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Katara (A:TR)
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"Auntie" (by the Southern Water Tribe children)

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Southern Water Tribe



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"Southern Awakening"

Katara is a Southern Water Tribe waterbender and was the first to find and befriend Aang. Among all of the Water Tribe residents of the South Pole, she is the only waterbender left, similar to Aang being the last airbender. She is second-in-command when it comes to taking charge of the tribe, after her brother Sokka.


Katara is a calm girl most of the time, but she can be a bit pushy sometimes. She is good at defending herself, despite her family's protection over her. Like Aang, she too has a good relationship with animals and is good at taking care of them. Katara has a deep mothering side and is usually the one to help and take care of the younger children of the Water Tribe.



Katara was born among high-ranking, being the daughter of the chief. However, Katara was nearly killed when she was very little, when she wandered outside during a deadly blizzard. She remained wandering in the cold for two hours before her parents found her, suffering from hypothermia. Katara managed to survive her brush with death and for years after, she was kept in better protection. Despite this protection, she will often explore the polar home unsupervised and will practice her waterbending as well. It wasn't until she turned ten that she was allowed more freedom.

Book 1: Water

South Pole


Aang's first time seeing her.

Katara first appeared on a fishing trip in the polar ice caps when a tiger seal lured in a pod of fish to her, getting her some fish. However, she gave one of them to the tiger seal for helping her and she continued on her way. During this, she found Aang and Appa still trapped inside the ice orb and she immediately tried to get them out using a club. After that worked out, she realized just how different they were as they came to and she became one of Aang's first sights in the new time. She gave him a hand on where he was and introduced herself to him. She spoke with Aang for a while, realizing that Aang really was an airbender. Katara then got an idea on how to get more fish and asked Aang to hold a net while she climbed up a nearby iceberg. Here she preformed her unique technique, the "water bomb", which resulted in a lot of fish coming out for Aang to catch. After explaining what the trick was, she and Aang parted ways as she headed back to the Water Tribe village.

She returned to the village later on that day and got the fish back. After that was taken care of, she realized that Appa was now there. The kids found her, calling her "Auntie", and asked her if she saw him yet. From here, she heard of Aang's presence in the main hut. She immediately went in and found Aang with Sokka. She was very surprised to see Aang in there and revealed that she let him out of the iceberg at the beginning. She sat down by Aang as the talk occurred and was there as Sokka explained the main story behind the Fire Nation invasion.

Later on that night, she snuck out of the hut in order to find her secret cave, to think things over on what was happening. During this though, she found Aang had found her and she immediately took off, hoping to lose him. In the end though, she was caught in her cave and basically revealed herself to him. After explaining the reason behind her secret cave, she went on asking Aang why he was troubled. After Aang revealed he was the next Avatar, Katara was simply overjoyed with the news, believing that they now had a perfect shot against the Fire Nation. However, she found Aang wasn't a fully realized Avatar just yet and needed to learn the other 3 elements first. After thinking it over for a bit, she suggested that the perfect waterbending teacher for Aang would be Chief Arnook, a close friend to her father. Aang, however, wanted her to come along with him to help him on his way. That, added to the fact she needed some help with her own bending, made her agree to it.

Katara and Aang returned to the tribe, where she advised Aang not to wake anyone. Unfortunately, Sokka was already awake and was angry with Aang. Katara pleaded with him not to fight him at that moment, resulting in a challenge to a duel instead. After that, Katara agreed to try to convince Sokka to stop the duel and she went in the main hut with her brother.

The next morning, Katara tried to convince Sokka to not fight Aang. She told him that it was her own decision and that Aang was not bad and so on, but Sokka was too stubborn to listen much to her. Katara was especially mad that Sokka cared about the tribe more than her, since she was the main reason for the duel in the first place. After some conversation though, Katara agreed to Sokka's deal and went off to tell Aang. When she did eventually find Aang back at the iceberg, she explained that if Aang won, she'd be free to go with him, but if he lost, she had to stay there. After that was explained, she and Aang both got back to the village and she was the main witness to Aang and Sokka's duel.

After the duel occurred, Katara went to see Aang and tried to comfort him, saying Sokka just needed some time to think. Katara left to handle some of the kids as Aang went to see Sokka. After a bit, she went into the hut. After seeing Sokka and Aang apologizing to each other, she told Aang that she was ready to go. She said her goodbyes to Sokka and asked that, if their father did come back while she was away, to tell him where she ran off to. After that, she went out and said goodbye to the village and got a Water Tribe necklace from one of the children as a reminder of her home. She happily took it and went with Aang.

Katara looking out

Katara thinking about what will be in store for her and Aang.

After some flying, they rested and Katara looked out onto the land, thinking of what adventures wait for her and Aang. After some small talk, she asked Aang if he wanted to go penguin sledding with her before they left the South Pole. As such, they did the activity, but soon after, they were found by a hungry polar leopard. She was ready to fight when Sokka appeared and drove it away. She was very glad that Sokka beat the animal, despite being ready to fight herself.

To the North

As they continued on north, Katara was pretty amazed from the view of the ocean while they were flying around. During this, however, she looked out and began to notice a Fire Nation ship coming right for them. It took a while for her to figure that out, but when she did, she pulled Appa up, just missing the first fireball. When the group did find a place to rest, she remarked to a complaining Sokka that Appa was doing most of the moving and needed a rest. After that was taken care of, she gave Aang a few waterbending pointers so Aang could get used to it before meeting Arnook. She gave him the basics on moving waves and Aang caught on fast. Aang did mess up when he tried moving the water out of the river, but Katara encouraged Aang to keep trying. However, they ended up being caught by Zuko's men and she tried to fight them off for a bit before they managed to escape.

When they did stop to rest, Katara was practicing her waterbending when she noticed Aang's work on the necklace for her. She asked Aang what it was and after some persuasion, she managed to figure out the necklace and thanked Aang for it. After some time, she met a calm man from Makapu Village and, after some talking, decided to go to the village to see Aunt Wu.

When she did get there, after the cloud prediction, she and Aang went into Aunt Wu's fortune salon to get a prediction. She waited for a bit, meeting Meng in the meantime, before she was called in first. Her prediction from Aunt Wu stated that one from the dark will join the light thanks to her. After the predictions were done for both of them, she and Aang found Sokka in a panic. After witnessing Sokka's outburst of explanations, she tried to comfort him to calm him down, although she believed in Aunt Wu as much as the others did. It didn't help Sokka though and he ran off after that. She and Aang waited for him to come back and when he did, she asked if he was better now. She tried to help him out, but she was stopped when the eruption actually occurred. While escorting everyone out, Sokka went back for Meng and Katara tried to follow, but was stopped by Vulkan. Despite her efforts, she was convinced to get the rest out as Vulkan went back for Sokka.

When she came back, she actually thought Sokka died and was in deep grief until they returned. She was extremely happy when she found Sokka alive again, embracing him.

After that was taken care of, she continued on north with the others. She was seeing the behavioural change in Sokka as he tried to comfort Aang and was impressed, though didn't say anything. When they landed and saw the wanted poster, Katara suggested a disguise for Aang's arrow. When she heard Ty Lee coming, she panicked and told Aang to hide. She, however, was caught in the open and had to face her. After Ty Lee left though, she was surprised that she didn't really care if they were Water Tribe or not. The time here was mostly quiet as they recruited Ty Lee.

When they stopped to rest, she joined the others in a walk trough the forest. Just before Zuko appeared again, she went and hid away with Sokka and Aang just before they could be seen. However, thanks to a trick by Zuko, she and the others ended up caught and she could only watch as Aang and Zuko battled for a while until the Freedom Fighters showed up. After the Fire Nation was driven off, she humbly thanked them and was offered a stay at the Freedom Fighters' camp. She was amazed by the place, claiming she had never seen a village in the trees before. She and Sokka got more information on the village during their stay and were enjoying it. Though that night, she got worried when Aang was kidnapped by Raiu, but she was unable to find Aang during the search.

The next day, Katara waited with the Freedom Fighters until she saw Aang, glad to see he was okay. She spoke with him for a while until Raiu showed up again. A fight broke out and she tried to fight Raiu off. When Raiu lunged for Aang, Katara got Aang out of the way, making her take the hit. However, Raiu's fang only got in between her chest, Katara accidentally freezing it there in her panic. She ended up being tossed around and was thrown off, damaging her chest. Katara could only watch as Aang surrendered himself, but ended up paralyzed.

She followed the Freedom Fighters down to the nearby Fire Nation prison and waited outside as Sokka went in to get Aang out.

After traveling for a while, Katara and the group rested over near Omashu. When the group got to the Cave of Two Lovers, Katara mainly tried to calm Sokka down for the 3 times they'd reached a dead end. She only got worried though when she and Aang ended up split up from the others. Katara got the idea for them to continue on their part of the tunnel and try to meet up back outside. As time went on though, Katara was having doubts over her own decision. At one point, Katara got the rather crazy idea that if she and Aang would kiss, then the love would show the way. Katara was embarrassed for asking, but in the end, she did end up kissing Aang when the light from their torch went out. This seemingly triggered the stones to glow and helped them to finally escape the tunnel.

Katara travelled up the mountainside for a while until she eventually saw Omashu, which was, at this point, taken over by Fire Nation elite. Thinking that there was nothing much they could do, she was about to leave, but went in anyway since Aang went off inside himself. She showed up later with Ty Lee and Sokka, seemingly infected with Pentapox, and after driving the guards away, explained to Aang about their plan to drive the Fire Nation out. After helping Aang with his "infection", she went off to check on the others so the plan could begin. She participated in the infection invasion later on.

After finding another spot, Katara explained to Ty Lee about their first encounter with Aurora when Ty Lee had asked about it. She had remained quiet for a while until the point when they found Ty Lee again in the prison rig. Katara then got the idea to try to free the others there and the plan was followed through successfully.

North Pole

After traveling some time over sea, Katara and Sokka were both sleeping when Aang found out they had arrived at the Northern Water Tribe. Unfortunately though, Appa woke them both up by splashing them, getting them soaked in the process. She was very glad when they arrived and explained to Arnook the scenario they were in. She went on back to the palace and didn't necessarily do much further. When they were at their home in the North Pole, Katara ended up thinking on how Ty Lee was doing minutes before Aurora arrived.

The next day, she, Aurora, and Aang went off to see Master Pakku so they could start training. However, when they found him and asked, Pakku flat out refused. When Katara asked for herself, Pakku went sexist on her and said it was forbidden for women to learn how to fight, ticking her off completely. She tried convincing him, telling him what happened before she came there, but it didn't work and she stormed out with Aang in anger. Despite Aurora's advice, Katara returned later on and tried talking again, but ended up in a duel with Pakku. The battle was tough, but she ended up knocked out. She was battered and bloody, but still got up and was ready to fight him again. Due to her bravery and determination, she convinced Pakku to train her. After that, her friends took her to the healing huts to heal before the training could officially start.

As the days went by, Katara and Avatar Aang attended training with Pakku under the watchful eye of Aurora. Katara was pleased to know how fast and successful she and Aang were, as they were told by both Master Pakku and Aurora. They were back at their Water Tribe home when Sokka came back and told them the bad news about the Fire Nation having discovered them. After hearing this, they went to the palace to discuss what to do when Katara came up with the idea for Aang to get some guidance and help in the Spirit World, an idea that was supported by Aurora.

When the Fire Nation did end up attacking the Northern Water Tribe, Katara and Yue stayed behind to protect Aang, just in case firebenders somehow managed to find him. Katara waited with Aang until Zuko and Raiu suddenly came in. She tried to fight them off, but in the end, she didn't manage to save Aang and became witness to Sokka's "death". Her vengeful heart caused her to fuse with La, summoning Mizuomo, and they both got their vengeance by killing Raiu. After that, Katara was freed and passed out in Aang's arms.

Book 2: Earth

After the incident, Aang brought her to the healer's tent to recover. She only suffered a severe case of fatigue, no broken bones or even any bruises. Katara woke up back in the Earth Kingdom, a bit oblivious to what had happened to her the whole time Mizuomo was free. The girl found Momo nearby and asked him where the others were, and had to wait until Aang returned. Sokka returned too, shocking her completely. However, Katara was pleased with the whole thing and they continued onward, trying to find Ty Lee. Later on that night, they'd found them and Katara helped catch them up. When asked if Haru could join, Katara agreed with it alongside the others.

While they were flying over the Foggy Swamp, Katara was sewing some Water Tribe fabric when Ita and Zura caused them all to be sucked in. Katara ended up lost from her group and tried to find them. During this, half for letting friends know she was there and half for it being too long since she'd done this, she used her Waterbending bomb trick, unwittingly soaking Ita and Zura nearby. This did, however, get Aang's attention and she was soon reunited with him. With some managing, they'd found the others and it wasn't until there when Ita and Zura decided to show themselves. Katara got plenty of good insults from them, especially Zura, who basically called her fat thanks to the giant waterbending bomb from earlier. She got even more ticked off when Zura used his illusion to make a hot swimsuit version of herself, clocking the dragon with waterbending in order for him to stop. Katara tried to not bother Aang with it, though, after Appa and Momo returned to them.

When the team arrived in Gaoling, Katara was busy trying to keep up with Ty Lee when June arrived in Gaoling with a bunch of outlaws. Katara didn't do too much as they spoke to the Beifongs, except ask a few questions and add on to others, basic conversation.



Katara bending a water bubble


Katara is an expert on waterbending. Due to her practice as a child, she has learned many different ways to get her waterbending to its full potential. One unique technique she made herself is known as the "Water Bomb", similar to Aang and his air scooter. She loves doing it and is the only one to know how to. Using her waterbending, she can cannonball in the water, resulting in a huge 360* explosion of water that spreads in all directions.

Cold tolerance

Ever since her blizzard experience, her body has grown much more durable to cold conditions. This means she can tolerate more colder conditions than other Water Tribe members. However this also means she less used to hot climates.


  • While Katara's water bomb technique was shown multiple times in the revision, it was only demonstrated once in canon, in the episode "The Serpent's Pass".

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