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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Book 1 of Powers Saga.

Fire Nation Katara
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Waterbending and Lightning Generation

Katara is a master waterbender and a member of Team Avatar. In Book 1 of Powers Saga, she assisted Firelord Zuko in retaking the throne from his sister, Azula. The two of them are the only people able to bend more than one element without being the Avatar, and they owe this strange ability to Aang's energybending.


For the history of Katara prior to Sozin's Comet, see History of Katara (85 AG - 100 AG) and History of Katara (Spring 100 AG).

After Katara defeats Azula during Sozin's Comet, she is initially hopeful that her long months and traveling and battling are finally over. However, this hope is quickly dashed when she and the rest of Team Avatar realize that Azula's lightning has left Zuko paralyzed. Katara attempts to heal him, but is unable to do so, and Zuko grows concerned that Azula will use this information to undermine the people's belief in his ability to rule. At Toph's suggestion, Aang uses energybending to swap Katara and Zuko's abilities, allowing Zuko access to Katara's bloodbending. This does not completely ease Zuko's fears however, as the Firelord must be a firebender, and if anyone becomes aware of the swap, it will be akin to Zuko renouncing the throne. For the next couple weeks, Katara stays by Zuko's side, prepared to firebend for him if the need arises. Their secret is revealed, however, when Zuko tries healing Iroh's hand from a burn and Katara defends the two against an incoming fire blast from Azula. Barely escaping from the palace, Katara and Zuko seek a way for him to re-establish his place on the throne.

Later in life, Katara becomes a teacher to Avatar Korra, training her in waterbending and healing. She does not, however, mention that she maintains some firebending abilities; this is ultimately revealed by Zuko when he comes to visit Korra after her battle with Zaheer.


Katara often acts as the emotional anchor for her friends. She pushes them forward even after they've given up, as demonstrated by her guidance of Sokka and Toph through the desert and her insistence that Zuko re-challenge Azula for the throne, regardless of his inability to firebend. She sees herself as responsible for her friends' health and well-being, especially as her healing powers continue to advance. Her inability to heal Zuko of his paralysis frustrates her on two levels: firstly, she feels responsible for his injury, since he received it by saving her. Second, she reasons that since she was able to bring Aang back from the brink of death, she should have been able to heal Zuko, too. However, Aang is the only person she ever shares her frustrations with, and she keeps a positive attitude in front of the rest of her friends. As Katara and her friends grow into adulthood and have children of their own, Katara frequently acts as a second mother to them. She is caring and compassionate, but also vigilant against any threats to her family.



Katara's healing skills are some of the best that the Water Tribe has seen in a very long time. However, her powers do have some limits. The longer Katara goes without tending to an injury, the less she is able to heal it. The ideal time for her to treat someone is within an hour of the injury (as was the case when she healed Aang), although she is still able to provide some assistance up to twelve hours later (as was the case when she tended to Toph's burned feet). If an injury goes more than a few days without her healing it, it is very unlikely her powers will do anything to help. She theorizes that even if she had used her Spirit Oasis water on Zuko's scar, that nothing would have happened, as the injury was three years old by that point.

Lightning Generation

While she is a firebender, Katara is able to teach herself lightning generation and uses it to defend herself against a group of Azula's soldiers. When Zuko's firebending is later returned, he comments that it feels like he could generate lightning, but the thought of doing so causes mild headaches. It seems that part of his firebending wants to remain with Katara. This gives Aang the idea to perform a partial switch of Katara and Zuko's powers -- lightning generation in exchange for bloodbending. While Katara certainly doesn't lament the loss of her bloodbending abilities, she does not go around showing off her lightning generation, either. Within her family, only Sokka is aware of it, and playfully refers to his sister as a "stormbender".



After their travels together, Katara is shocked when Zuko confesses that he's developing romantic feelings for her. She does not, however, reciprocate his feelings, finding it difficult to shift her image of him from that of an enemy to that of a potential love interest in such a short time. Despite not returning his affections, Katara cares deeply for Zuko's well-being, almost to the point of acting mothering towards him. At one point, she discovers that Toph and Zuko are training together and insists that they stop before Zuko gets hurt. Toph then counters, much to Katara's frustration, that Zuko is not as delicate as she seems to think. Over the next several years, Katara maintains a strong friendship with Zuko, but their friendship starts to become strained when the two develop very different opinions about when bloodbending should be permitted.


Aang is Katara's romantic interest and later in life, her husband. At the start of Book 1: Switched Powers, however, she is still confused about her feelings towards him. (Unlike Aang and Zuko, Katara is better able to push romance aside when the team is in a crisis.) Once Azula has been defeated, however, both Zuko and Aang ask Katara out, putting her in an awkward position. She turns both of them down initially, but like Roku before him, Aang is persistent. Eventually, Katara lets her guard down and accepts Aang's affections... and, eventually, his marriage proposal.


Katara rarely sees Zuko's daughter in her youth. Even so, she feels deep concern for Izumi and worries that the girl's bloodbending abilities will eventually cause irreversible harm. Despite knowing Izumi's secret, Katara still insists on outlawing bloodbending, whereas Zuko believes the practice is acceptable under the right circumstances. When an older Izumi takes Katara's side of things, the two form a bond that strengthens relations between the Southern Water Tribe and the Fire Nation that Zuko had left strained.

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