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Kein Forest
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Southern Earth Kingdom


Capital of the Kein Forest Rebellion



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City of Rebellion

Kein Forest is a forest in the southern Earth Kingdom, where the Kein Forest Rebellion takes place.



Kein Forest was founded by Kambi in 120 AG, after he had collected various rebels and slaves from every corner of the globe. The building of the Rebel City went well, and many attempts by Azula to destroy it, failed. Between 129 AG and 130 AG, many rebels joined, such as Kambi's current personal advisers and friends Ray and Giu.

Arrival of Team Rebel and Battle at Kein Forest

Main article: Battle at Kein Forest

After weeks of traveling, a group of kids arrived at Kein Forest, hunted by an evil General. They were quickly driven back, but the rebels saved them. One of them was the Fire Nation Crown Prince, the other an escaped slave and finally a Fire Nation civilian. They fought for the same causes as the rebels, and were quickly accepted. However, because of their appearance, Princess Mitsuki of the Fire Nation planned an attack on the forest.

A few days after Team Rebel's arrival, Princess Mitsuki arrived with a massive armada of airships, containing hundreds of ground troops. After destroying some airships, the rebels were able to put up a small wooden wall, which gave them the opportunity to hold of the ground troops for a while. But soon, the Fire Nation brake trough and the rebels were forced to retreat. But after their retreat, they still suffered much casualties, many of them caused by one of Mitsuki's best fighters. Eventually, it came to a point Kambi offered to surrender himself, but then Crown Prince Chen entered the Avatar State, and drove the Fire Nation soldiers away. However, the city and the Forest still had suffered from much damage during the battle.



The forest that surrounds the rebel city is full of resources, provided by all the trees, fauna, and bodies of water that fill the forest. Part of the forest touches the Earth Kingdom coast, while the rest stands beside Nightmare Forest. Many man-made paths for the rebels also cut through the forest, allowing easy travel throughout the forest. Carriage stations are located throughout the city, which charge large amounts of money for travel, and also have very high security levels, and only allow relatives of Kambi and/or known rebels to past without going through the brutal system.

The forest is also very bright and welcoming compared to its dark and unforgiving neighbor, Nightmare Forest.

Rebel City

The main city is where all the rebels lives. The palace is located in the center, while many houses, markets, streets, schools, and other buildings encircle it. The palace itself is a large, beautiful building with many rooms and floors. A large pond also lies behind the palace, though the pond is opened to all citizens, despite it being on the palace grounds. Many houses encircle the North end of the pond, which is not part of the palace grounds. A church is located on an island in the middle of the pond, which people can walk over to via a wooden bridge.

Other unique aspects of the city also include a skyscraper-like office where businessmen and some of Kambi's financial advisers work. An underground prison is also located below the palace, in which captured Fire Nation soldiers, assassins, and Dai Li agents are placed.

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