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Katara smiling
Biographical information

Southern Water Tribe


15 (The Chronicles of Ian)

Physical description


Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Personal information
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Fighting style(s)



Hakoda, Kya, Kanna, Sokka, Ian, Aang, Toph, Jet, Zuko, Suki, Appa, Momo, Iroh, Pakku, Order of the White Lotus, more...


Ozai, Azula, Zhao, Long Feng, the Dai Li, Combustion Man, Yon Rha, the Southern Raiders, more...

Chronological and political information

Waterbending instructor

  • Waterbending Master
  • Daughter of Southern Water Tribe chief
First appearance

The Avatar Has Arrived

Voiced by

None (The Chronicles of Ian)


Katara is a Waterbender who was born and raised in the Southern Water Tribe by her grandmother, Kanna, just like her older brother Sokka. Katara was the last Waterbender in her tribe and led a normal teenage life until she and her brother discovered an Air Nomad named Aang frozen in a block of ice. When she finds out he is none other than the Avatar, lost for a hundred years, she becomes hopeful that he is the one who will save the war-torn world. Katara and her brother leave their tribe behind to travel with Aang, helping him to finally put a stop to the Fire Nation's devastation.

Along the group's travels, Katara's Waterbending abilities grow steadily with Aang's, until she surpasses him and becomes the Avatar's Waterbending teacher. Her mastery over the element makes her a formidable ally to their group, and she becomes a close friend and mentor to Aang.


Being five-teen years old and the only Waterbender left in the South Pole, Katara had to grow up rather quickly. A strong, brave girl who speaks and stands up for what she believes in, she has suffered through much sadness in her life but still manages to hold on to hope. Her mother, Kya, was killed in an attack by the Southern Raiders when she was 7 years old, and all that was left was Kya's necklace. Her father Hakoda left to fight in the war when she was 12. She felt abandoned and betrayed by him leaving even though Gran Gran was there for her. Raised in the small Southern Water Tribe with her older brother Sokka, they were mostly taken care of by their grandmother, Gran Gran. While

Katara waterbends

Katara proving to Master Pakku that she can learn from him.

Sokka was off "playing soldier," Katara was cooking, cleaning, and doing the laundry. She is very motherly and p rotective of Sokka, even though she doesn't like to admit it. Things haven't been easy, but she never lost hope that it would get better and that the Avatar would return.



Katara's most notable skill is her Waterbending. Over the course of the series, she has gone from a beginner to one of the strongest and most powerful Waterbending masters ever seen.

Katara was identified as a Waterbender when she was a small child. Her father searched all around the South Pole for a Waterbender to teach her, but there were none to be found. So, for many years, Katara taught herself

Chronicles of Ian

a few basic Waterbending moves.


Katara bloodbending

Katara failed attempt to bend, killing a racoon.

When Ian presents a scroll he received from Kyrie. He asks Katara if she would like to learn to bloodbend with him because she is a very powerful waterbender. When she attempts the technique for the first time on a rat, she makes the poor animal burst. After reassurance from Ian, she tries again, and is very successful.

Katara vs Jet

Katara attacks Jet out of rage.

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