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The Ship at Sea

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Welcome to the Northern Water Tribe


Erica and Natsu finally arrive at the Northern Water Tribe.


Fire. Air. Earth. Water. Long ago, the Phoenix was created to help keep balance among the four nations by making sure the Avatar would not neglect his duties. However, almost a hundred years ago, the Fire Nation started the war and the Avatar disappeared along with the Phoenix. Now, as the Fire Nation comes ever closer to victory the Phoenix has reappeared and I truly believe that she can help restore the world to its formal self.

Erica roused her inner flame as she gazed over the clear water. It had been three days since her conversation with Iroh and the entire time since, Natsu had been swimming them Northward in the Northern Sea. They were running low on food and Erica wasn't sure how much longer it would take to arrive at the Northern Water Tribe.

She had spotted several fish earlier and was determined to catch one. There had been several good-sized fish, but she wanted to find a bigger one, because she knew she would only have one shot to get a fish before the others fled. Looking carefully, she spotted an extremely large catfish; it was about twelve inches long and six inches wide.

Erica stood on the edge of the glacier she was on, took a deep breath, and shot a flame from her fist at the catfish. The flame burst through the water and burned the fish's side, killing it. Delighted she grabbed the dead fish and put in on the ice in front of her. She then grabbed a knife she had in her bag, chopped off the head of the fish, grabbed the spine and pulled all the bones out. Finally, she picked up what remained of the fish by the tail, closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and then opened her eyes quickly causing the fish burst into flame.

When she was satisfied, she stopped the flame and began eating the fish with some bread she got from her bag. Just then, Natsu swam up to the glacier and climbed onto it, with a fish tail sticking out of his mouth.

"Good hunting?" Erica asked the eelhound.

Natsu gave a happy cry as he threw the fish in the air, opened his mouth, and swallowed the fish whole.

"Show off," said Erica.

Natsu cried out happily again, and Erica laughed before finishing her lunch. When she finished Natsu got back into the water, with Erica on his back, and he began swimming north again. They had been passing glaciers for the past day and a half, but now, there were so many it was hard to navigate through them.

"We're almost there Natsu," said Erica excited.

As soon as she said this, a tidal wave came out of nowhere and crashed into them knocking Erica off the eelhound and into the freezing water. She managed to swim back to the surface of the water and began taking long deep breaths, trying to get air back into her lungs.

"Halt!" a male voice called.

Erica looked behind her and saw three canoes filled with men wearing animal skins over their heads and holding spears.

"P....ppp...please don't kill me," said Erica, holding her hands up in surrender as her teeth chattered.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" the same man spoke again; he had the pelt of a polar bear around him.

" name is Er...Erica and I am try....trying to find the Northern Water t...tribe, which I guess I....I, just did," said Erica still shaking.

"Why were you trying to find our tribe?" the man asked.

"I was trying find safety." Erica said beginning the story, she had thought up, "My village wa...was attacked by the Fire Nation and my fff...father, who used to live in the Northern Tribe, told me to flee"

"What's your father's name?" the man asked.

"Palik," said Erica, remembering the name of the man she had met in Makapu village.

"Ah Palik, well in that case, welcome," said the man.

Erica gave an internal sigh of relief and swam over to Natsu and got onto his back. As she got on, Natsu swam over to the man who had been speaking's canoe. As she got closer to him she was able to see the man clearly, he had grey hair with white spots and blue eyes; he was in his sixties.



"Is that an eelhound?" the man asked surprised "I hear they are very hard to train."

"Yep, Natsu and I met when I was a kid." Erica said, "I found him half-starved as a baby so I gave him some food and he has been my companion since."

"Fascinating; by the way, my name is Karoton," said the man.

"Nice to meet you," said Erica shaking his hand.

"Alright!" said Karoton to the other Waterbenders "Let's move out."

All of the men raised their hands above their heads, and then brought them down. The canoes began moving forward. Erica watched closely as the Waterbenders moved their hands, she had never seen waterbending before and found it fascinating. As Erica and Natsu followed the Waterbenders foreword, a wall began appearing out of the horizon.

"Oh my Spirits," said Erica in awe.

The wall was over a hundred feet tall, made out of ice, with the symbol of the Water Nation on the front. The Waterbenders moved their hands in a flowing motion, and section of the ice wall collapsed into the water below. They then began moving forward again and they passed through the first wall only to be surrounded by walls on either side of them, and in front of them. There were five Waterbenders on the wall to their left and right, the Waterbenders caused the space they were in to fill with water raising them over the wall in front of them, and they were then able to continue sailing foreword into the city.

It was the most beautiful place Erica had ever seen. There were canals going in every direction, all the streets and buildings were made from ice and snow. There were canoes transporting people around, children playing and smiling. Everyone seemed to be happy; Erica had never seen so many happy, carefree people in one place before.

Northern Water Tribe

The Northern Water Tribe

"This place is so incredible," said Erica.

"Yes, we are very blessed to be in such a beautiful place, someplace that the Fire Nation has not been able to destroy," said Karoton.

"Ya," said Erica, looking down guiltily.

"So where did you grow up exactly?" Karoton asked noting her reaction "I have not spoken or heard from Palik since he left."

"A little town in the Northwestern Earth Kingdom called Makapu Village," replied Erica quickly.

"Ah yes, I have heard of that village, quite a ways to travel all by yourself." Karoton said suspicion faintly lining his voice.

"So, I have only seen male Waterbenders, aren't there any female Waterbenders around here?" Erica asked trying to change the subject.

"Well yes," said Karoton noticing the change but letting it pass, "however our tribe's laws state that female Waterbenders are only able to learn how to heal."

"Really!" said Erica shocked turning to face him "That seems kind of old fashioned."

"It is, but the Northern Water Tribe has always been one for tradition."

"Even the Fire Nation lets women participate in Firebender training," said Erica.

Karoton looked at her suspiciously, but said nothing; Erica was too caught up in the scenery to notice.

"So what happened to your hair I've only met one other young person with white hair before," said Karoton.

"Umm well...when I was a kid I was somehow was taken to the Spirit World, and when I returned my hair had turned white," said Erica thinking it up as she spoke.

"Ahh," said Karoton, not believing her story, but noting her comfortableness stopped asking questions.

"So where are we going?" Erica asked.

"To see Chief Arnook," said Karoton.

"Oh," said Erica calmly, although her mind began reeling with fear.

"Maybe we should take the long route," said Karoton after a few moments.

"What do you mean?" Erica asked turning to face him.

He didn't answer, instead he turned into a canal to their right and after signaling to the other Waterbenders that everything was alright and they should continue foreword, led Erica and Natsu far away from the others. They traveled along for several minutes before finally stopping when they were in an area where no one was around.

"What are we doing here?" Erica asked, rousing her inner flame in case she needed to fight.

"Before we go any further, I need you to tell me the truth," said Karoton.

"What are you talking about?" Erica said, feigning obliviousness.

"Are you the Phoenix?" he asked seriously, his blue eyes narrowing.

Erica did not answer, but the shock in her eyes gave all the answer Karoton needed.

"Are you here as a Fire Nation spy?" said Karoton "Answer me, before I send you back to the sea to drown."

Erica sensed his seriousness and sighed before speaking.

"Yes, I am the Phoenix, but I can assure you I don't support the Fire Nation's actions," said Erica. "I fled the Fire Nation after fighting Fire Lord Ozai in order to protect my friend. I need to master Waterbending, and then I am going to try and find the Avatar, and return the Fire Nation to its state before Sozin became Fire Lord."

"Why didn't you tell us when we met you that you were the Phoenix?" Karoton asked, "We would have helped you."

"Would you?" Erica said her eyes narrowed "I don't think you would have. When I met Palik on my journey here, he told me of the ill will that the Water Tribes have toward the Phoenix. When you began to suspect what I was, you were ready to kill me without batting an eye. Now, considering your reaction, how do you think the others would have reacted?"

Karoton thought about it for a moment, and had to agree with her theory knowing how some of the other members of his tribe would want to destroy anyone from the Fire Nation, before factoring in that the person was the Phoenix.

"Alright, but if you are going to pull this off you are going to need help," said Karoton.

"Is that an offer?" Erica asked.

"Yes, I don't know what it is kid, but for some strange, unaccountable reason I trust you," said Karoton.

"Did we meet in one of my past lives?" she asked.

"No," said Karoton with a laugh. "I'm old, but not that old, the last Phoenix to visit the water Tribe was about a hundred and thirty years ago."

"So what happens now?" Erica asked after a moment of silence.

"We venture to the palace, and hope no one else discovers your secret," said Karoton.

He then used his Waterbending to lead Erica and Natsu back to the main channel of water and Karoton took them foreword to the ice palace where only the spirits knew what awaited them.

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