By Gingalover Part of the Book Six: Shadow continuity.
Katayt and Koyot
Katayt and Koyot
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174 AG

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Cyan blue

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Ep.9: Symbiotic Relations

Katayt and Koyot are a pair of Voronon that had survived up to the present day. Their appearance resembles that of two humans, side by side.


Katayt and Koyot were both created in order to protect the Shadow Nation from destruction. As the Voronon were being wiped out, they were brought down to Accuro, one of the settlements. However, Katayt and Koyot were put in suspended animation within the city soon before the race was wiped out.

Katayt and Koyot were reactivated at the same time as Awadil and remained on their guard within the ruins. While conscious, they remained inactive until Ziyou and Korra arrived within their territory. The Voronons grew active and fought them both until each one got a hold of one sister. As such, they threw Korra and Ziyou in one of the monuments, making it their death trap. Koyot overheard them trying to call for help, so Katayt screeched, causing the radio to break. The two waited there until the rest of Team Avatar suddenly showed up. The two kept them busy but were unable to keep them from rescuing Korra and Ziyou. Feeling that they failed, Katayt and Koyot both went back onto their pedestals, their bodies remaining as their souls passed on.


Killer screeching

Katayt is shown to have a deadly screeching voice. While hurtful to humans, it is able to destroy mechanical devices completely.

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