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Katara ES
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Water Tribe




85 AG

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Team Avatar, Southern Water Tribe


Zhao Jr., Mysterious Oranization

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Waterbending Teacher

  • Daughter of Chief Hakoda
  • Wife of Avatar Aang

Team Avatar

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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Katara is a character in the fanon Avatar: Energy Saga. She is also canon. She is a member of Team Avatar, as well as the love interest and later, wife of Aang. She was his waterbending teacher as he prepared to fight Fire Lord Ozai after their trip together to the North Pole to begin their training together with Master Pakku. After the Hundred Year War, she returned to the Southern Water Tribe, where she grew up. She kept in close touch with all her fellow members of Team Avatar, including Aang. In 104 AG Aang proposed to her while flying on Appa over Whale Tail Island. A few months later they married.


Early Life

Katara was born at the South Pole eight and a half decades into a war that would last a hundred years. She lost her mother to the Fire Nation at a young age and her father left with the other men of her tribe to fight in the war. In this time Katara became much closer to her brother and grandmother. Her grandmother would tell her stories of what it was like before the war started and the Avatar - master of all four elements - who kept the balance. Although the Avatar had not been seen since the war began, Katara did not give up hope that he would one day return to save the world.

Hundred Year War

While fishing in a canoe from their tribe, Katara and her brother Sokka discovered Aang - the new Avatar - frozen in a block of ice. After freeing him and discovering the airbender's identity, they traveled the world with him while he learned the other elements and prepared to fight Fire Lord Ozai. They had many great adventures and made new friends along the way. It is a thrilling tale which is well-known and there is no need to duplicate on this page.



As a result of her motherly role in her family, Katara had to become resourceful and skilled in many ways. She acted as a leader and took care of her brother Sokka when she had to. She is also used to living in a state of war and is quite defensive and proud of her own nation and culture. Her passionate nature drove her to become a waterbending Master. Katara is trusting to those she considers her family and strongly believes everyone has the right to a chance at a peaceful life. As she said herself, Katara never turns her back on people who need her.


  • Aang (husband)
  • Tenzin (son)
  • Kaddo (son)
  • Vameira (daughter)
  • Sokka (brother)
  • Suki (sister-in-law)
  • Hinko (nephew)
  • Hakoda (father)
  • Pakku (step-grandfather)
  • Kanna (grandmother)

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