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Flying Momo
Katara and Momo
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Katara's Search



Written by


Release date

April 23, 2013

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Ty Lee and Mai

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Aang's Location

Momo just stay still. His ears went down.

"Aang's nowhere!" I said, "Let's search for him!"

Momo flew in the sky asking me to follow him.

"Er.. Momo? Where are we going?"

Momo stay still. He just continued to fly.

"Wait! North Pole!? Momo, you're joking! I can't swim that long!" I said.

Momo instructed me to waterbend. So, I tried. And it worked!

"Momo! Why are we going to the Nor..." I stopped.

"Oh, darn. What is that?" I asked nervously. "Training! Ow... Does it relate to Aang by the way?"

Momo wanted to tell to me to practice harder so I can find Aang easier.

"So, I practiced?" I asked. "Okay, then."

I boosted up faster and faster.

"Pakku! Have you marry Gran-Gran?" I asked.

"Yes!" he answered happily.

"Congratulations!" I said.

"What bring you here?" he asked.

"You see Aang?" I asked.

Pakku waterbends

Pakku trained Katara once again.

"Well, no. Are you here to train, granddaughter?" he asked.

"Yes, I guess so." I answered.

I trained with Pakku. Momo continued to order me to go south.

"Sorry, Pakku. Later." I said.

I went south.

"That's it! Oh, Aang. Where are you?" I asked myself.

Momo asked me to leave.

"Pakku, I got to leave. See you!" I said, "Aang's staff is in the North Pole!"

How come? Did Aang go into an iceberg again? Oh, you got to be joking! I wondered what happen in Kyoshi Island.

Author's Note

Team Avatar stayed in Kyoshi Island. Sorry for the length.

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