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| allies = | enemies = | bounty = | appearance = | voice = }} Kazuma is the brother of Kaito. He is a main character in the fanon series Avatar: Legend of Kaito


Kazuma was very young when his mother died and also saw his father murdered in front of his eyes a few years later. Kazuma was old enough to remember details of his father and his father's friends, such as the Grand Lotus Zhang, who betrayed his father the night he was murdered and Kazuma identified Zhang that night. The pain of losing his parents has never fully left him.

Before his father died, he had instructed Kazuma to protect his younger brother Kaito at all costs, and to avoid all Benders. After witnessing his father's end at the hands of his own bending comrades Kazuma took the second part of his father's instructions extremely serious and even became slightly prejudice towards Benders despite his father being one.

At the time, Kazuma was very young but because of his intelligence and maturity he did exactly what his father said and managed to keep his brother safe from Benders and alive for the past 13 years. They've maintained a relatively low profile and stayed out of major trouble.

After the brothers had reached the Republic State of Equality Kazuma chose to not attempt to register the two as citizens so they would never be forced into foster homes or be separated from one another. They stayed with hospitable strangers most of the time and when both were phyically able they would get jobs or perform tasks for people in exchange for compensation or simply a place to sleep or a hot meal to eat.

The two fled the Fire Nation, and led by Kazuma, they arrived in the Republic State of Equality. Kazuma had taken advantage of the Republic's call to all Non-benders to come live there free from the 'tyranny' of Benders and they joined the mass influx of new citizens.


Kazuma is cool, confident, and calculated and is his brother Kaito's main role model for those traits. At an early age he was forced into a fatherlike role in order to care for his younger brother Kaito and this led him to advanced maturity compared to others his age.

Kazuma is extremely protective towards those he cares about and fears loss more than anything. Everyone that he's cared for has been taken from him save for Kaito. Kazuma is level-headed but has been known to act rashly when backed into a corner or antagonized. When his temper does flare up he tends to go overboard and it's difficult to calm him down.

Kazuma is analytical and determined and when he sets his mind to something he sees it through. He is the type of person who learns very quickly. When he was taught to use the hook swords his athletic ability made him a natural and his determination allowed him to become quickly skilled with the weapons. He surpassed his teacher within weeks.

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