By Dragonfire333 Part of the Avatar: War of Nations continuity.
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Fire Nation



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Broadswords, Fire

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Mayuri, Lee, Haysumi, Jared, Yuki, Tao, Sanjo

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Kaoru is a nineteen year old Firebender. He is a part of the new Team Avatar accompanied by the Avatar Mayuri and her cousin, Tao. Kaoru is a proud Firebender who is confident in his abilities and has the skill to back it up.


Kaoru is a nineteen year old Firebender and the older brother of Yuki. He and his sister live with their father, Sanjo. Their mother died when Kaoru was 6 and Yuki was 3 with the three now relying on each other. Kaoru and Yuki trained with their father becoming talented Firebenders in the process. Kaoru was enrolled in the training academy in Sinae to enhance his skills where he met Lee, Jared, and Haysumi. Kaoru and Haysumi almost instantly took a liking to each other and began dating. When he was asked to deliver a package to a friends of his father's in Ba Sing Se he was attacked by Mayuri's attackers. The two settled their dispute to battle their opponents.


Kaoru is hot-headed and quick to act when fighting which can get him in trouble. Outside of a fight, Kaoru is just as silly as Jared and can be seen as immature because of this. Kaoru is however a reliable person when it comes to people close to him. He will stand up for those he feels are wronged or in trouble.


Kaoru is a skilled Firebender able to create powerful fire blasts, blades of fire and most any other Firebending basic moves. Kaoru is quite skilled in the use of dao broadswords and can integrate his Firebending into his swordplay to increase the destructive power. Kaoru is also quite agile, able lift himself onto a roof by grabbing onto the lower edge and then flip himself up. He is also able to leap across rooftops without losing his balance and still being able to catch his enemy.

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