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Kai (By Friends)

The Traveling Lightning (By Storytellers)


Fire Nation


Fire Nation

Birth place

Cave of Masters


None, he is constantly on the move.



Physical description






Skin color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Fire, lightning

Fighting style(s)

Firebending, lightning generation, lightning redirection


Firebending, lightning generation, lightning generation, focused lightning, high lightning


Nikaji (brother)

Love interest(s)


  • Kananik
  • Arrluk
  • Nikaji (archenemy)
  • Fire Nation
  • Fire Lord
Kasai is a firebending prodigy. He wears his hair over his right eye (because edge, even though he isn't edgy and he's actually really nice), and his attire is similar to that of Zuko's during book 3, however he has multiple other outfits.


Coming from a long line of isolated firebending masters, Kasai was destined to be a prodigy. Mastering the basics at only seven, he quickly began the practice of lightning generation and redirection, which he perfected by the age of thirteen.

Once they were discovered again, the Fire Lord and Royal Family feared them and sent a large army of 12,000 Fire Nation soldiers (just to be safe) to murder the family of prodigies. The family was able to defeat a surprising amount of five thousand soldiers before being overwhelmed. Kasai and his brother, Nikaji, managed to escape the remaining army that soon retreated, having assumed they were killed in the crossfire.

Kasai continued his training in a great desert with his brother. However, their brotherly love soon became a brotherly rivalry, and eventually a brotherly hatred. Kasai and Nikaji would often fight an Agni Kai: Kasai's better training, tactics, agility, and lightning generation versus Nikaji's super human perception and reaction time, speed, power, and combustionbending. The duels would almost always end in an inconclusive match or double knockout. The two eventually parted, Nikaji leaving to the Earth Kingdom and Kasai traveling across the world.

Kasai would eventually form a team of himself, an Earthbender named Kananik, which means "Gem of the Forest", a combination of Kanan and Manik, a waterbender named Arrluk, and a firebender named Atsui (Red Hot). The team simply walked across the planet solving conflicts.



  • Fire Manipulation - What you'd expect from a basic firebender, being able to create and manipulate flames.
  • Lightning Generation/Redirection - One of the more rare abilities, Kasai can create lightning for an amazing amount of damage. He can also redirect lightning with little to no effort ... if he's on guard and sees it coming..
  • Focused Lightning - Focused Lightning is when Kasai begins to generate lightning; he uses an incredible amount of focus to make the lightning more potent and to prevent it from forking off. It is also faster than regular lightning.
  • High Lightning - High Lightning is a type of lightning created by Kasai; it is when he continues to charge lightning for a long time and using tons of focus to the point where it becomes white from its potency. If it went into a head-on collision against lightning or Focused Lightning, it would simply plow through the other lightning. It can also only be redirected by someone of Kasai's bloodline, and since his brother can't redirect lightning, only Kasai can. There are rare occurrences where an Avatar (usually in the Avatar State) can redirect High Lightning, however this is not consistent.
  • Foot Lightning - As the name suggests, it's lightning generated and shot from Kasai's feet. He does a sort of break-dance move énd then kicks lightning out at whomever. He usually takes his shoes and socks off to do this because he'd rather not fry them with lightning.


  • Nikaji - Archenemy, brother, the two share a mutual hatred for each other.
  • Kananik - Teammate, Kasai considers him the 'Brother I wish I had.'
  • Arrluk - Teammate, Kasai enjoys hanging out with them and bonding with them. (I use them since Arrluk is more gender-neutral)
  • Atsui - Love interest, teammate, Kasai and Atsui get along unnaturally when alone. But when they're in public or with friends, Atsui will act like a... female dog... to Kasai. Because tsundere.
  • Fire Nation & Fire Lord - Kasai hates the Fire Nation, and most of all the Fire Lord. The only thing he hates more is his brother, Nikaji. He considers Nikaji a master traitor as Nikaji works with the Fire Nation as an assassin, the same people that killed their parents.

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