By Satomobile Part of the The Rebound continuity.
Biographical information



Fire Nation

Birth place

Kurosuna Village


Fire Nation Capital/ Fire Fountain




November 13, 126 A.G.

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Hair color


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Fighting style(s)


Bending style(s)



Mika, Heiji, Yuna, Goro, Ryota, Mori, Hana

Love interest(s)

Lin Beifong


Lin Beifong, Korra



Chronological and political information



Representative of Fire Fountain


Political Law

Voiced by

Jay Curtin (Lunarch)


Kazuo was born in Kurosuna Village to Mika (nonbender) and Heiji (firebender) in 126 AG. He grew up in this exceptionally tiny village outside Fire Fountain City along with his older sister, Yuna. It was a village in which most non-bending young men were fated for working long days as fisherman or miners, but Kazuo set his sights outside his hometown.

At eight years old, he and his father, Heiji, took a trip to Fire Fountain City to see Fire Lord Zuko. During the walk-about, Zuko was greeting the opposite side of the road, but Sokka was also in attendance; working the attendees on their side. It was a life-changing moment for young Kazuo, who promptly checked out every book about Sokka from the library and began reading about his new hero—a nonbender who affected the course of history.

From that moment on, he worked tirelessly to make his way out of his tiny village and into politics.

He went on to become the recipient of a scholarship from one of Sokka's foundations. This financial aid, combined with the money Kazuo saved by working up to four jobs at a time in his teenage years, allowed him to attend law school in the Fire Nation Capital.

At university, he majored in political law, joined the rowing crew, and began dating Eriko. Toward the end of his collegiate days, he interned for Representative Yori, gaining full employment with him upon graduation.

In two years, he launched his first political campaign with Representative Yori as his opponent for the seat in Fire Fountain City. Due to a very promising deal he made with Hiroshi Sato to open a local factory, Kazuo won his first bid for office. His father, who died the following year, was very proud.

Kazuo flourished in office, finding his calling. Unfortunately, his busy schedule and differences on having children led to the end of his relationship with Eriko, who ended up cheating on and leaving him for their mutual friend and Captain of Kazuo's Rowing Crew, Ichi.

Undaunted, Kazuo set his sights on the Republic City Council. He had very progressive views for a Fire Nation candidate, which ultimately kept him from winning the council seat for years. On a more positive note, it was one of these bids for councilmen that first put him in contact with Lin Beifong.


Kazuo is a self-starter. He is very boisterous and friendly, but don't be fooled by what seems an easy-going nature; he is very astute, and the wheels in his head are constantly turning. His success in his professional life is a direct result of his decisiveness, motivation, and intellect. Many people have called him a workaholic, and he is proud to have earned that title. His personality type is ENTJ, and his zodiac sign is Scorpio.

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