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Firefighters emblem By The Bos Part of the Avatar: Guardian continuity.
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Northern Water Tribe


30 (deceased)

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Firefighters, Mitros, Aqua Assaulters


Fire Nation, Team Avatar

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Anti-Fire Nation terrorist


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Aqua Assaulters

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Being Assaulted

Katas is a Waterbender from the North Pole. He is the leader of the Aqua Assaulters, and a powerful bender.

Early Life

Katas was orphaned as a boy, leading him to be placed in many foster homes around the Northern Water Tribe. He was eventually placed in the care of the leader of the Aqua Assaulters, and was trained from a young age to succeed him. He mastered Waterbending at a young age, and succeeded his mentor and led the Aqua Assaulters for many years.

Siege of the North

Katas grew close to his comrades during his years leading. When the Fire Nation launched a full scale siege, he lost many of his closest friends. He began to develop a hatred of the Fire Nation.

Meeting Mitros

The Aqua Assaulters were instructed to let no one leave the tribe except for a small group lead by Pakku to the South Pole. A few days after, Katas discovered another small group trying to exit the tribe and confronted them. Mitros was the leader, and he offered the group a chance to exact revenge for the death of their friends and comrades. Katas agreed.


Katas was assigned by Mitros to attack Team Avatar. In the early morning, Katas arrived and used a massive wave to attack the team. Katas revealed little to the team during the battle, and battled so fiercely that they were forced to retreat. The Aqua Assaulters attacked again during the night, this time being defeated by an enraged Aang in the Avatar State. After Aang left, Katas and Mitros followed him and engaged him in battle. They managed to send him away in retreat.

Katas joined Mitros in another assault on Team Avatar, attacking them before Mitros was injured and they needed to retreat. Katas mastered his healing abilities and helped him get into shape so he could get to Xian Village. Once there, Team Avatar stumbled into the village, forcing another battle. Katas continues to fight, but is again forced back.

Struggles in the South

Katas arrives in the Southern Water Tribe and assists in the battle instigated by Mitros. He attacks many Southern Warriors before being engaging Aang in battle. After fighting for a while, Zuko arrives and attacks Katas as well. Katas puts up a good fight, but is killed when Zuko sends a bolt of lightning into his chest. After the battle, Katas' body is placed on a raft with Mitros' and set adrift into the sea, an ancient Water Tribe custom for traitors.


Katas has a warrior's personality. Since he joined the Aqua Assaulters early in his life, he views it as his life's work, something he takes very seriously. Katas is also a capable administrator and leader. He generally listens to the opinions of others he trusts, but will also reserve the final decision for himself.



Katas is a powerful Waterbender, having precise control over his element. During mass attacks, he usually directs the water while letting others funnel more water into his attacks. Katas is also a capable Waterbender on his own, being able to hold off the Avatar for a prolonged period with only the help of Mitros. He also duels the Avatar and Fire Lord simultaneously before he is killed.


  • Katas was intended to have a smaller part, but his part was expanded due to positive feedback
  • His image is taken from Lazyartisan on Deviantart, and edited by The Bos in Microsoft Paint.

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