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Southern Water Tribe



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Aang, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Suki, Mai, Appa, Momo


Long Feng, Hama, The Dai Li

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  • Waterbending Master
  • Daughter of Southern Water Tribe chief
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Katara is a young, female waterbender and a prominent member of Team Avatar. She, along with the other members of Team Avatar, decide to accompany Avatar Aang on a journey to familiar and favorite locations around the world. She is an important character in Around the World (Again).


Born in the Southern Water Tribe and raised along with her older brother, Sokka, Katara had a rough childhood. Her mother was killed during a Fire Nation raid and, soon afterwards, her father left to fight in the war. She led a typically ordinary life until she and Sokka discovered the long-lost Avatar, an airbender named Aang. The three decide to embark on a journey to save the world from the Fire Nation.

Nearly a year passed and the trio soon grew in size, acquiring new members as they traveled around the world. Their adventures led to incredible experiences and many new friendships. Together, the group and a society known as the Order of the White Lotus led a spectacular victory over the Fire Nation, ending the war and restoring peace.

Shortly after, Katara and the others decided to reside in their new house in Ba Sing Se. She lived a very content life, perfecting her waterbending skills and recently beginning a romantic relationship with Aang. However, she and the others grow tired of living in Ba Sing Se after a while. They confront Aang one night, asking him if they could all revisit their families.

Aang consents and suggests that they take another journey around the world, revisiting locations in the reverse order in which they had originally traveled. They have since then set off on their travels that will bring new experiences, adventures and situations.

The gang arrived on Ember Island where they particpated in a tournament called the Fire Nation's Sports and Games Tournament, it's old name being the Four Nation's Tournament. They won the tournament and the prizes: one hundred gold pieces and free tickets to the double play event that was happening that night.

And so, they went to the theater where they saw the two plays (Legend of Mei Lien and When Air Nomads Walked the Earth). Katara and the others enjoyed both plays and after they were over, they went back to their beach house.

The next day, they traveled to the Western Air Temple. After eating breakast, they jumped on Appa's saddle and he flew them to the temple.

On their way there, Sokka's old messenger bird, Hawky, had delivered a letter from Toph's parents', stating that it was her decision whether she wanted to stay with the gang or go home. Toph was to think about it for a while.

Once they arrived, another messenger bird came with a message from Mai, asking them if they could pick her up at the Boiling Rock. Aang gladly agreed and Zuko replied to Mai's letter, stating that they would pick her up the next day.

They did so. After eating breakfast, they flew on Appa to the Boiling Rock. Aang told them that he had had two nightmares that took place in Ba Sing Se. He belived that they may be trouble there. The others agreed to check out Ba Sing Se after they visited Piandao's house to see if anything was wrong there.

When the Boiling Rock was in view, Surface-to-air rocks began flying at Appa. Then they suddenly stopped. The gang went down to the prison. There, they saw Mai.

They were about to leave for the Fire Nation School, but Dai Li agents began to attack them. There were too many of them, so they decided escape on Appa.

They arrived at the cave they stayed in last time they were there. Katara, Sokka, Toph (Mai, Suki, and Zuko wanted to stay behind), decided to accompany Aang to the Fire Nation School just in case any student there wanted to attack him because he had ended the war and lied about his identity.

They went to a shop and rented some school uniforms and headed to the school. There, the teacher, Ms. Kwan, let them stay there for she was a nature lover and she hated the damage the war had done and was glad the gang ended it.

After school, Aang met up with his old friends, Shoji and On Ji while Katara, Sokka and Toph watched him. Then after a few minutes, Toph suggested them to go back to the cave and wait there for Aang's arrival and they did so.

When Aang walked into the cave, he asked if they could stay longer. Katara told him that they had to move on and then she asked him to return the uniforms they rented.

The gang journeyed to Ba Sing Se to see if Aang's nightmares meant that something bad was happening. Appa flew them to the Earth King's Palace, where the Earth King, Kuei, told them that there was nothing bad happening in Ba Sing Se. Aang, however, wasn't convinced and decided they should stay in Ba Sing Se for another day just to be sure.

They then went to Iroh's tea shop, Jasmine Dragon. After being seated, they waited for their order to come, when Joo Dee appeared in the doorway, screaming that the Earth King had been kidnapped. Everyone in the tea shop panicked and began to run around the place, yelling.

The gang flew on Appa to the Earth King's Palace. There, they found out that the Earth King had been brainwashed. They stood guard of the palace in pairs, Katara with Aang. Then, their old enemies, Long Feng, Hama, and Dai Li agents emerged from somewhere in the palace and began to attack them. During the fight, Hama Bloodbended Katara, stating that she had praticed the bending, therefore explaining why she could Bloodbend during daylight. Aang saved Katara by Airbending Hama into the wall.

A few minutes later, Sokka came with the rest of the gang and together they tried to fight off the villains. But, there were too many villains to fight, so they ran to Appa. However, when Appa was taking off and all of them were on him, Long Feng Earthbended a rock at Zuko, causing him to fall to the palace floor. The gang, busy panting and resting, didn't notice this until a few moments later. Mai suggested that they should go back to get Zuko, but they, the gang, were outnumbered and they were to tired to continue fighting. They would get Zuko back somehow, but that wasn't the time. They kept flying to Gaoling, where Toph would have to make a life changing decision.

They arrived in Goaling, where Xin Fu, now a good guy, found them and invited them to come and see Earth Rumble VI. And so they went. There, Toph, without telling the others, participated in the final round of Earth Rumble VI and she won. Katara, however, wasn't happy that Toph left to play without telling them.

Later, they went to the Bei Fong Estate. After eating dinner, Toph was forced to make a choice; her parents or the gang. She choose her parents and left the gang. The remaining memebers of Team Avatar went to Appa and flew to the Northern Water Tribe.

The gang arrived at the Northern Water Tribe, where Arnook invited them to a dinner feast that would take place later in the day. In the meantime, the gang would think of what to do next. They decided that they would go to the Northern Air Temple and ask the Mechanist to help them stop Long Feng by creating machines.

They returned to the palace. Arnook suggested they wait in the Spirit Oasis until it was time for the feast and they did. There, they got brought into the Spirit World, by Koh. Avatar Kuruk resuces them and Avatar Roku helps them escape from the Spirit World. Roku told them that Arnook suggested them to go to the Oasis because he thought it would help them, the gang.

They went back to the palace, where Arnook gave them an amazing surprise; Fire Lord Zuko. He had escaped Long Feng and his followers. Zuko then told the gang his adventure.


Katara is compassionate, kind and strong-headed. Harboring deep maternal instincts, she is often times the motherly figure towards the others and offers support to those who need it. Strong-willed and determined, she can also be fierce and stubborn. She remained highly enthusiastic towards the idea of traveling the world again.

Katara slices balloon

Katara has perfected every Waterbending form.


Since the ending of the war, Katara resumed rigorous Waterbending training and has been deemed the best Waterbender known on Earth. She has perfected every Waterbending form which gives her a major advantage during combat.

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