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2 August, 2014

My name is Karana. I'm thirteen, and I was born and raised in the Southern Water Tribe.

This week when I was on my monthly trip around the world. My first stop is the Fire Nation where my Aunt Hamma and cousins live. I usually go to my home in the Southern Water Tribe first but I wanted to visit my cousins first because the oldest brother Kuzon was joining the United Forces. My cousin Kuzon is good friends with General Iroh, grandson of Fire Lord Zuko. Iroh insisted that Kuzon join and after a few months of begging Kuzon to join he finally accepted Iroh's offer and enrolled into the United Forces.

Even though I visit the Fire Nation every month I don't usually get to see them because their usually busy because my uncle Jokov is involved in governmental meetings and such, so I rarely see them.

After my visit with my cousins, my next stop was my home where my mother Karyn and step father Juku live. My mother Karyn is naturally from the Southern Water Tribe, my father is an Air Nomad, and my step father is from the Earth Kingdom.

I was only three years old when my mother and father divorced. After that we immediately began to travel the world. When we arrived in the Earth Kingdom my mother instantly fell in love with my stepfather, Hahn.

When they got married we moved back to the Southern Water Tribe and I instantly began to train with Master Katara. Coincidentally, Avatar Korra was also training with Katara at the time. Even though Korra was a few years older that me we became very close friends and she helped me when I struggled in class and after a few more years I became a water bending master at thirteen.

A few years later, Master Tenzin came to train Korra, but when Tenzin couldn't stay Korra said good bye to me and her parents and she and her polar bear dog Naga ran off to Republic City to train with Tenzin.

Two years had passed since I had seen Korra. One day I had an idea to go to Republic City and live with my grandma, Mimi. It took a few weeks of convincing to get my mom and Hahn to let me go but they finally said yes as long as I promised to call every day.

When I finally go to Republic City, Mimi was already there waiting for me at the port. When we got to her house she welcomed me with great joy and was very exited to have me live with her. The last time I had seen her was right after my mom and dad divorced, so I was really happy to see her too.

I was starving so she made me all these different types of food from the Southern Water Tribe. When I was done eating, I offered to wash the dishes. While I washed Mimi came up to me and told me to read the newspaper when I was done.

After I was done washing I went to the table and picked up the news paper she wanted me to read. As I began to read I noticed a caption that said, "THE FIRE FERRETS FINALLY ARE IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP". Underneath the title it said, "The FIRE FERRETS have never been this amazing since bending brothers added the Avatar to their team". After I read that my jaw dropped I thought I never would be able to see her again but now I finally had a chance to see her once more. I checked again to see when their next match would be and then I went straight to Mimi to ask if I could go and she said, "Why else did you think I wanted you to read it, of course you can go!"

So when the day of the match finally came, I snuck into the practice room and watched from the ledge. Watching Korra, Mako, and Bolin was amazing, it was astonishing. I tried not attract any attention since I really wasn't supposed to be back there. When the match was over the Fire Ferrets won. Though I wasn't surprised by the way they were playing. When they got to were I was at the brothers looked like they were about to call security but Korra instantly recognized me and stopped them before they could say a word. Korra and I stood there hugging silently getting all teary eyed. When we stopped Korra introduced me to Mako and Bolin and they said Korra spoke of me a lot, and I blushed a little.

Then she invited me to visit Air Temple Island whenever I liked and from that day forward we didn't spend a day where we didn't talk to each other.

The End

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