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By Zukofan123 Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Fire continuity.

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Fire Nation



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Takeshi Sagara, Setsuna, Okiku, Jinno


Hideki Tokugawa, Kira, Black Master

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The Boy of Asahi

Kaon is one of the main characters of the fanon story Avatar: The Legacy of Fire. Everyone calls him 'The Pummel Kid' because he recently pummeled a small group of gangbangers. When he heard about what happened at Takeshi's house, he travels Takeshi and the group across the Fire Nation to find the mystical Phoenix Bracelet. Along the way, Kaon gets to fight bad guys.

Early Life

Kaon was always pushed around and teased at by bullies, his father tells him that they only want to intimidate him and that he should stand up for himself. Later, a group of bullies where about to tease Kaon but he immediately beats them up and sent them running. Since then, Kaon no longer has a problem with bullies.

Phoenix Saga

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