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Kayoko Head Shot
Kayoko (Kindan no Ai)
Biographical information

Kai, Yoko


Water Tribe

Birth place

Southern Water Tribe


8 (Kindan no Ai: Prequel) 17 (Kindan no Ai)


22 AG


116 AG

Physical description





116 pounds

Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Waterbending, Twin Jaw Blades

Bending style(s)



Healing, High Ranking Water Bender, Master Swordsman


Kensaku, Sakurako, Nobukazu, Kaede, Noriaki, Risako, Yuka, Masakazu, Iwao, Hama, Kanna


Fire Nation

Chronological and political information

Water Bending Master, Servant


Southern Water Tribe




Yuka, multiple young waterbenders

First appearance

Kindan no Ai: Prequel

Kayoko is a young waterbender hailing from the Southern Water Tribe. She is the fourth child out of 6, and is one of the two waterbending females in her family. At a young age, she felt unwanted and unneeded, as her father and older brother, who she looked up to and spent the most time with, went on a journey to the Northern Water Tribe to deliver messages as well as trade. This caused her to make contact with the son of a Fire Nation Noble. She was also part of the cause for the Fire Nation's attacks on the Southern Water Tribe, as they trying to weaken it by taking away the waterbenders because of Iwao's want to meet Kayoko.


Southern Water Tribe

The Southern Water Tribe during the time that Kayoko was growing up.

Kayoko was born into one of the larger families in the Southern Tribe. Her father and her two uncles were in control of the port where all the ships were stored, while her mother was one of the cities herbalists, for even though she wasn't a bender, she wanted to help people. Her best relationships were with her father and older brother, Noriaki, but both of them left the Southern Water Tribe along with her other older brother and one of her uncles to travel to their sister tribe, as well as trade around the world, when she was eight. This left her living with her depressive, as well as pregnant, mother, her frivolous socialite sister-in-law, and her overly flirty older sister, none of whom she got along.

She started to spend most of her days out near or on the water, practicing her waterbending on her own. One day she was out on the water in the canoe her father had built her, when a bird fell from the sky into her lap. It was a Fire Nation messenger hawk that was exhausted. She noticed it was carrying a message. When she read the message she discovered that it was a message from a boy, from the Fire Nation who was merely looking for a friend from another nation, nothing more. She snuck the hawk back home and nursed it back to health, then sent it back with a letter in responses to the boys. This started a long chain of letters that lasted a good 9 years.


Kayoko is like a butterfly, which sits on every flower, but belongs to none. She loves her freedom and for those who can accept that, she will love them even more. That is why she got along so swimmingly with her father and older brother, because they except that about her, and not so well with the rest of her family, because they did not. Position and power matter to her more than money and bank balance. Multiple very well off, attractive men from the village tried to win her over, but she refused, for not a single one of them had power in the village, or were waterbenders. This also may explain her love for Iwao, because he not only is a firebender, but also is the heir to a high ranking government official of the Fire Nation. She is intense, but may prefer to be platonic most of the time. Hosting as well as attending parties comes naturally to her and she is always be a social delight.

She tends to prefer to talk to people who are like minded and those who have the same views as she does. Of course, she is still sociable and friendly, but when a male comes and confesses to her, she will become uncomfortable, and therefore, turn cold and mean. Kayoko is playful and tends to be slightly mean to those who she loves, and is very standoffish when it comes to relationships. If someone were to say something incorrect, and she knew that it was, she would point it out right away, without hesitation. Kayoko is still open to peoples views on things, and isn't very judgmental. She makes a good middle bearer in arguments, because she does not pick sides and listens to both sides. She uses this a lot when dealing with her twin younger siblings.

A few words that describe her perfectly are aloof, sarcastic, open-minded, know it all.


Master Waterbender

Kayoko was taught waterbending by her father when she was at a very young age. When he left for his world travels, he would leave her with scroll after scroll of practice forms, as well as moves and fighting stances. She spends an average of 3 hours a day practicing on her own. Her father declared her a master waterbender when she was fifteen years old. She then started to teach some of the village children, including her younger sister, how to waterbend. She is a strict, and demanding teacher, but many of her students excel in waterbending.

Master Swordsman and Martial Artists

Some of her childhood was spent hunting with her father and brothers. She and her oldest brother would spar every chance they got. This improved her skills in martial arts, and as soon as she turned 11, Nobukazu decided to throw weapons into the mix. She prefers to fight with her twin jaw blades, but is also quite proficient with other kinds of weapons as well.


Kensaku (father) Sakurako (mother) Unnamed (uncle) Unnamed (uncle) Unnamed (aunt) Nobukazu (oldest brother) Risako (older sister) Unnamed (older cousin) Noriaki (older brother) Unnamed (younger cousin) Yuka (younger sister) Masakazu (younger brother)


Kayoko is a Japanese name meaning "child of a good generation", it may be referring to her fathers hope for her generations help in ending the war.

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