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Katara, one of the main characters in The Weatherbenders, is a master Waterbender, hailing from the Southern Water Tribe. She was the South Pole's last Waterbender, but, against large odds, mastered Waterbending and became a global war hero. Having the capability to Waterbend, Katara is also capable of using Weatherbending's form for Water.

She is the daughter of Chief Hakoda and younger sister of Sokka.


85 - 99 AG

Katara was born to Hakoda and his wife, Kya, their second and last child. She became the younger sister to Sokka, who was born a year earlier.

Early in her life, Katara was revealed to be a Waterbender, but due to a series of raids by the Fire Nation, it turned out that she was the last Waterbender in the South Pole. News of this got to the Fire Nation, and thus the Southern Raiders, led by Yon Rha, attacked once more. Yon Rha made his way to Kya, demanding the identity of last Waterbender. Katara discovered the two, and was told by her mother to find her father. Kya lied that she was the last Waterbender, and was promptly killed by Yon Rha. By the time Katara and Hakoda got back, she was dead.

Katara was forced to take on the motherly role in the family, which later greatly molded her personality.

99 - 100 AG

At the age of fourteen, she and Sokka discovered Avatar Aang, who was frozen in an iceberg for one hundred years. They later set out on a journey to end the War and help Aang master the elements, and also for Katara herself to master Waterbending. The journey was a great success, as they accomplished these goals.

For more, see the canon Katara article.

After the War

After the War ended, Katara began a romantic relationship with Aang. She assisted him on world postwar travels, but later decided that she wanted to move back home, to which Aang agreed. She also maintained her friendships she had developed with Team Avatar members throughout the War, and also formed a close friendship with her previous rival, Ty Lee.

She occasionally would still leave the South Pole but spent most of her time there, along with Aang and Sokka.

Neither Katara nor her brother Sokka officially had a title in the Southern Water Tribe despite their status as the children of Chief Hakoda. However, early in 102 AG, a committee of the two Water Tribes met and voted to restore the title of Tribal Prince and Tribal Princess to the South Pole. Thus, Katara was now officially "Princess Katara", and her brother would be "Prince Sokka". However, she was not often referred to as Princess, and even felt somewhat uncomfortable being called as such.

The Weatherbenders continuity


The couple had made their return to the Southern Water Tribe, involving themselves in reconstruction efforts. One year after their move, reports of strange weather patterns all throughout the world surfaced. Katara accompanied Aang on a trip to the Fire Nation to meet with Zuko, attempting to find out the cause. When this was unsuccessful, Aang went to the Spirit World to find out information.


The next day, by request of Avatar Roku to Aang, Katara came to the Spirit World with him and Zuko. There, they met the original Weatherbenders of three millennia ago: Waterbender Pokai, Airbender Algaion, and Avatar Zentai. They told them of Weatherbending's history, and revealed them all to be capable of it. Katara would then be enlightened by Pokai on Waterbending's form of Weatherbending.

Losing a loved one

In the events of chapter five, the team encountered The Meteorologists. Katara battled Kianna, who had sought to kill her. She teamed up with Ty Lee, but had to leave the battle to help Aang and Mai against Zorro and Ezan. With her back turned, Kianna launched ice spikes at her, but Ty Lee jumped in at the last second, and the spikes wound up piercing Ty Lee, killing her. Katara, overwhelmed by grief, could not fight the rest of the way, and was easily overwhelmed when Zorro and Ezan used heat manipulation to cause the team to pass out.

Katara received the official news of Ty Lee's death while recovering at the South Pole along with the rest of Team Avatar. The death of her best friend would have a profound affect on Katara.


The effects of Ty Lee's death on Katara made themselves known quickly. After being released from the healing huts, she returned home alone, leaving the company of Aang and Suki. She went up to her room and cried, before the two found her. After a talk, she hugged the two closely and realized she wasn't alone.

Regardless, in chapter seven, when the team was searching for their Weatherbending instructor, she was up late one night continuing to mourn Ty Lee, and she was comforted by Aang.

Meeting and trusting Reeaki

When Reeaki arrived to Team Avatar's campsite after tracking them down, Katara, like the rest of the team, was set to attack him. However, after he explained his back story, she joined Aang and Zuko in trusting him, along with others, as he matched the spirits' descriptions of their would-be Weatherbending master. However, her brother was skeptical. After Reeaki went deeper, Sokka did believe him. Katara and the rest of the team then welcomed him to the group


Katara learned the Waterbending forms of Weatherbending, along with Aang. She found herself able to master these rather easily, perhaps thanks to her master status in Waterbending. Her and Aang performed moisture manipulation on their first day, and then learned how to destroy and create storms thereafter. The couple was successful in these acts.

Further quests

Katara and the rest of the team then traveled to Ba Sing Se to get important advice from Iroh. Their second day in the Earth Kingdom capital, she joined her allies at a Council of Five meeting, where, to her dismay, she learned the Southern Water Tribe was under siege. After the meeting, she went to the Spirit World with Aang, Zuko, and Reeaki, when the young Avatar was given a message from the spirits to join them. There, they learned that they needed to stop the Meteorologists as soon as possible, or Weatherbending's affects may become irreversible.

Conflict and resolution with Mai

Continued mourning of Ty Lee's death in chapter twelve on Katara's part had started to irritate Mai. When Mai finally snapped at Katara, Katara snapped back, kicking off a verbal altercation. The fight grew physical when Katara got in Mai's face, resulting in Mai shoving her to the ground. The two girls then exchanged a series of shoves as they got tangled up in the fight, which was ended with an Earthbending move from Toph that separated them.

After this, Katara and Mai sat down to have a talk. Katara was able to get Mai to open up about her past, and then release her feelings on Ty Lee. The two girls struck their common ground and formed a new friendship.

Newfound determination

After mourning, Katara began to use Ty Lee's loss as a motivating factor. She grew stronger to even the point of telling Aang to go with Zuko to participate in the Rebellion Against the New Reign, advising her boyfriend not to worry. Katara volunteered to head south with her brother to stop the Siege of the South.

Defending her home

At 4:00am on 14 September, Katara and Sokka flew to the Southern Water Tribe. As they closed in, Kianna and Baktan spotted them and created a storm in an attempt to deter their progress. However, Katara used Weatherbending to break it up.

On the first day of fighting, the siblings re-united with their father, and began fighting. They mostly dealt with Fire Nation forces on day one, not seeing significant action.

Katara and Sokka saw their big, battle-changing action on day two. Early in the day, they helped their side, combined with Earth Kingdom forces, sharply drive back the Fire Nation. However, Kianna and Baktan jumped in, turning the tide. The siblings, however, quickly caught their opponents and forced them into duels.

Katara got her long-awaited rematch with Kianna. At first, it was a draw, but Kianna took the advantage when Katara allowed anger to blur her drive. Katara was thrown to an igloo wall, falling out of consciousness and starting to think she had failed. However, a vision of Ty Lee appeared before her, and used inspirational words to get Katara back on her feet. She did indeed rise up again and stopped what would have been a fatal attack from Kianna.

Later, their duel went into desperation due to dry air. Each Waterbender used Weatherbending to draw moisture into the air from themselves, dehydrating them. For the final attack, Katara used water bullets to knock out Kianna, but, Katara passed out from dehydration and exhaustion. She came to briefly to see Kianna get captured, but then collapsed again, this time into Sokka's arms, who had come to retrieve her.

Katara was taken to the healing huts for recovery. After a reunion with Sokka and Hakoda, she and her brother returned to the Earth Kingdom to re-unite with everyone.


Katara reunited with Toph, Mai, Suki and Reeaki late that night. Afterwards, upon Aang and Zuko's re-arrival, her and Aang shared an emotional moment, thus bringing them back together.

It was also during this time that Katara deepened her friendship with Mai, as each of their boyfriends were left at large after everyone else was at the Earth Kingdom.

Two weeks later, Katara visited Ty Lee's grave on Kyoshi Island. She placed a painting of the two and a wristband Reeaki had created for everyone on the grave, and finally said goodbye to her best friend.


Katara remains a kind-hearted individual, with a motherly instinct that springs from her having to take over the role of mother in the face of Kya's death. She is a strong defender of the people she loves, making sure no one attempts to hurt them.

Katara also is willing to help anyone who needs it; as seen when she disguised herself as the Painted Lady in the Fire Nation's Jang Hui village. She now helps young Waterbenders master the art as an assistant to Master Pakku.

Katara can also be very aggressive to individuals; specifically anyone who tries to hurt her loved ones or anyone who betrays her trust. This was seen during the War with Jet and Zuko, although she eventually did forgive the latter.


Katara is one of the world's best Waterbenders, matched only by Avatar Aang and Master Pakku. As the last Waterbender at the Southern Water Tribe, Katara could not find a master early in life. However, early in 100 AG, she greatly increased her skill at the Northern Water Tribe under Pakku's tutelage. Throughout the latter half of the "Avatar: The Last Airbender" continuity, she mastered the element in full.

Now, Katara is working to master Weatherbending's forms within Waterbending.

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