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Katrina is the Mistress of the The Rogues and a former rebel commander in the fanon story Alone.


A Failed Attack

Katrina was originally born in the New Orleans colony. When Joel came to the area recruiting for his army, she immediately joined, despite only being 17 at the time. She took an immediate liking to Joel, despite him being many years older than her, and it developed into a noticeable crush. Joel did not reciprocate this feelings, but he did care about her and made sure to keep her out of harm's way

Katrina eventually rose through the ranks of the rebel army and became commander of the Waterbender Legion. At the time of the 1984 assault on Uluru, the army was stationed on the Indonesian island of Sumba. She shyly reported to Joel that four frigates from the Indonesian Navy had arrived, to which Joel asked her to load the army.

Katrina then arrived at the gates of Uluru with the army and prepared for the attack. Her orders from Joel were to keep the waterbenders close to a nearby lake and provide reinforcement if necessary. Katrina did as told and stayed with her force. As the battle progressed, it seemed that her force would not be needed.

The tide of the battle turned when the Leader intervened and wiped out the majority of the rebel army. Joel calked a retreat and Katrina's force and the remainder of the army scattered. Katrina, along with a young man named Bronson, stayed, convinced they could still win the day by attacking the Leader. Joel confronted her and pleaded for her to retreat, but to no avail. The Leader turned his attention to Katrina and attacked with a fire blast. Katrina made an ice shield to protect them that quickly shattered. Katrina kicked Bronson out of the way and took the full force of the blast, seemingly killing her.

Mistress of the Rogues

Many years later, she is revealed to be alive and in command of the Rogues, a colony of water and earthbenders in New Orleans. During the early months of 2001, she was absent during Leah's visit to the Rogues because of an undisclosed mission. She returned in April of 2001, and demanded Bronson to reveal why he had sent the Avatar away. When he refused, Katrina quickly murdered him, saying he was the first of many changes to be enacted in the colony.

After the events of 9/11, she made a rare excursion from the colony to ambush the Leader and Elite on their journey home. She attacked with a cutter ship and two attack helicopters. The attack ended in failure, with her targets escaping and having lost both her helicopters. However, she was later successful in capturing one of the Elite, Jordan, whilst patrolling New Orleans.

A mere month later, following a police raid on New York to purge the remaining benders from the city, she infiltrated the White House Press Room. Her forces easily defeated the Secret Service, and she took the microphone, giving a speech to the public and declaring war on the United States. She ended her message by leaving the dead body of Jordan, having said 'make sure the Leader can see it.'

She returned to the colony and was present when Keith arrived. She learned that he was a companion of the now deceased Avatar, and inducted him into the Rogues. After revealing her name and her intention to attack soon, she sent Keith away.


Katrina was shown as a beautiful yet shy young woman. She was intensely loyal and dedicated to her work, and saw potential in lost causes. She had a strong sense of courage, and defiantly attacked the Leader as he charged after the army. She was willing to sacrifice her own life to save Bronson, a fellow rebel, from the Leader's blast.

Many years after the failed attack, Katrina is shown to have undergone a severe personality change. Her shy, compassionate tendencies are replaced by apathy and outright sociopathic habits. She is known to rule the Rogues with an iron fist. On one instance, after three months of absence, the mere sound of her voice was enough to startle the entire colony into attention. She is intolerant of dissension or dishonesty, as shown when she killed Bronson for lying to her about the Avatar's disappearance.

Her cruel ways are infamous throughout the Free Benders, who both fear and despise her. Her rule of the Rogues has caused many of the Free Benders to label them as terrorists.


Katrina was shown as an amateur waterbender. She bravely attacked the Leader with ice spears, which he easily kicked away. As he attacked with a large fire blast, she made an ice shield, but it did not hold and she was seemingly killed.

She is later shown to have a great tendency for bloodbending, being able to lift Bronson and Jordan easily. She is infamous for her ability to pop veins and tendons in the body, as well as using a victim's blood to sever their own organs.


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