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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legend of the Phoenix.

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Erica, Chief Arnook, Palik, other members of the Northern Water Tribe


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Karoton was born into an important Northern Water Tribe Family. Growing up he was friends with Palik and was sad when the later left the Northern Water Tribe. When he was older, he became part of the Chief's Council for Arnook's father and latter for Arnook himself.

Book One: Water

Karoton is the person who reads the introduction. When Erica arrived at the Northern Water Tribe Karoton was part of the group of men that met her at the border. After learning that she was the daughter of his friend Palik he allowed her to enter the tribe. Upon discussion with her, he began to suspect she was not who she claimed to be, so he talked to her privately, and he learned that his suspicions were correct, she was the Phoenix, and so he agreed to help her hide within the Tribe and teach her Waterbending.

After a meeting with Chief Arnook, in which he said the he would take responsibility for Erica until her "father" arrives, Karoton brought Erica to his home. That night he began to train Erica in the art Waterbending with no success. One day another member of the Chief's Council, Paku, visited Karoton to talk about Erica, but Karoton protected her secret. They continued their training but Erica still had no success.

Not long after her arrival Erica questioned Karoton on the organization called the Order of the White Lotus, which he revealed himself to be a part of. So he taught her some of the techniques that the Order uses to communicate before going back to the ice valley where she tried, and failed to Waterbend. So, after this, Karoton encouraged Erica to try and communicate with one of her past lives who might be able to help her learn Waterbending.

So later, after Karoton showed Erica the Spirit Oasis, Erica came home and took Karoton to the ice valley where she was finally able to move a wave of water. They continued training through the night, but when they got back home they found most of the tribe destroyed.

Karoton went to a meeting of the Chiefs Council where he learned that a portal in the Spirit Oasis had been opened allowing a large amount of spirits to cross over and attack the tribe. When he returned home Erica told him that it was due to her crossing over and coming back from the Spirit World that had caused the portal to stay open. After this a new batch of Spirits crossed over and began attacking again and he began fighting back against the Spirits with unknown results.


Erica - Though he just met her, Karoton trusts Erica and agrees to help her.

Erica water pants


Palik - He and Palik were friends when they were friends and stayed that way until Palik left for the Earth Kingdom.



Arnook - He is trusted by Arnook enough to give the Chief advice as part of the Chief's Council.

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