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Katara & Aang's Dinner Date
Chapter information

The Chronicles of Ian


Book One: Water


Tales of the Northern Tribe
Minisode 3

Written by

Ian Bernard

Release date

October 15, 2010

Last chapter

Sokka's Lucky Break

Next chapter

Ian's Walk With Jet

This minisode of The Chronicles of Ian, is a part of Tales of the Northern Tribe.
Aang asks Katara to join him on a dinner date. Everything is going well, until Aang gets too nervous, and listens to Sokka's advise.

The chapter can be read here: Tales of the Northern Tribe

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  1. The Water Tribe Boy
  2. The Avatar Has Arrived
  3. Tales of the Northern Tribe
    1. Myra's Big Day
    2. Sokka's Lucky Break
    3. Katara & Aang's
      Dinner Date
    4. Ian's Walk With Jet
  4. The Fire Nation Attacks
  • None Released
  • None released

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