Unalaq ordering Korra's capture
Karma in Chaos
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April 25, 2015

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Onward Bound

"It's been a while, old friend, I need your help with something 'important'," I told an old friend.

"I'm listening..." the man said.

"It's about time we brought balance back to the world. I have learnt that my niece is the new Avatar, and I believe it was destiny that we crossed paths. I need you and P'Li's help to kidnap the Avatar, and teach her the ways of the Red Lotus," I told Zaheer.

"When you were gone, P'Li and I travelled around the world, and we have two new members, who are respective elemental masters. Perfect. We will rendezvous with you two nights after the winter solstice," Zaheer told me.

"Perfect," I replied before I hung up. "All going according to plan," I told myself.

"Who was that on the phone this late?" my wife, Malina, asked.

"Just an old friend from the Earth Kingdom," I told her.

"You mean the guy who saved your life during your travels?" she asked.

"That's the one," I replied. "You should get some sleep," I told her. At least she didn't catch me that night.

"You're still up?" she replied.

"I've got to go and make a call to our sister tribe, noting our arrival for the winter solstice. I'll be back," I said.

I never needed to make a call to our sister tribe, but one to a very close friend of mine, Hotah.

"Hotah, I need you for an important case. I've just heard rumours that someone might kidnap the new Avatar, so I need you to come with me to the South Pole," I told Hotah. "If you do everything I say, your pay will triple throughout the next thirty years," I added.

"You've got a deal, I'll meet you at the palace tomorrow morning," Hotah told me.

That was the morning many of us Northerners were going to travel South for the Glacier Spirit Festival.

"You're early," I told Hotah.

"Of course," he replied.

We headed towards the port where my ship was docked. Two captains, along with the Water Warriors, accompanied me to the South. My wife, along with my twins, stayed up here in the Northern Tribe. A week at sea was bad enough.

"We've arrived," the captain announced through the ship's intercom.

After arriving at the port, an escort was waiting to pick me up at the ports to head towards my brother's new home. As soon as I knocked on the door...

"Hello, Tonraq," I told him.

"Leave, brother. You're not welcomed here," he replied.

"I never knew your brother was the Chief of the Northern Water Tribe. Come in," Senna told my brother.

"There are many things your husband never told you, maybe he should do it sooner than later," I told her. "Hello Korra," I greeted.

"Hello, sir," the Avatar replied.

"Let's head over into town to get ready for the festival," my brother said dryly.

So the family and I headed over to the cheap carnival that was hosted by the entrepreneur my brother had been talking about earlier. What a pathetic act really...

"Wait till the dark spirits get them..." I grinned to myself.

On the way to the festival, we heard people around town gossiping about the arrival of Fire Lord Zuko and Tenzin later this afternoon. So we changed our course of going to the festival to the harbour. When the ferry arrived with Fire Lord Zuko and Tenzin, everybody was cheering towards their ship, banter surged through the people.

"Chief Sokka," Fire Lord Zuko hugged the former.

"It is so good to see you again, old friend," Sokka told him.

"And who are these folks over here?" the Fire Lord asked Sokka.

"Oh this, this is Chief Unalaq, and his family," Sokka told him.

"Fire Lord Zuko, it is a lifetime honour to meet you sir..." I told him.

"Well, it is very nice to meet you as well," the Fire Lord replied. "Let's head to the city centre for the festival," he said.

At this moment, I knew if I joined the group's assault, I would be screwed. There was only one thing to do: ditch the plan. Rest up for another day. The Royal Palace was packed full of people from all around the world, from entrepreneur Varrick, to Fire Lord Zuko, to Councilman Tenzin. All the officials were here, and I couldn't muck up.

"It is my honour to be here today to celebrate our tribe's annual Winter Glacier's Festival," I told the audience.

Everyone then applauded, before bursting into conversations in their tables. My brother and his family had to leave early since the Avatar was somewhat tired. The family was sent off by Lord Zuko, Sokka, and Tenzin. After the representatives bid their respective farewells to the Avatar, the family made their way home; however, a bald man wanted to talk to my brother.

"Is this the Avatar?" the bald man said.

"Yes, this is the Avatar," Senna told the man.

"It is an honour to meet you, Avatar. Mind if I hold her briefly?" the man said.

"Of course not," Senna said briefly.

He took a good look at the Avatar, before he began to run off.

"Stop right there!" Tonraq shouted out to the man.

Right at that moment, three other benders dropped down and blocked the couple. While the man ran away with the Avatar, my brother had to fight the three benders, respective elemental masters from the Red Lotus: Ming-Hua, Ghazan, and P'Li.

"I don't like the idea that the Avatar and her family is out this late at night alone..." Chief Sokka said. "I'm going to the lookout."

Chief Sokka ran up to the lookout, where he saw a building explode in flames. A street was covered in lava. "I don't like the look of this..." He then ran back down to the banquet, and called Tenzin and Lord Zuko. Together, the three flew on Oogi and observed what was happening. The bald man headed to the mountain ranges on the outskirts of the Southern Tribe capital, where Chief Sokka waited to take him on with his sword and boomerang. Lord Zuko and Tenzin took down the other three benders, before meeting up with the Chief.

"Stop where you are!" Chief Sokka told the man.

"Not unless you can stop me," the man replied.

The bald man immediately made a run for it before the Chief threw his boomerang, landing a solid blow on the bald man's head. The man then dropped the Avatar, before taking the Chief on for a duel. Although the Chief drew his sword at the ready, within minutes, the man could disarm the old Chief. Now it was hand-to-hand combat, where both combatants managed to land a few blows on each other; however, the Chief was much older and fragile, which gave the former an advantage.

"You're going nowhere!" Tonraq told the man, dropping down from Oogi.

"Surrender yourself, you're surrounded," Fire Lord Zuko said.

The three men who just arrived got into fighting stances, ready to attack the man.

"Zaheer, run while you still can!" A man with long black hair, an Earth Kingdom outfit, and bound in chains shouted.

As Zaheer attempted to escape from Chief Sokka, Lord Zuko, Tonraq and Councilman Tenzin, all of them struck Zaheer down, leaving him unconscious. I was just by my brother's house watching all of this.

"What happened?" I asked them, pretending to be unaware.

"A group of terrorists wanted to kidnap the Avatar," Tenzin told me.

"We need to lock them away remotely, immediately, before they can find a chance to escape," Lord Zuko told all of us.

"I'm more than happy to help you in any way, Fire Lord Zuko."

"Good, because we'll need all the help we can get," the Fire Lord replied. "Chief Unalaq, I need you to head back to the Royal Palace, and retrieve some sleeping gas to keep the four asleep until we have separated them, put them into prison, and place the White Lotus on duty."

"I'm on it," I told him.

So as the night went, I managed to find the sleeping powder in the palace, put the four to sleep, and requested the construction of a secret prison deep in the tundras of the Northern Water Tribe. Tenzin co-operated with the Fire Lord, allowing us to build another facility on top of the Patola Mountain Ranges. The next day, Chief Beifong arrived at the Southern Water Tribe prison, where she constraint the four, before starting the interrogation that would go on for hours, with no response.

Until the prisons' construction was finished in a few months, the four of them were kept in Republic City's special prison facilities, watched constantly by the Chief, and the most elite metalbending officers. The four had to split ways to their new prison, a procedure which took weeks, as Lord Zuko believed that they needed all the security they could get in order to avoid these guys escaping. First, we sent P'Li away, then Ghazan, then Ming-Hua, then Zaheer. The end of a busy six-month process.

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