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Biographical information

Kanny (by Kairi)


Water Tribe

Birth place

Southern Water Tribe



Physical description




Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color


Personal information
Bending style(s)





Mikya (Mother), Kairi (Sister)


Lotus, Michiko, Chey, Amma, Jade



Chronological and political information

Southern Water Tribe, Yin Warriors



Kan is a male waterbender, the eldest son of Mikya, and brother to Kairi. He is a current member of the Yin Warriors.


Early Life

Kan is the first born son to Mikya along with his younger sister Kairi in the Southern Water Tribe. He was raised alone by his mother and had to take the paternal duties as an adult as he was growing up. Kan learned his waterbending skills from her and how to heal without the need of his mother aiding him. Kan was often picked on because of his attachment to his mother and healing. Nonetheless, he still supported her and took care of her in need. Kan was also very defendant of his little sister and would always be a father figure to her. He and Kairi would butt heads to see who's right on hunting trips. He was beginning to tire of his daily life routine and wished to seek more of adventure and twists to liven up his life better. He wanted to get out more meet new people. Kan's mom saw how unhappy he was with his life and asked what was wrong, he said he wanted to leave the South Pole and visit other places. Mikya protested the idea and claimed he wasn't "ready" to go, adding she cannot lose another man in her life and forbid him from leaving. Kan was very upset at the fact that she didn't think he understood the fact and got into a heated argument with Mikya.

Leaving Home

Mikya was unsure about the thought, but seeing how Kairi was taking care of herself and the house, she decided to let him leave home. Kan took precautionary measures to make sure he had everything to leave home. He embraced his mother and sister and left on his boat.

Meeting the Group

Kan's journey to exploring was intertwined by Michiko's journey. The bison landed on the ocean floor to introduce himself. The secret was spilled by Lotus, who revealed their expedition to Makapu. He insisted that he should tag along with the group.


Kan is good natured and will stand up for his friends and family when needed. Kan is very clever, quite snarkish, and often composed of his emotions. He has shown to be quite credulous when it comes to being into Lotus' insane plans but, regardless, goes along with it to protect her and the team. Kan takes a non-conformist stand against all things that are unfair. He happens to be a novice at comedic expense when he tries to humor himself and others. Kan has to take responsibility in the group whenever mostly Lotus and the others act childish. His independent nature and maturity derived from his life without his father which led him taking care of his mother and sister, but even he can ask for help once and a while when he loses his patience.



As a waterbender, Kan is a very powerful and formidable opponent on the battlefield. He is able to create walls of ice and quick to draw water from his water skin and other places for defense. His expert practice as a young child was considered to be beneficial in combat and his future teachings. Kan is very versatile and quick in hand-to-hand combat.


Despite being made fun of his knowledge of healing skills, Kan is considered to be a good healer during his time as his mother taught him. It has served a great deal to his journey with the Yin Warriors in combat. His healing technique was very proficient for a male as he was able to soothe away the pain with ease.

Other Skills

While not in combat, Kan has an extensive knowledge of jewelry making, and he's an adequate cook.


  • Kan is the first known male waterbender who can heal.
  • Kan's allergic to sea prunes.
  • He's the first person in the group to not have a known father.
  • Kan has a fear of boar-q-pines.

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