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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Katara's Day's Gone By is a one-shot written by Avatar thoyrn.


When Katara is nearing her death, she reminisced about her life as her third great-grandchild 's birth comes near, remembering the good, the bad, and the Sokka. Katara's family and friends also remember these events with her, both happy and sad, while also reminiscing about a similar moment about themselves.


  • Katara: Katara, once the waterbending master of the Avatar (both Aang and Korra), along with beloved wife of the late Avatar Aang. Katara is the proud grandmother of four airbenders Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, and Rohan, the children of her son, Tenzin, her proud high master of the Air Nation and its leader.
  • Jinora: Jinora is Katara's granddaughter and the greatest airbender in the world. She is the wife of Kai and proud mother of twin airbending prodigies named Aang (in honor of her grandpa) and Zuko (after our favorite, scarred Fire Lord).
  • Korra: Korra is the current Avatar and one of Katara's former pupils who is sad to see her master die. She and Asami are happily married and have two children (one from each of them).


Katara knew this day was coming. Katara knew she wasn't immortal. She knew one day she would have to face the day of her death. Leaving her friends and family to enter the great beyond of the after life joining many of her friends, Aang, Sokka, Suki, Kori Morishita, Ty Lee, Mai, and her parents and many others she has seen pass in her lifetime. Katara wanted to avoid it somehow but knew it was inevitable and had to live with it knowing she only had days to go before she passed.


That was the voice of one of her former pupils, Avatar Korra. Korra was getting worried about her waterbending master when she didn't respond. Katara didn't want to worry Korra. The two truly cared about each other and they were closer than Korra was to Tenzin. Katara finally responded.

"Yes Korra, I'm upstairs just getting ready. Tell everybody I'll be down in a few minutes."

With that Katara went into her morning routine of getting ready for one of the last times; looking in the mirror she noticed how much she looked liked her Gran-Gran. Katara's grandmother, Kanna, was very close to her, having raised her ever since her mother died in a Fire Nation raid. Her grandmother was very kind and caring but was also stern and cynical after watching the Fire Nation destroy her culture from it being a strong culture-rich nation to a tribe on the brink of extinction. Katara wished she could visit her, she wished she could hear her voice just one more time the voice she hasn't heard 70 years she remembered it fondly.

Suddenly she heard a voice that sounded just like her Gran-Gran's.

"Katara!!!! What on earth is talking you so long?! I'm just going to come and get you."

Katara thought she was going crazy hearing her Gran-Gran's voice but responded.

"Don't worry about me Gran-Gran. I just can't find my purse or boots."

Suddenly Korra and Asami came in the door and Korra looked at her waterbending master with concern and Asami said.

"Um Katara, did you just call Korra Gran-Gran?"

Katara knew there was no possible way she was hearing her grandmother's voice.

"Do me and Asami need to get Kya?"

Korra was really concerned for her master she thought she was slipping in the terms of sanity.

Katara chuckled and said.

"No need to worry here, now can one of you fetch my purse while the other gets my boots while I get my makeup on please?"

Korra responded.

"We'll get your things Katara, but you don't need makeup, you look great the way you are."

Asami saw her purse under a memory box in the closet and said.

"Katara, I found your purse under this memory box. Is it okay for me to touch it? The box I mean."

Katara was okay with the idea as she had little time left anyways and thought she should share some memories with the married couple and said.

"Of course. But I want to show you some things."

Inside the box was a diary, hair beads, a water skin, a kimono, metal fans, stiletto knives, a bladed boomerang, 2 Fire Nation headpieces, a headband with a flying boar symbol on it, a wooden mask, a Fire Nation theater mask, Fire Nation disguises and many other things.

Korra looked at how much was in the box and said.

"That must be a lot of memories worth keeping things for. Who's diary is that?"

Katara remembered that diary. The dairy she wrote in after she and the rest of Team Avatar fled Ba Sing Se after Aang was severely wounded in a battle with Azula. Those weeks were probably the hardest weeks of her life weeks that she will never forget.

Katara finally responded.

"That was my diary when I was traveling with my friends after Aang got hurt in a battle with Azula. During that time it was very tough to keep our cover and get out of trouble and into safety."

Asami looked at Korra remembering the time when she got poisoned and began to empathize with Katara and said.

"That must've been the hardest time of your life. Aang in a coma you not knowing if he was going to survive. I know I won't forget the time when Korra was poisoned. I was so worried and I think that was when I knew I loved her."

Katara looked at the couple happy that they knew what it was like as Korra and Asami shared a kiss before Katara continued.

Katara took out a golden fan and showed it to Korra and Asami. suddenly there was an interruption. somebody was calling her name.

"Mom!!!!!!!! Are you ready?"

It was her daughter Kya and her niece Jinora coming up with her husband Kai.

Jinora looked at her grandmother and her memory box and said,

"Gran-Gran is that your memory box you told me about?"

Katara was ready to respond but first said.

"Yes it is. I was showing Korra and Asami some things in it. Why don't the three of you sit down and I'll show you what else is in the box?"

Kai looked at the golden fans feeling a wave of guilt upon him remembering all of the people he robbed when he was younger. Kai always felt guilty in the presence of something golden but nonetheless took a seat with his wife and aunt-in law.

Katara showed the fan to everybody again and started to say what it was.

"This fan belonged to your Aunt Suki Kya. It was her main weapon in battle as a Kyoshi Warrior. She did teach your Uncle Sokka how to use them but he didn't pick it up very well."

Everybody then started to chuckle at the thought of Sokka wielding the metal fans.

Kai knew all about the Kyoshi Warriors through books and scrolls he had stolen before he was an airbender. he imitated their fighting style when he was a non-bender making it easier to jump people and again felt more guilt and finally spoke.

"I read all about Suki before I was an airbender and used the Kyoshi Warrior fighting style to aid in robbing people. I never really felt guilty about it at the time. Not until I became an airbender I realized what I've done my whole life was wrong."

Everybody looked at Kai in a moment of awkward silence, so Jinora decided to cheer up her ashamed husband by planting a kiss on his cheek and then decided to break said silence.

"It's okay, sweetie. That was very long ago and you turned over a new leaf and became an airbending master and an excellent husband and father."

Kai now felt much less shame than he did earlier; his guilt also disappeared. Katara took out the next item, but was interrupted AGAIN, this time by Huan, Ikki, Opal and Bolin.

Ikki banged on the door and then shouted.


Without hesitation, Ikki walked in with her husband in tow, followed by Opal and Bolin. Huan noticed all the items on the floor he just cleaned and said, "Why did you have to make a mess on the floor Ikki just had me clean?"

Katara waved off her grandson-in-law's whining and instead told the newbies what was going on.

"I was just showing everyone some items from my memory box. You're all welcome to sit down and join us."

Opal and Bolin were happy with that idea and Bolin said to his wife,

"We should make a memory box and share our time together."

Opal thought that was a nice idea and decided that she would take up the topic and responded to her husband's suggestion.

"That's a great idea, honey. I even know what the first item to put in our memory box is. Huan, why aren't you sitting down?"

Huan just looked at his sister, realizing her being gone for so long, she already forgot he didn't like to share memories and said so.

"Opal, you know I don't like to share memories after Mom's scrapbooking club."

Ikki didn't care about her husband's discomfort and knew he feared her so used that to her advantage and went on that.


Huan was getting very scared of his wife and complied simply by saying,

"Yes, my dear. whatever you say."

Ikki just smirked and said,

"Good. You bet it's whatever I say."

Katara decided to let somebody else pick the next item and settled on Opal and Bolin and said so.

"Opal, Bolin, would you two like to pick the next item for me to share?"

Bolin decided to respond, but tried his best to contain his fangirling about getting to touch the items used by the great master Katara.

"We would be honored to choose something great and honorable, Master Katara."

Katara chuckled at the title and gave the couple the box. The two looked among the items and Opal held up the theater mask.

Katara remembered the mask very well. It was the mask that Zuko used when he was disguised as the Blue Spirit and decided to describe it.

"This mask once belonged to Zuko under the alias The Blue Spirit. The Blue Spirit was a name he made for himself when he was banished from his homeland in the Fire Nation."

The mask suddenly made Opal think about Kuvira and Aiwei. Both traitors who lived under her nose masking who they really were. Aiwei an anarchist and Kuvira a power-hungry dictator and just said aloud.

"Just like Kuvira in reverse."

Of course Opal knew that Kuvira originally wanted to better the Earth Kingdom, or the Earth Union now, and realized that people make mistakes and looked at Bolin.

Bolin then put his arm on his wife's shoulder and said:

"It's okay sweetie, Kuvira is locked up for good now and is never getting out."

As the couple shared a passionate kiss, Korra couldn't help but feel bad for Kuvira knowing that she will never be a free woman again but said something that reassured everybody:

"If Kuvira rehabilitates herself, she might earn her freedom back one day."

Opal was shocked and somewhat upset thinking Korra might actually side with Kuvira and just said:


Korra was saddened about what Opal just said. Asami was even more upset. The couple and Su have visited Kuvira on multiple occasions and have even become friends with her again over time. One time they even brought Baatar Junior to reconcile with her and Kuvira admitted that she was in love with Baatar and after shooting him she broke down crying. Sadly, Baatar was over Kuvira and refused to forgive her for using him like a welding tool as if he were nothing to her. Korra just had to remind Opal.

"Opal, I've spoken to Kuvira in her prison and she has truly changed and is now a different person. She made some mistakes, but is working to redeem herself and you just need to accept that."

Opal knew Korra was just looking out for her and she had to accept that.

Suddenly, somebody else was calling and in walked Varrick, Zhu Li and their son Nuktuk. The eccentric man began to greet everybody.

"Why hello everybody! Everyone is waiting and Nuktuk wanted to know what was going on. Right little Nuktuk?"

Nuktuk was almost thirteen years old and was getting tired of his parents treating him like a baby but he knew they meant well and just went with it as Bumi walked up and spoke to Katara.

"Mom what's taking so long? Every time somebody comes up they don't come down. What's the hold up?"

The airbending master looked at his mother as she just let her impatient son go on and finally responded.

"Bumi, we're all just going through my memory box and sharing some memories. why don't you go next?"

Bumi was thrilled at the idea as he scanned the remaining contents in the box and settled on the stiletto knives as they reminded him that he didn't need his bending to be amazing.

"Those were my friend Mai's stiletto knives. They were her main weapon in combat and she was quite incredible, defeating many master benders with them and I always thought she was amazing with them teaching herself how to wield them; I was so jealous that I needed a master to teach me waterbedning."

Bumi was always inspired with stories about Mai when he was little. The stories about how amazing of a fighter she was and how she stood up to Azula.

"She was always an inspiration to me when I was little. She told me that I didn't have to be a bender to be amazing and I myself learned how to wield knives and learned boxing."

Katara remembered what it was like when Mai was teaching Bumi and Izumi how to wield knives and kickbox. She was happy that Bumi would be able to defend himself in his own special way and didn't feel bad about being the family's only non-bender.

Suddenly, without warning, a very impatient Tenzin walked in along with everybody else, who was waiting with a bright red face and did his best to remain calm but just blurted out what he had to say.


Katara just looked at her son with a "really Tenzin? Right now?" look on her face and just waved it off and told Tenzin what was going down.

"Tenzin, we were just going through my memory box and now that you're here, do you want to pick something for me to show?"

Tenzin immediately calmed down and felt quite happy with the suggestion and nodded his head in agreement as he scanned the box and the something not in the memory box, but in the closet, caught his eye. In the closet was an old airbender staff. Tenzin's first staff from when he was just learning how to glide. He marveled at the fine wooden instrument as he handed it to his mother.

Katara marveled at the staff and began to describe it.

"Tenzin, this was your first glider that your father made. I forgot it was still in my closet. I remember it like it was yesterday, how you would be afraid to get on the glider and push off and your father would always say..."

"Tenzin, if you want to be a bender, you need to let go of fear," Tenzin responded, cutting his mother off.

"That was what he said to me when he got me to go into the old shipwreck outside of town in the new historical site about the Hundred Year War."

With that, everybody laughed, but Tenzin stopped the laughing and said to everybody:

"Come on everybody, we don't want to be late. We need to go now if we want to be on time."

With that, everybody grabbed their things in a hurry. Katara put her box on the chest in front of her bed and as she ran out a piece of paper containing her will fell onto it as she walked out.

Later that evening at the Southern Water Tribe Royal Palace, Jinora suddenly collapsed in pain, screaming because she was having contractions and yelled out:


Katara knew exactly what to do and directed Korra and Asami to come with her and Senna to help with delivery and did her best to keep Jinora calm and told Jinora she would be okay. Next, the hard part came when Senna told Jinora to push as ten agonizing minutes or more of pain took until out came a crying baby.

Korra looked at the baby and identified it's gender and addressed everybody.

"It's a girl! Congratulations Jinora on your new daughter!!"

Jinora gave everybody a kind smile and Asami asked Jinora an important question.

"Jinora, what are you going to name her?"

Jinora didn't need to think about it. She knew exactly what she wanted to name her daughter.

"I want to name her Katara. After you, Gran-Gran. Little Katara."

Later that night when everybody was getting ready for bed in the palace, Katara was awake, not able to catch sleep because of what she remembered Aunt Wu's prediction about her life hearing her faint voice.

"And you will have your third great-grandchild before quietly passing away in your sleep."

Katara wanted to stay awake for this reason, but she knew she couldn't avoid sleep forever and realized that if she died tonight it wouldn't be an entirely bad thing. She lived a good long and eventful life and knew that dying peacefully would be much better than dying violently.

Now accepting this, Katara walked up into her bed, got under the covers and began to drift off. Within a few hours, her body's systems went down and a younger blue spirit lifted out of her body and she saw a man who looked just like her husband, Aang, and she looked at him with loving joy and gave him a kiss and expressed her joy to see him.

"AANG!!!!!! It's so good to see you!!! I've missed you so much and I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!"

Aang smiled and gave his wife a kiss and responded.

"Hi Katara, it's great to see you. Do you want to go penguin sledding with me?"

Katara's eyes widened and she went into his embrace and answered.

"Yes Aang, I would love to go penguin sledding with you."

With her answer, Katara went into Aang's arms and gave him a loving hungering kiss full of the love that would last forever, even if her life would not.

Author notes

I would like to submit my one-shot for the April fanonbender contest please.

I wrote this because I didn't think Katara had an adequate last appearance in The Legend of Korra.

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