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Aang kisses Katara
Chapter information

Katara's Search



Written by


Release date

April 24, 2013

Last chapter

A True Love Never Let Their Partner Disappear

"Katara! Thank goodness you're here!" Aang said.

"Aang! Why are you in Omashu?" I asked.

I keep asking.

"I went to North Pole to trick people who searched me," Aang replied...

"Ooh..." I said, "Let's return to Kyoshi Island."

"Sure!" Aang said.

As we arrived in Kyoshi Island, Aang accidentally fell into the sea with nobody knows. It was winter and Kyoshi Island was almost as cold as South Pole. And, the surface turns into ice like in South Pole. I saw a light in the sea.

"Huh?" I asked myself.

I saw an iceberg!

"Is that... Aang!!!!" I shouted.

I dived into the sea. Oh my goodness it is Aang.. I tried to break the iceberg but it's too hard. I tried everything I could.


I used my waterbending and the iceberg was broken. I brought Aang back to the island. I felt Aang's heartbeat. It was getting slower! No!

Aang in the iceberg

Aang in the iceberg in Kyoshi Island

I healed Aang.

"Katara. Sorry. I did this," Aang weakly said.

"Never mind."

Few weeks had past and Aang was healthy again. I wonder why he's healthy after a hundred years but only a minute he's sick...

"Alright," Zuko said.

"Twinkle toes, you've gone too far. You bald head won't stop!" Toph said.

"Aww... Look at Aang and Katara!" Suki said.

"YES!! I decided to combine your name!" Sokka said.

"How about Ngtaara!?" Sokka gave an idea.

"I'd rather choose..." Aang slowly said.

"Kataang.. It's better..." I said cutting Aang..

"Yeah! You're official now!" Sokka said.

"Congratulations Twinkle Toes..."

"Thanks Toph. When will you get a husband by the way?" I asked.

"Shut up, Katara!" Toph yelled.

Toph made me flew into the sky.

"OWW!!" I screamed.

"Sorry, Ms. Aang..." Toph teased.

"Or, Madam Aang?" Zuko asked while teasing.

"Disgusting.." Sokka said in disgust..

"I love you Aang," I said.

"I love you too," Aang replied.

We kissed in Kyoshi Island while using our INVASION CLOTHES AND APPA DIDN'T FEEL COLD!!! We wore this to show our nation's dressing. Even if we're from different nation, we are still one.


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