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Katara gesturing
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Water Tribe

Birth place

Southern Water Tribe



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Bending style(s)

Water-bending (taught by Pakku), Air-bending (self-taught)


Avatar State


Kya (mother), Sokka, Korra (Siblings), Aang (husband)


Aang, Weed, GB, Sokka, Korra, Toph, Smellerbee, more...


Azula, Alam (temporary), Blue, Hougen

Chronological and political information

2nd Avatar


Team Avatar


Master Pakku, Aang, Hope

First appearance

Book 1: Water -

Katara is a young water-bender and air-bender from the South Pole. She is a sweet girl but is very powerful when made very angry.


Katara was born in the South Pole. When she was a little girl, she had heard many stories of "men and woman who grew wings and defy gravity" (air-benders). Katara got very amazed by the stories and always imagined herself flying around like the nomads. But one day, she got a hold of an air bending scroll and secretly practiced the arts. She never truly showed her practice to anyone because she wanted to surprise them when she mastered it.

Ginga Densetsu Avatar

Book 1: Water

Katara first appears with Korra and GB when they all were assigned to go fishing. But however, they find Aang and Weed passed out in the snow. She brought the air bender and the blue Akita back to the village with Korra and GB's help and kept an eye on them until they woke up. She talked and took care of both of them until an emergency was called and she had to leave.

She shows up later when she was healing Aang after his fight. She was very impressed with Aang and his water bending. She decided later on to join Aang and Weed so she can gain her skills as a water bender from Master Pakku.

When they arrived on Kyoshi Island, she mainly was getting some of her equipment for the trip when she saw Aang playing around with Ty Lee. She got a bit jealous since she was the one who rescued him yet Lee was making Aang very happy. Of course she denies it when Korra found out.

Katara feels the moon's power

Katara enters avatar state

At the North Pole, Katara and Her brother, Sokka, go after Blue when he freezes Korra and kidnaps her. They both demand her back and nearly kill blue, but when Aang and Weed arrive, Blue nearly freezes Katara when Aang rams her out of the way. She finds Aang frozen instead and was pushed to her breaking point. She demands Aang back, but when blue refuses, she nearly collapses his castle with one step! Her second step knocks off some icicles from the ceiling and nearly kills blue. But then when blue still refuses, Katara shocks everyone when she creates an ice orb around herself and levitates off the ground, only to find her Air-Bending! She then causes a storm of sharp ice spears to shoot out all over the room! Seven hitting blue, and none hitting Aang. When blue jumps at her, she made a larger tube-shaped icicle and rams it in his mouth, ripping out his fangs and freeing Aang from his prison. She then passes out after gently landing on the ground. The only people to see this was Aang and Blue, everyone else had left before she entered the Avatar State.

Book 2: Earth

When they first arrive in the Earth Kingdom, Katara was assigned to gather their resources. But while she was getting some water, a horrifying creature later known as a Lamprey Worm, attacks her and injects an egg into her stomach. It didn't hurt her, so she puts it in the back of her mind until later that night the egg hatches and grows rapidly, causing her to grow to 3X her size! They only people who saw this happen was GB and Weed who, after touching her stomach and seeing a row of teeth show, pass out.

That morning she woke up shocked in the Dave. She at first thought all that was a dream until she saw her stomach. GB and Weed tried to keep her secret until they can find out what to do. But after everyone found out, she suddenly started to hurt like crazy and they all managed to find Toph, Smellerbee, and Smith passing through. Toph managed to remove the worm from her stomach and they all decided to travel with them to Ba Sing Se.

She didn't do very much on the trip until Weed pointed out a strange tower that turned out to be a library. When much of the group got there, she was marveled at the amount of books and scrolls. She finds a special scroll laying in the middle of the room, but when she went to grab it, Wan Shi Tong stops her. She tries to lie to him for a reason they were there anyway, but the owl found her out. After Korra convinced Wan Shi Tong, Katara instead was looking for something to help her learn air-bending when Wan Shi Tong found her again. It was finally now she tells him her fondness for air-benders since she was a kid, and being worried on what the others would say. Moved, she was given the air-bending scroll by Wan Shi Tong himself. She hid it away and got back to the others.

Ba Sing Se

When the group finally reached Ba Sing Se, She, Ty Lee, and Korra went into the market when a dog bolted over, knocked her down and in the confusion slashed her. The wounds were minor but it was because of this she then grew "Spiritual Strips" all over her body. She was a bit worried About it and what the others would think, but Ty Lee convinced her that it's alright and she went along with it. She shows up later in a private area of the city practicing her air-bending from the scroll given to her. She just got the "Air Bomb" down when she saw the ash specks of an upcoming Fire Nation fleet, and she ran off strait to the palace to warn them. But as she did, she ended up fighting Hougen with Ty Lee and Alam until the others arrived in. Hougen tells her that Zuko killed her father and she ends up fighting Zuko instead, being tricked by Hougen. Her fight stops when Hougen was thrown down into the fight by Alam and GB.

Book 3: Fire

Katara appears when Aang wakes up from his state and explains to him of what had happened. She helps in the part of saving Zuko and Tom, and she saves everyone when they ran up the collapsing tower and she summons Wan Shi Tong with a spirit whistle that came with the scroll.

She shows up later back at the ship sewing some new cloth. She was thinking hard about her bending and has finally decided to break it to Aang. She couldn't put it in words so she proved her point by making a small air orb, telling Aang she was an air-bender. She explains how she first started her fascination with Air-bending, and saids she was too worried to say anything. She was scolded by Korra for a bit but she basically was saved when Smith pretty much gave everyone a history lesson on the Avatars before her.

She was deep in thought after that, wondering if she really is an Avatar, when Aang and Hope came to her and told her that they will help her master Air-bending, which made her very happy.

Book 4: Air

Katara was mostly a side character through most of the arc. She shows up after the group discovered Mai, training with Aang and Hope. She didn't really care much over the basics Aang was showing her but she didn't want to argue with her mentors so she didn't say anything.

She remained side character for most of the time, besides healing and talking to Violet.

Her main scene was when Team Avatar was thrown into prison by Hougen. She had lost all her hope after seeing Aang and GB get shot out of Ba Sing Se and had a long discussion with Zuko about giving up. But it was because of this she not only gets slapped in the face, but also discovers Zuko's ancestor, Avatar Roku! She wasn't sure exactly how to react but went along with Zuko's plan of escape and played a good role in the escape of Ba Sing Se.

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