Katara's Humble Epiloque
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Avatar: The Last Airbender


The war is over, Team is recovering from the last battle. Be sure Zuko will take the best care of the whole world and all his friends. So there's one person nobody will need now...





friends (Sokka, Suki, Toph, Appa, Momo)

Princess Yue


It was warm afternoon, sunny and silent. Team resorted in the hills near the pine forest. Here they could recover from the last fight against the Firelord and modestly celebrated their great victory. Aang and Zuko were very honoured. They were a heroes. Now when the enemies have gone and the team needn't fear anymore, they enjoyed fame and admiration from all the others.

Katara has gone to seclusion. Over the hill, to the other hillside where tired setting sun was still shining. She didn't know why she was so driven to go there. She heard some strange voices inside her head, silent, distant noises she had no idea where are they going from. Laugh and screams of her friends disappeared, she didn't hear them. Zuko, who has learned to understand her states like this more perfectly than Aang and Sokka, said Katara got from the fight with Azula much more worse than himself, she got caught in the despair after the fight like no one from the team, but nobody understood what he said. Zuko felt a need to go with Katara and calm her down, but he recognized she needs to be alone for a moment to get well soon.

Katara didn't live in the moments. Something brought her away, her mind was light and flew somewhere in other universes and dimensions. The fight with Azula scared her, but not more than other battles and fights where she has looked into the eyes of death. Her friends were sure after she would get over with that all and she'd get some new strength, she'd be alright again. Katara walked up the hillock, covered with the gold circle of the sun. Its sharp orange light appeared above the horizon, a warm flame was dancing among the clouds covered with bronze. Katara was filled with really strange mood, mystic, staggering and disheartening. She walked a few meter down the hillside and sat down into the grass. In her head, among her thoughts and sensations, sounded soft voice of a girl. "Katara..."

Katara moved her head and let the breeze to caress her sweaty face. "Katara..." it whispered to her. She opened her eyes, paid attention and listened. "Katara..." said the voice next to her. She turned around, but saw nothing. When she turned back, she saw the silhouette, standing right a few meters in front of her. Katara discerned the girl, long-white-haired, blue-eyed, with a bit darker skin, wearing clean white dress, disappearing in the air. She moved towards Katara slowly, with tender expression in her eyes.

"Katara..." said her soft, silent voice. "Do you know me?" "No.." said Katara. Then she began to tremble, her eyes widened and starred at the lady in front of her. "Yes, your highness, I know you..." whispered in awe. "It's really long time we met..." said the girl silently. "You looks really exhausted. But don't worry, it will be alright..." said her kind, soothing voice and her soft hand caressed Katara's hair. "You know, I came to offer you a position in my world. I'm sure you'll enjoy it, and this job really fits to you..." Katara looked helplessly at the lady, then she closed her eyes and finally she turned towards the place of her friends' rest. "If you feel ready, we can go right now..." the girl whispered lovingly into Katara's core. Katara knew well what the spirit wants and what does it mean, but in spite of that, she was sure she wants to follow the girl. But when she heard the laugh of her friends behind the hill, she unsettled.

"I know you really love them, Katara. It's alright.." said the girl sweetly. "Don't worry, prince Zuko will take care about them all. And if you go with me, I prove it all to you." whispered again and retreated a bit. Katara stood up sorrowfully and lovingly looked over the hill, at the group of her sweethearts she knew they won't need her. After that, she turned towards the sunset, gasped tearfully and lay on a dry worm ground. Suddenly, she felt so tired and sleepy... the grass, it was comfortable to lay in, soft sunbeams pleasantly warmed her and the breeze kept her calm. Katara closed her eyes. She heard the sound of her own heartbeat, so loud she thought her heart is beating outside her body, right next to her head. In a few moments, her eyes closed and her body slackened. She inhaled and exhaled a few times, and then her shinny chest stopped moving.

In a next minute, she woke up. She opened her eyes quickly and stood up sharply. She felt so light and filled with energy she believed she could run over the hills faster than a hare. The girl touched her hand. Katara jumped high to the air, but hasn't touched the ground yet. She let her body laying on the hillside. She won't need it anymore. She was looking beyond the distant horizon, she saw her friends playing near the pine forest and felt her energy flowing through the space and turning into a blood. Into a blood in their young, lovely bodies. Katara became the wraith, as black as a bad luck, with wild-burning eyes and great desire to do her new job.

The bloodbenders serve to the Full Moon Spirit. They're only doing what's their appointed task. That autumn evening, the Full Moon Spirit chose her humble servant.

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