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Southern Water Tribe


Ba Sing Se



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Sokka (brother), Aang (husband)


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  • First - Arrival

Katara is a waterbender and healer from the Southern Water Tribe. She and Aang had become very close with one another. Before the story officially began, she and the team had found Weed, Mel, Kyoushiro, and Nobutora during the winter and it was Katara whom decided to take them in.

Avatar: New Universe

Lost Arc and S.F.C Arc

She first appeared with Team Avatar when Aang announced their departure and she went to the South Pole. When they did get there, she asks If there was anything unusual that the team might check out before they head back, and they head to the south. She, along with the others, were thrown into the thin ice circle, transporting her to Altonia.

She wakes up alongside her brother and for the most time was simply trying to survive in this new world. Most of the time she was worried sick over the rest of her team, especially her boyfriend Aang. They kept traveling until Katara discovers a small package containing a unique amulet and decides to take it before she catches up to Sokka. She and her brother then were caught by a group of Velociprey and were about to get killed when Tank comes in and saves them both. After some discussion, she and Sokka take Tank's invitation and go with him to the next town.

With Tank's help, she and Sokka got to the next town safe and sound and were greeted nicely from the locals. They continued talking and found out of a "Large blur metal Man" that's also here. She was guided to where he is and found out his name, Cyborg. She introduced herself as best she could, a bit dumbfounded by Cyborg's robotic appearance and his friend Aquos showed her her water-bending, but during this she accidentally did some water-bending herself and knocked Aquos off her feet as they continued their conversation.

After being flash frozen by Krokhotep, she, along with Cyborg, Sokka, Aquos, Zuko, Magmus and Robin, were taken to Krokhotep's mother, Krokopathra, whom ordered her to show her strength by fighting an opponent. She ends up fighting Aquos after some discussion and they fought for a while until Jinouga shock them both. They were sent away as Krokhotep and Krokopathra were discussing.

She, along with the others captured were freed during the final fight.

Colossi Arc

Katara as the Painted Lady

Katara's Ultimate Form

After Xerneas gives her directions she went off to fight Hydrus. When she arrives though she quickly discovers that she has not only Hydrus but Illuminus to fight. But thanks to some quick thinking and motivation, she defeats them both and gains her ultimate form, which was what she looked like for the painted lady.

Final Arc

After leaving the colossi world, she, Aang, Weed and Starfire helped build the S.S. Ultimate in order to reach Raviente's Island refuge.

Avatar: New Universe 2

Katara appears in Ba Sing Se preparing for her wedding. She and Toube were talking when she ran off and found Smellerbee, The Duke, Pipsqueak and Longshot. She gladly introduces Toube to them all. when the party was going, she and Aang were officially married, and celebrated with a fireworks show afterwards, making it the best day ever for her and Aang.

That night however, she and the others were found captured by the S.C.P and thrown into a portal. Not only that, this took her bending away as well.

Arc 1

Katara, along with Sokka, Smellerbee, and Pipsqueak, were all thrown into the Cooper World at the same time period, the ice age. Katara tried to make sense of where they were when Grizz showed up, and ordered them all to leave. After some discussion, they were gonna go when Bob Cooper arrived and kidnapped her. his true intentions were to keep her safe but she didn't know it at the time. After figuring it out, she decides to strike a deal with Bob, saying that she'll get the cane back if he can help her get her friends back. She did get the cane for Bob but she was recaptured by the S.C.P when she tried to get her friends back.

Arc 2

She remained a side character for a while until they all were caught by HoundDoom. She was the first to wake up and see what's happening. Yet she was the only one who didn't get pinned down by the Metal Men, since HoundDoom wanted to talk to her. She was told plenty of information and was given the choice of ether going with them or die. Her choice was never given thanks to the Agni Kai. Yet in the end, she defeated HoundDoom by jabbing an ice shard in his neck.

Arc 3

As far as involvement goes, she was pretty much left out until after everyone escapes. Lezu manages to catch up but collapses. Katara rushes on over and tries to heal the creature as it explains what is going on.

Avatar: New Universe 3

Katara appears with Aang during meditation. She and Aang done this a lot and they both were doing it when Sokka interrupts them. She tells him that they'll come back later. However, she suddenly gets a vision of Xerneas in her head. She laughs it up and goes back. That night she speaks to Toph when she sees her at the window. She tries to comfort her and goes on to sleep, but was awaken by Toph's behavior again, and she sees their old Spirit Council outside! She and the others go out and meet them.

She hardly does much as time went on until when they reach the Groudon Tribe. She finds Raven outside after they rescued Groudon and speaks with her for a while, wanting some company herself. After they left the next day, and seeing Starfire go off, she decides to follow her to make sure she's alright. However, she runs into Umbreon again and had to fight her for a while until Starfire knocked her out. She remained knocked out until the next day, when she tells the others what happened and gave Robin the overall direction to where Starfire went.

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