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Biographical information

Northern Water Tribe


30 (deceased)

Physical description



6' 5"

Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice
  • Water
  • If necessary, limbs
Fighting style(s)



Firefighters, Mitros


Fire Nation, Zhentu, Team Avatar

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Anti-Fire Nation terrorist


Firefighter Soldier



First appearance


Karno is a Waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe. He employs a style of Waterbending that is similar in mindset to Earthbending, though this was developed on his own, rather than by teachings of an Earthbender.

Early Life

He was born in the Northern Water Tribe in 71 AG. He usually remained in the back of the class during his Waterbending classes, but always somehow managed to defeat everyone in the class. He subjected himself to many kinds of physical pain as a child out of curiosity, and developed a high tolerance to pain. He quickly managed to become a master Waterbender, and began patrolling the waters near the Northern Tribe.

The Siege

Karno fought in the Siege of the North. He battled many Firebenders and killed many before Zhao killed the moon spirit. He then began fighting only with his arms and legs. He was able to kill other Firebenders even without his bending, though his progress was greatly slowed. In the following days, he led an expedition to the tundra, since rumors of Zuko being there with a Fire Nation battalion had spread throughout the Tribe. While searching the area, he discovered Mitros and joined the Firefighters.

Missions with the Firefighters

Karno quickly advanced to a high rank in the Firefighters. His unique Waterbending style and endurance proved decisive on many occasions. He managed to take out an entire Fire Nation town with only a few other Waterbenders for backup.

Zhangzi Village

Karno was asked by Mitros to help him take a port city in the outer Fire Nation. He accepted and battled fiercely and killed many people; his endurance allowed the Firefighters to take the town. Mitros needed to leave to conquer other islands and left Karno in charge of Zhangzi.


After Mitros left, Karno kept a firm grip on his island. When Team Avatar showed up, he battled fiercely, fighting Toph and Zuko on even ground, before fighting against Aang as well. He fought a good battle, forcing other members of the team to save each other from his surprise attacks. He is eventually caught by Toph, and killed point blank by Zhentu.



Karno is an amazing Waterbender, being able to control the water by using rigid attacks rather than by fluid forms. This makes him an unpredictable adversary and gives him a certain edge in battle. He has been known to use water from behind an enemy to attack from the rear. He frequently uses water as a shield like Earthbenders do, and he frequently uses ice in battle.


While Karno is a formidable Waterbender, his distinguishing trait is his massive endurance and tolerance of pain. By subjecting himself to mild torture as a child, he developed an ability to ignore pain and focus on one goal. He is able to take a fire blast, air swipes, and even rocks thrown at him without even wincing.


Karno is usually secluded and never developed social skills. He usually speaks in a deep voice typical of someone of his stature. He enjoys a good fight, and never holds back. He rarely shows respect, those who he does show respect for have had to earn it, something which Mitros has done. He has also been shown to be extremely dedicated, obeying Mitros without doubt.

Non-Canon Appearances


Karno in Clash of Worlds 3

Kuwabara, you are under arrest for the possession of marijuana! - Karno to Kuwabara in Clash of Worlds 3, Part 2: Kyoshi Revolts

Karno appears in Clash of Worlds 3, Part 2: Kyoshi Revolts, making a small appearance. He appears as an actual Fireman, parodying the name of the organization he was a part of, the Firefighters. He yells at Kuwabara for her possession of marijuana, though he is killed by the senile old woman as she runs out of the room.


  • Aspects of his creation have been influenced by Gao (tolerance of pain) and Des (endurance), both from Avatar: Wanted (The Bos' favorite fanon).
  • His size and quiet nature was influenced by Combustion Man, along with the fact that he could take on Team Avatar on his own.
  • His profile image was taken from Lazyartisan on DeviantArt, and edited by The Bos in Microsoft Paint.

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