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Katara is the second chapter of The Avatar of the Fire Temple.


With the procession out of sight, Haru walked the streets feeling sorry for himself. His chance of fame was over, his hopes of riches gone.

Suddenly he heard cries of "Katara! Katara!" from the nearby place of grieving. He ran around the corner and saw a Gypsy Girl dancing.

Her face was lit by the bonfire that blazed in the square. Her hair was as dark as hog monkey fur. Her eyes, blue as the sea.

A crowd looked on in silence, enchanted by the sight of the beautiful young girl dancing before them. She was known as Katara.

Haru was enchanted, too. He forgot all about his failed play and watched her as well. He thought he was in love.

Katara was not dancing alone. She was accompanied by a white cat, which seemed to understand her commands and performed tricks. "Come Miyuki, dance!" commanded Katara.

The crowd clapped and threw money to the girl and her amazing pet cat. She then began to sing.

Katara's beautiful voice rang out clearly, until she was interrupted by the shouts of an old woman from the nearby Tower of Iroh.

"Will you be quiet, you cricket!" demanded the woman.

The crowd was angry and hurled abuse at the elderly woman, whose name was Yue, telling her to put an end to her evil curses.

Just then, the "Monk of Fools" procession bursted onto the square, carrying Aang. All the thieves, ruffians, and beggars of the city had joined them.

At that moment, a hand reached out and pulled the Avatar from his seat, tearing off his cloak. It was the Fire Lord of the Fire Temple, Ozai! The crowd looked on in terror, would the great powers crush the man of Agni?

But oddly it was Aang who looked afraid.

The two did not speak to each other. Instead they communicated using a sort of sign language, making shapes with their hands that no one else could understand.

Much to the crowd's surprise and disappointment, the Fire Lord leads Aang away in the direction of the temple.

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