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By MightyBrit Part of the Child of Destiny continuity.

Katara is a secondary character in MightyBrit's Child of Destiny. Despite only having a small role in the first book, her role is set to be expanded in the second and third books.

Biographical information

Southern Water Tribe



Physical description


Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color


Personal information
Fighting style(s)

Waterbending (formerly)


Aang, Pathik, Hakoda, Sokka, Suki


The Cult of Sozin

Chronological and political information

Doctor and Leader of the New Nomads

First appearance

The Swordsmaster of Kyoshi Island

Before the story

Katara never returned home to the Southern Water Tribe and instead briefly traveled the world with Aang attempting to restore a sense of peace in the world and having some fun along the way. Eventually, the two of them settled in the Western Air Temple, where with the help of Guru Pathik, they rebuilt the Temple and founded the New Nomads with people from several different backgrounds who agreed to start a new life after the War. She became one of the leaders of the New Nomads along with Aang and, due to her powerful healing abilities, became the Temple's doctor. Through experience, she has become a very capable healer and has gained quite the knowledge of how to fix various wounds and injuries even without her healing powers.

During the story

As her doctor, Katara treated Farsi during childbirth and eventually delivered her daughter, Diyi. Despite the significance of Diyi's birth, Katara refused to let Aang hold her before her parents, showing her compassionate yet stern nature. She was also named Diyi's godmother. When the Temple was attacked by mysterious shadows, she assisted Aang in battle against them in an attempt to defend Diyi that ultimately failed. While she offered her help to Aang to travel with him and recover the kidnapped baby, but Aang asked her to stay behind to protect and look after his people.

After Yue's death, like all other waterbenders, Katara suddenly lost all of her waterbending abilities, including her healing powers. Feeling like she could no longer protect the New Nomads, she decided to return home to the Southern Water Tribe.


Katara is incredibly caring and compassionate, almost to a fault, and mature beyond her years. She is also incredibly loyal to her family and friends, especially to Aang. These traits have made her a trusted leader in the New Nomads and a talented doctor.

She has embraced many of the teachings and beliefs of the New Nomads. She has become a fusion of her home culture and her adopted culture, often wearing the colors of both nations to reflect this.


Katara is one of the most powerful waterbenders in the world. She is naturally gifted in the art and her abilities were honed by training with Master Pakku, who claimed she was one of the best students he'd ever had. Despite her newly found pacifist ways, she has proven herself to still be more than a capable in a fight.

Katara also possesses some of the most powerful and sought after healing abilities in the world. She has improved on these abilities by increasing her knowledge of injuries and medicine so she does not necessarily have to rely on her powers.

Obviously, when the moon spirit was killed, Katara, like all other waterbenders, lost her waterbending and her healing powers.

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