Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Kayden of the Ocean in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Kayden Waterbending
Kayden of the Ocean
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Fanon:Rage of the North (Kayden of the Ocean)



This is a new fanon about a teenage boy named Kayden from the Northern Water Tribe. His story takes place 70 years after Sozin's Comet. However, in the past, Sozin had used the comet's power to wipe out the Water Tribes instead of the Air Nomads. The Air Nomads were forced by the Fire Nation to be neutral in the war and to keep the Avatar in their nation. Kayden is living in the tiny village of waterbenders in the North when he decides it's his duty to end the Fire Lord and stop this war. He, along with other benders along the way, are on a journey to stop the Fire Nation and end the war.


The first book is about the beginning of Kayden's journey to stop the Fire Lord. He soon meets a teenage girl by the name of Mayli. She has recently become an airbending master and she agrees to help Kayden on his mission to win the war. She travels with Kayden down to the Southern Water Tribe were he hopes to find his grandmother, a waterbending prodigy who was taken away from the North at the beginning of the war. On their way to the Southern Water Tribe, they learn it will not be easy taking down the Fire Lord.


  • Kayden: A 15 year old waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe. He is a very skilled waterbender despite the fact he had limited training from an old master. He has part of the Ocean Spirit in him, similar to Yue, which makes his hair blond and he is powerd by being near water. He is the grandson of Kaili and best friend of Kile.
  • Kile: A waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe. He is the best friend of Kayden and has been from birth. He and Kayden learned waterbending together. He helps Kayden in taking back the capital of the old Northern Water Tribe, but he does not go with Kayden to stop the Fire Nation.
  • Master Sonate: An old waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe. He is the teacher who taught Kayden and Kile waterbending. He is sometimes strict because he his life goal is to keep the art of waterbending alive. He is Chief Saku's brother.
  • Chief Saku: The Chief of the Northern Water Tribe. He is Master Sonate's brother.
  • General Bower:the general that is in charge of the Northern Fire Nation Colony, the Fire Nation occupied Northern Water Tribe capital. He is an amateur firebender, but he can generate lightning.
  • Mayli: A master airbender from the Western Air Temple. She first meets Kayden at a festival of masters in the Northern Air Temple. She is a bit of a klutz and sometimes forgetful, but she loves having fun. She accompanies Kayden on his adventures around the world.
  • Kaili: The most powerful waterbender of her time. She tried to protect her tribe, the Northern Water Tribe, when the firebenders arrived with the power of the comet, but she failed and was captured. She managed to escape prison and she fled to the Southern Water Tribe where she remained for the rest of her life. She is the grandmother of Kayden.


Book 1: Destiny

Chapters: 20

  • Chapter 1: Rage of the North- Kayden and his friend Kile decide it's time to kick the firebenders out of the Northern Water Tribe. They launched an attack on the Fire Nation colonies in the old Northern Water Tribe and are able to make them leave.
  • Chapter 2: Kayden's Decision- Kayden decides to leave the Northern Water Tribe to go and stop the Fire Lord. When Kile refuses to go with him, Kayden chooses to leave alone. He attempts to liberate a northern Earth Kingdom village from the firebenders, but he is captured. Once he narrowly escapes, he decides he will need help in defeating the Fire Lord.
  • Chapter 3: Airbenders- Going back to the North, Kayden makes it to the Northern Air Temple. He is welcomed into a festival being held there and a meeting of airbending masters. There he meets Mayli who is a brand new airbending master. She and Kayden leave the Northern Air Temple to head to the Southern Water Tribe. Kayden hopes he will be able to receive training from his grandmother in the south.

Chapters 4-20 will be announced later.


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The launch date for Chapter 1 is scheduled to be: 8:30 PM (EST) Friday December 13, 2013

Chapter 2: Release Date- on hold

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