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Karuna Bei Fong (Sankari Tsong)
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom


85 AG

Physical description


Hair color

Dark brown

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Earth and fire

Bending style(s)

Cousin of Toph Beifong (niece of Poppy and Lao Beifong )


Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Suki , Appa, Momo, Iroh


Ozai, Azula, Combustion Man, Long Feng, Dai Li, Xin Fu

Chronological and political information

Fire Nation general

First appearance

"The Memoirs of Sankari" (

Karuna Bei Fong, also known as Sankari Tsong, is a bender of both earth and fire and a prodigy of sorts. Being deemed the only bender to have control over multiple elements other than the Avatar, Karuna carries a large weight on her shoulder. This inner turmoil caused her to stop fighting in the name of the Fire Nation and join Team Avatar to end the Hundred Year War.



Karuna was born in the Western Earth Kingdom but when her city was attacked by the Fire Nation, she was separated from her family and adopted by a benign General named Makoto Tsong. He gave her the name Sankari and trained her to be a great firebender. Karuna believed the Fire Nation was her true home, but she had recurring visions of her earlier life in the Earth Kingdom which led her to believe she was missing the bigger picture. Under her adopted name, the girl grew to know the Fire Nation as her home and befriended many of the children their including the royal siblings. She and Azula didn't see eye to eye at first, but eventually the two became close friends.

Karuna Bei Fong

Karuna is burdened with astonishing power

The death of her adopted father caused Karuna to strive to be one of the greatest firebenders the world had ever seen. Once she had reached the age of 12, Fire Lord Ozai gave her the task of leading a fleet of soldiers to take control of the South Western border of the Earth Kingdom. Upon her division's seize of the land, the young general discovered her true heritage from a wise, old Sooth-Sayer who possessed great knowledge. This was a defining moment for Karuna because both nations had rooted themselves within her. She then had to choose which side she would fight for.

Karuna eventually renounced her citizenship to the Fire Nation and fled to the Earth Kingdom to begin to live her new life. Once she returned, Karuna unexpectedly ran into Toph Beifong and the two conversed. It didn't take Karuna very long to realize that the blind girl was her cousin that she constantly saw in visions of her earlier life. When the Gaang arrive in Gaoling, Karuna and Toph join the team to put an end to the war.


In the Fire Nation, Karuna kept her dark brown hair long, down to her lower back. While she traveled with Team Avatar she cut her hair shorter as a symbol for restarting her journey in life. One of her most noticeable facial features are her gray eyes which look like the sea after a storm. She also has a scar that starts at her tear duct and goes up to about her temple, from a sparring accident when she was younger. This injury has left her partially blind in her right eye.

Karuna's tan skin was a subtle difference that set her apart from most Fire Nation citizens because many were predominantly paler in complexion. On her travels some even asked her if she was of the Water Tribe. Karuna is of average height for her age, about as tall as Katara.


Karuna kept to herself a lot as a young child. Because of the trauma of losing her family in the Fire Nation attack, she didn't actually speak until she was five years of age. This made it difficult to interact with other children her age and was one of the main reasons she didn't get along with Azula during their first few encounters. Eventually Karuna overcame her shyness and morphed into a social butterfly. Though she wasn't as talkative as Ty Lee, it was much easier and more entertaining to have a conversation with her than it would be with Mai.

Sankari smiling

Karuna's upbeat personality helped the gang endure hardships with a bit more ease.

Karuna has a good sense of humor and sarcasm. She and Sokka are both the goofier ones in Team Avatar. Like the Water Tribe boy, she is also very skeptic and comes up with good ideas. Karuna can usually go from being goofy to dead-serious in seconds, especially when the situation calls for it. Karuna started off being a calm and level-headed individual but as everything escalated more with the war she began to grow irritable and frustrated often and easily.

Like her cousin, Toph, Karuna can be very stubborn and childish at times. She is also very determined, especially when it comes to her martial arts and saving the world. Karuna's usual persona is calm and collected and becaue of this, she is able to get along with every member of Team Avatar fairly well.

Karuna has a disorder that their world doesn't know that much about because of the time era. Essentially it's borderline Tourrette's syndrome. She has nervous tics from time to time that were more prevalent when she was younger though they still occur in her early teen years every once in a while. Because this disorder hadn't been thoroughly looked into in their world, it's called either "The Sensory Sickness" or "The Kinetic Sickness". It was named this because the few that had it generally displayed tics that involved types of movement.



Karuna learned to firebend at a young age from her adopted father who was an excellent firebender himself. By the age 12, she was as skilled as a full grown adult and most likely more powerful. Unlike many stereotypical firebenders that use anger and rage to fuel their bending, Karuna learned to channel strong determination and drive into her firebending. This also set her apart from the other firebenders because she was one of the few who had the most control over her bending.

Right around the time she became a teenager, Karuna noticed that the color of her flames had drained. Instead of the standard orange, her fire was now white. It was said in ancient proverbs that the change in color of a firebender's flame matched the inner changes that the bender had endured. Iroh explained this to Karuna because he believed the white symbolized her pure heart.

Karuna's white flames were an indication that she could possibly be the next "White Dragon". The White Dragon is a spiritual form of martial arts that inhabits a persons body and cycles every 100 years. Unlike the Avatar, the White Dragon can linger inside any person, bender or non-bender, and there is no set order or cycle. This form would make whoever holds it within them extremely powerful. With that being said, however, few have ever been able to master the form in its entirety. It is a gift that is hard to understand as well as utilize it at will. One of Karuna's greatest challenges is to learn how to control the White Dragon.

Karuna's normal style of firebending is based on Southern Shaolin Leopard. This is because her fighting style consists of quick and accurate movements as well as slow ones meant solely for build-up. When she is in the form of the White Dragon, however, Karuna's firebending style changes to that of the Dragon style for obvious reasons.


It was revealed later to Karuna that when her adopted father first found her alone, she was bending small rocks on the ground. This was the only time she had moved earth until her teenage years. After discovering her true parentage, Karuna earthbends at her own soldiers to stop them from mistreating some Earth Kingdom boys. Because she had no master or anyone to guide her with this element, Karuna's earthbending is pretty basic and mediocre at the beginning. It isn't until she reunites with Toph when she's able to pick up some things from her cousin. Toph helps her strengthen and improve her earthbending in exchange for some hand-to-hand self-defense lessons.

Karuna's earthbending style is based on Hung Gar Tiger/Crane Kung Fu. Hung Gar is the style that earthbending in general was based on and the animal style of Tiger/Crane fits her personality as an earthbender. This style is very similar to the one of Haru.

Other Abilities

Her father trained her in numerous forms of martial arts outside of bending. He wanted her to be well rounded in the art of fighting. The way her father trained her, Karuna would've been able to adapt in any situation. But, since her father died before he could officially help her complete her training, Karuna's skills were still a good ways away from "perfect." Karuna learned how to solely utilize her body as well as a handful of weapons in combat. However, she is only really seen using two specific weapons because she primarily sticks to her bending.

Karuna's father taught her the way of the sword when she was little. She doesn't take up the art of swordsmanship again until she meets Jet. The Freedom Fighter helps her get back into the swing of things, and later on in her travels, she studies swordsmanship along with Sokka from Master Piando.

Karuna after the war

Though she is very versatile, Karuna prefers using katanas, broadswords and sometimes even wakizashis

The other weapon that Karuna is stellar at using is a bow and arrow. It is revealed later that Mai was the one who had taught her to become a decent archer back when she lived in the Fire Nation. While she travels with the gang around the Fire Nation incognito, Karuna acquires a long bow for her and a recurve for Sokka. Her reason being is that shooting would come in handy during the invasion, especially if they were airborne and couldn't fight on the ground.

Karuna is also pretty flexible and though she can't perform certain stunts such as Ty Lee, she can definitely withstand the splits unlike The Boulder.Some of her movements and gymnast style maneuvers look like old school parkour.

Another gift Karuna possesses is the ability to bring people together. Katara mentions this to her at one time, because it is indeed true. There is calm and tranquil atmosphere, generally, whenever Karuna is around and this helps keep the group united even through the malice in their adventure.

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