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Katara is a main character in Avatar: Guardian. She accompanies Aang on his peacemaking journeys around the world and is helping him defeat the factions trying to create war again.

Before Guardian

After the war Aang took her, Sokka, and Hakoda back to the Southern Water Tribe. The Northern Waterbenders had begun rebuilding the city, but since many went with Pakku to Ba Sing Se, their numbers were low and they did not have much done. Aang used the Avatar State's power to rebuild the walls of the tribe in a matter of seconds. The pair began helping the reconstruction effort by hand, and the tribe was rebuilt very quickly. They spent a large amount of the remaining year helping rebuild the world after the war and fixing natural disasters.


Mysterious Disasters

While on Appa, Aang, Toph, and her are discussing the natural disasters that have become very frequent recently. This leads Aang to decide that a talk with Zuko is in order, and the group sets off for the Fire Nation.

Meeting the Fire Lord

Upon arriving, the Team speaks with Zuko, before a large explosion causes the entire capital to shake. The team gets on Appa to investigate. They arrive at the source of the explosion, the Royal Prison, and go underground to the cell of the target, former Fire Lord Ozai. They find him missing, and return to the surface to find a battle going on. Katara participates in the battle, fighting off the firebenders until they leave.


The group searches the skies for the invaders, but they cannot be found. They decide to return to the capital to recuperate and prepare for the next day. They interrogate the first traitor, but are ambushed by the Dai Li. The battle is brief, but Katara fights bravely. The Dai Li retreat, and the group decides that they need the old group to deal with this new threat.

Picking up Sokka

Katara goes along with the rest of the team to pick up Sokka, and goes to Piandao's mansion as Aang goes to pick up a wind sword. She finds Sokka and follows the group to the site of Aang's struggle with the Firefighters and battles many of them before they retreat.

Making a plan

Katara is seen snuggling with Aang as the team recuperates from their battle. Toph breaks the silence with a question of what they are going to do. Katara wonders, and eventually agrees with Aang's proposal of following the Avatar Cycle. She admits her hesitation about fighting other waterbenders, but will if it is for the betterment of the world.

Rescuing a village

Katara goes into a town along with the rest of the team to find something to eat. There they are confronted by a teenager who asks them to free his village from a group of Waterbenders. She battles fiercely against the waterbenders, making good use of the massive amounts of water.

Being Ambushed

Katara is woken by Toph's raising of an earth column. She battles the Aqua Assaulters, using her waterbending to fight many from a distance before retreating with the rest of the team. Katara tries to help Aang get over his stress after the first raid by the Firefighters, but is almost killed by an ice spike. She tries to battle the others, but Aang fights them off first. She tries to comfort Aang again afterwards, but Aang flees quickly. She removes the water from Toph and Zuko, and otherwise tries to calm the team down. When Aang returns, she battles against Mitros and Katas before they flee.

Chasing Mitros

Katara follows the team into Xian, where they discover that the Firefighters have taken over the town. The team then fights against Mitros and Katas again, but are unable to prevent their escape.

After loosing his trail, Aang takes the team to the Southern Air Temple. Katara follows Aang around, and reminisces about the first time they went there.

Katara battles against the Firefighters at the Southern Water Tribe, using the Octapus form to throw Firefighters across the battlefield. After Pakku is distracted, she steps in and fights him herself, matching him blow for blow. Pakku eventually stops the battle, declaring that it was his job to finish Mitros. Katara then continues fighting against the rest of the Firefighters. She helps the rest of the Southern Warriors and Team Avatar corner the remaining Firefighters.

Leaving the South

While Aang, Sokka, and Zuko play in the snow, Katara duels against Pakku. The two compliment each other, eventually ending the duel and going to play with the rest of the Team. When her father arrives to explain a letter from the Council of Five, she agrees to go with the rest of the team to the Earth Kingdom to free them from the treat of the Dai Li. On the way to the Earth Kingdom, Katara admires the view and jokes with Toph about not being able to see it. She asks Zuko about Mai, who responds that they're married. When his mother is brought up, Katara reminds Zuko that he will find his mother. When Toph brings up Jenomite, Katara turns her down, and Sokka jests that he lost his sweet tooth that day. Later, when they arrive in the Earth Kingdom, Katara watches Zuko and Aang practice Firebending. When Zuko steps off the cliff, she prompts Aang to save him, though he hovers back up. After the two are done training, the team discusses how to find the Dai Li. They decide to check the nearest village, before Toph ends the discussion by going to sleep.

Saving the Mayor

Upon arriving in Torung Village, Katara tries to find what's happening to the town. Eventually, when the Dai Li arrive, she fights several agents with two water whips. Several agents raise a large land mass to throw at Aang and Katara, who are unable to stop it until Aang uses the Avatar State to remove it as a threat. After the agents realize that they can't win, they retreat, taking the mayor of the town with them. The team follows, eventually splitting up to have a better chance of finding them. Toph finds a series of underground tunnels and the group decides to go down into the system. Eventually they encounter Aang, who found the base in the same way. After defeating the agents, Katara comforts the mayor, who they take back to his village. He tells the team about his imprisonment, and explains what the Earth King did for the citizens of the town.

Return to Omashu

On the way to Omashu, where the mayor said the Earth King may be, the Team experiences some difficulties in flying. A group of Earth Kingdom soldiers attack the team, sending large boulders at Appa while he's in the air. She avoids boulders while Aang tries to talks some sense into the attacking soldiers. They leave to find the group who ordered the attack, and Katara again waits while Zuko and Aang attack. When Appa lands, Katara battles against the soldiers, defeating many of them. When the team reaches the office of the seargent who ordered the attack, he is found bound in chains. Katara helps him up and asks what happened. The group concludes that the Dai Li ordered the attack, and that they need to move on to Omashu. When Katara enters Omashu, she duels against several Dai Li agents alongside Sokka. The two manage to defeat several, with Katara saving Sokka from falling off the side of the city. After the agents are defeated, the two hear a large crash from the top of the city. Several Earthbenders offer the two help to reach the top of the city through the mail cart system, and the two get in. Upon reaching the palace, the two find Aang dueling Long Feng. Long Feng eventually escapes, though the mood is lightened when Ursa appears. Katara listens to her story in the Jasmine Dragon of the West. When a Dai Li agent appears, she defends Ursa, though the agent again escapes.


Katara goes with Team Avatar to find the Dai Li. She witnesses Aang master lightning generation, and eventually helps save a wanderer from a Dai Li agent. Eventually, the group follows a lead to Gaoling. She splits up from the males of the group, and searches the town for any traces of the Earth King along with Toph. Eventually, she is stopped by city guards, who ask her to allow them to take custody of Toph, who is apparently a criminal. The two girls fight off the guards before the rest of the Team arrives. Katara and Toph follow the boys to the home of the family who has a problem with the Avatar, happening to be Toph's family. Toph initially refuses to go in, though Katara gives enough ground such that Toph has little to say. Katara then has Aang open the gates, and the team walks into the yard. Guards ambush the team, though they are quickly defeated. Team Avatar is then invited into the home, and Toph confronts her parents. Toph initially refuses to talk to them, though Katara again doesn't allow her to give up. Katara ultimately forces Toph to admit her love for her parents, and the team has dinner with the family. When there is a crash outside, Katara follows the rest of the team outside and battles against the agents, who eventually flee upon realizing that the Earth King isn't in Gaoling.

Katara searches for the Dai Li again, though they remain hidden. Katara listens about the new Nomads that Aang created, and when he leaves for his meditation, she eats dinner with the rest of the team. When the Dai Li attack, she battles the agents, though they are too agile to be struck down. When Aang arrives he captures an agent, though Aang lets him go. The team then locates the Earth King, who was on his way to Ba Sing Se.

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