Full moon By Midori122407 Part of the Avatar Adventures, Avatar: The Tales Of Time continuity.
Zuko fighting Gow
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Northern Water Tribe




156 AG

Physical description


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Double Edged Swords


Master of Weapons


Kairi, Kana, Aya


June, Korra, Kairi, Joo Dee.

Chronological and political information

Traveling Nomad

Katana's History

A non-bender trying to find her way in the world much like Zuko. When trying to find the Avatar, Katana is always worried about her destiny. Growing up she was always treated nicely by her bending sisters who she now feels nothing for!! Katana might even be connected the Equalists in some way!!

Katana's Jealousy

From a young age Katana knew she could not bend any elements like her sisters, so she trained in the way of weapons so she could defend herself when necessary. Katana often became jealous of her sisters especially Kairi because of her care free personality and her interest in airbending.

Katana the Nomad

At age 11 Katana began to travel the world with a group of men known as the band of 6 who were masters of weapons. She traveled with them until she felt she could learn no more from them. She eventually mastered all the weapons the band had shown her. She now is the arch enemy of the band for stealing the prized crescent swords.

Katana's Act

By age 15 Katana seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth. She later was searched for by Kairi and her sisters, only to be found at Air Temple Island asking for Kairi. Katana had at last been reunited with her sisters and she seemed to convince them that she was apart of a traveling circus.

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