had the entire Capital searched so the source of all the assassins could be found. Eventually, she discovered the underground base, full of about one hundred assassins. In an amazing display of her power, Azula killed each assassin by surprise. After hearing that the mission was a failure, Kambi began to fear that Azula would take the rebellion more seriously, and actually plot a large-scale attack. Kambi's fears soon proved to be correct, though Azula's daughter, Mitsuki, was revealed to have been plotting the attack even before the attempted assassinations on her mother occurred.

Battle for the City

After the arrival of the members of Team Rebel, a massive armada of airships and warships attacked the city. The rebels fought hard on the front-lines, and did some damage to some airships, though eventually, their barricade was penetrated, and the Fire Nation soldiers began to push the rebels back. Seeing the barricade penetrated, Kambi ordered a retreat to the city grounds so his rebels could quickly recuperate. However, the rebels had little time to relax, as the Earth Kingdom heiress, Tam Mee, began to do great amounts of damage to the troops.

After seeing Tam Mee's damage to his troops, Kambi decided to surrender himself to the Fire Nation, hoping that if he does so, Princess Mitsuki will spare the other rebels. Just before the battle is lost and the rebellion is ended by Kambi's arrest, former Fire Prince Chen ended up entering the Avatar State, revealing himself to be the Avatar. Despite being unable to kill his sister, Chen repelled the invasion force, and ended up winning the battle for the rebels, shocking everyone.


The Kein Forest Rebellion finally ended in 130 AG when Princess Mitsuki and her friends Tam Mee and Quanlee infiltrated the Rebel City under a false rebel persona. Unfortunately for the city, Team Rebel departed just minutes before her arrival in order to retrieve medicine for Kambi's grandmother. Mitsuki was able to gain Kambi's trust through a staged act in which the three girls pretend to save Kambi's servant from Fire Nation assassins. Through Kambi's trust, she was able to intercept the city's master plans and send them to General Yi.

Under Mitsuki's orders, Yi immediately sent a small airship armada over to the city. Mitsuki then carried out her conspiracy by arresting Kambi and the Rebel Administration with the help of freed Fire Nation prisoners. Without the leadership of the Rebel Government, the rebels' militia began to crumble. Team Rebel returned to the city, and attempted to foil Mitsuki's plans. Ray and Giu tried to rescue Kambi, though they were quickly repelled by Tam Mee and Quanlee. Mitsuki also severely injured Chen by basting him with a jet of flame. Accepting defeat, Mina, Kaila, Ray, Giu, Momo, and an injured Chen were forced to escape.

With its government arrested, its military defeated, and Avatar Chen terminated, the Rebellion was unable to carry on. Princess Mitsuki claimed victory over the city, arresting all its citizens, successfully abolishing the Kein Forest Rebellion and securing her nation's goal of complete world domination.

Notable Members

  • Kambi (Founder, Former Leader)
  • Giu (Major Adviser)
  • Ray (Major Adviser)
  • Mina (High Citizen)
  • Chen (High Citizen, Avatar)
  • Kaila (High Citizen)
  • Kama (High Citizen)
  • Arrow (High Citizen, Master Archer)
  • Lee (Position Unknown, Personal Friend of Kambi)

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