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Princess Katary


Southern Water Tribe


Water Tribe




Liyang (as the Avatar)

Physical description
Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


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Weapon of choice

The elements

Fighting style(s)

Waterbending, earthbending, firebending, airbending, metalbending, lavabending, energybending, mindbending


Southern Water Tribe, Order of the White Lotus, past Avatars, Katana, Min, Azari


Tonrar, Red Lotus

Chronological and political information


  • Daughter of Southern Tribe Chief
  • Fully Realized Avatar
  • Southern Water Tribe
  • Team Avatar
Katary is the next Water Tribe incarnation of the Avatar after Korra and successor of Avatar Liyang. Born in the Southern Water Tribe, Katary traveled the world to learn earthbending, firebending, and airbending; she also learned metalbending and lavabending. Being the daughter of the Southern Tribe chief, she is sometimes referred to as Princess Katary by her people.


Katary was born in the Southern Water Tribe a week after her family moved back from the Northern Tribe following the death of Avatar Liyang. At the age of two, Katary discovered she was the Avatar when her eyes started to glow while playing with her brother and sister. A year later, a civil war broke out between the Northern and Southern Tribes. Tonrar, chief of the Northern Tribe, commissioned an elite group of four waterbenders to kidnap Katary and train her to be on the side of the North. However, due to the efforts of her father and the White Lotus, the attempt was thwarted and the group was apprehended and imprisoned. After the incident and with outbreak of the war, Katary's father decided the South was too dangerous for his daughter to train and ordered to move Katary along with her older siblings to the other nations as she pursued the bending arts.  

Over the next twelve years, Katary moved to the other three nations to master the elements. First, she headed to the Earth Kingdom, where she learned how to earthbend; she also went to Zaofu, where she learned metalbending. She would also learn how to lavabend. She headed to the Fire Nation, where learned firebending along with Princess Azari; firebending was especially hard for Katary to learn. She would also learn how to shoot lightning.

After learning firebending, Katary finally arrived at the Southern Air Temple to learn airbending. During her time learning the elements, Katary contacted her past lives for guidance. While at the air temple, the previous Avatar, Liyang, passed on a new form of energybending to Katary, giving her power to give nonbenders the ability to bend. Katary would use this power on the Air Acolytes and any other nonbending members of the Air Nation, giving them the ability to airbend.

After learning airbending, Katary decided to get in touch with her spirit side by journeying into the Spirit World where she would remain for two years learning the ways of the spirits. While in the Spirit World, she would also learn to mindbend, allowing her to control the elements using her mind.




As the Avatar, Katary possesses the ability to bend all four elements, making her the most powerful bender in the world. Katary was able to learn all four elements by the time she was fourteen years old, making her the second youngest to become a Fully Realized Avatar after Aang. While in the Avatar State, she is able to increase the power of her bending, as well as bend all four elements at once.  


Katary's waterbending abilities manifested at a young age before even being recognized as the Avatar. Subsequently trained formally in the art, Katary has demonstrated a high level of skill in the art and its techniques. She is capable of creating large walls of ice, powerful water whips, and strong water waves. She can launch herself into the air and maintain the height on a giant waterspout easily, fighting off enemies with water attacks, and propel her and another person through the water at high speeds to avoid attacks. Katary has been taught both Northern and Southern styles, with both employing fluid motions. Katary can also pull water from the ground as well as the air in large amounts. Katary also has a sufficient knowledge of bloodbending to fully understand the nature of its application, despite never having used the outlawed skill.


During her waterbending training, Katary's mother taught her and her sister Katana the advance skill of healing. Katary became highly skilled in the art and takes pride in it. By using a small supply of water as a catalyst on the target area, Katary is able to drastically increase the healing rate of injuries. Katary has also learned the technique of spiritbending, which involves changing negative into positive energy in spirits in order to pacify them.


Katary has gained great mastery in the art of earthbending. She uses both traditional and modern styles in combat; she has even learned light footwork and quick jabs. She is able to easily take control of earth targets levitated by other earthbenders. Katary also has sharp aim, being able to direct earth targets to a target and fire small earth chunks at a speeding target, thus demonstrating the ability to earthbend without touching the ground. Katary is also able to use the seismic sense technique, which allows her to detect the layout of the surrounding area and the people within it with great accuracy and detail.     


Katary is also proficient in the art of metalbending. She is able the rip metal beams and floors from their bearing and single-handedly tear apart an airship's metal hull. She is also able to skillfully wield metal cables with great dexterity and fluidity in her movements and ensnare opponents. She can also tear into a thick wall in her path and pry open the roof of a vehicle.           


Katary is also proficient in the special art of lavabending. She can stop an oncoming flow of the heated substance. She is also able to turn lava into earth quickly and with little effort, while also being able to create large waves of molten rock. She can also manipulate and maintain lava in a disc shape and rotate it at high speeds to cut through metal.   


Despite being challenging to learn at first, Katary demonstrates considerable skill in the art of firebending. She demonstrates great skill in both modern and traditional style. Katary can perform more advanced techniques such as breath of fire. She can easily deflect and disperse other firebenders' attacks. She is able to produce sleek daggers for close-range combat. She can propel herself through the air with firebending.


During her firebending training, Katary learned to generate lightning and redirect it. She is able to generate it from either hand quickly with little charging time and no arm movement and is also capable of maintaining the bolt for several seconds. She can also fire it with considerable aim, being able to hit speeding targets and controlling the charge of it to merely stun a target.   


Katary has great mastery in the art of airbending. Katary is highly skilled in the art, being able to create air blasts from punching and kicking movements. She is able to create powerful tornadoes and currents of air that can throw mecha tanks into the air. She has also mastered the air scooter and can create a wheel of air that can deflect attacks. She is also capable of creating air domes to protect her and others from any gases or explosions. She is also proficient in traditional maneuvers, such as a glider, and several advanced skills.


During her time learning airbending at the Southern Air Temple, Katary was bestowed the ability of energybending by Liyang. Katary is able to strip a person of their bending if necessary and can also restore a person's bending. Liyang also gave Katary the ability to grant nonbenders the ability to bend, a technique Liyang learned from a lion turtle, but was killed before she could use it to restore the Air Nation. After attaining energybending, Katary traveled to all five air temples, giving the Air Acolytes and any other nonbending member of the Air Nation the ability to airbend once again, establishing the Air Nation as an all bending nation. Katary is also able to manipulate spiritual energy.           


Mindbending is a technique Katary learned during her time in the Spirit World. Katary is able bend the elements using her mind. She can create paths of ice and break up large rocks being thrown at her using her only her mind.   

Other Skills

Katary is extremely agile and has quick reflexes even without bending; she is able to quickly dodge an opponent's attacks. Katary is also skilled in martial arts and is perfectly capable of defending herself in hand-to-hand combat. She has impressive acrobatic skills; she can perform mid-air flips and twirls, run up and across walls. Furthermore, with a combination of her bending and quick reflexes, she is able to quickly take down opponents.      

Katary also has keen instincts, even under pressure, demonstrating capable tactical and escape skills. Her resilience is also high as she is able to cancel and break free of a bloodbending grip. 

Avatar Spirit

As the Avatar, Katary is able to contact her past lives for advice and guidance. Being the immediate predecessor of Katary, Liyang most often comes to the young waterbender's aid. In the Avatar State, Katary has vast cosmic energies and knowledge of past Avatars. She can perform powerful and extraordinary feats of bending, such as bending all four elements at once. Katary can even channel a specific previous incarnation, briefly taking on the appearance and voice of one of her past lives. The Avatar State also allows Katary to break free of the effects of bloodbending.       


As the Avatar, Katary has the capacity to act as the bridge between the mortal world and the Spirit World. Through meditation, Katary can separate from her body and travel into the Spirit World. Once in the Spirit World, Katary could travel freely and communicate with spirits and beings. Katary can also connect to other people's energy, this would allow her to find somebody anywhere.


Katary's mother's name is Kana. She has an older sister, Katana, an older brother, and two younger twin siblings.

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