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"Welcome to Kein Forest, where all rebels are safe."
— Kambi greeting Team Rebel in City of Rebellion
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None, Water Tribe heritage


100 AG

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Sword, spear, javelins

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Fire Nation Prisoner



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City of Rebellion

Kambi is a prisoner of the Fire Nation and the former ruler of the Rebel City. Kambi is a kind man who believes in justice and equality. Despite not being a bender, Kambi is skilled with many Water Tribe affiliated weapons.

Kambi grew up with the desire to rebel. Following his brother and sister's deaths, Kambi formed the Rebel City with his associates Ray and Giu. Kambi also quickly befriended rebels Mina and Kaila, as well as Avatar Chen. Kambi's leadership finally ended in 130 AG when Princess Mitsuki infiltrated and conquered the city through a conspiracy. Kambi was quickly arrested by Mitsuki before he could retaliate. His current fate is unknown.

Kambi also has many family members, all of them used for comedy relief. They consist of his mother Marisolla, his grandmother Kama, and his nephew Saito.



Kambi was originally born on a mysterious island called the Spartan Islands, where he was the son of the chief. Though he was not considered to be of any nation, he had heavy Water Tribe heritage in him. Kambi was born right after the Fire Nation won The War, though throughout all his life, he knew that he needed to stand up for the rest of the world. One day, at the age of only thirteen, he left the Spartan Islands, and set sail with his brother and sister to the Earth Kingdom lands. While there, the three kids were able to blend in with no problem, though one day, the children were caught scheming to attack a base. It wasn't long before Kambi and his siblings were forced to fight twenty soldiers.

The three kids fought well and hard, but at the end of the fight, Kambi was the only one of his siblings to survive. Heartbroken, Kambi nearly committed suicide, though something stopped him from doing it, as he felt that his death would put a huge negative impact on the world. It took years to let Kambi realize that it certainly would have.

Founding Kein Forest

From the age of 15 to 20, Kambi traveled all over the world, gathering rebels and escaped slaves from every corner of the globe. Eventually, he and all the other rebels all came together, and colonized the big and prosperous Rebel City in Kein Forest. When Azula learned of this, she ordered Kambi be assassinated, though the assassins failed. After a few small invasions, Azula decided to ignore the city. Kambi saw his options, and decided to order a select group of assassins sneak into the Fire Nation and build a base, and then, at precisely 130 AG, they kill Azula. This plan failed, and Azula was able to kill very assassin at the base herself.

Battle at Kein Forest

Hakoda in battle attire

Kambi destroys a tank in the Battle at Kein Forest

A day after the failed assassination attempts on Azula, the members of Team Rebel were brought to Kambi. Kambi happily welcomes them, and made them his guests of honor, allowing them to have their own room in his palace. Kambi, as well as Ray and Giu, his close and personal advisers and friends, quickly bonded with the three children.

However, good things never last. A few days after Team Rebel's arrival, Kambi starts having visions and senses demonic presences are nearing him. Kambi sent some scouts out to find any disturbances. Most of them were murdered, and the only one alive told him that the demonic presence was an armada of warships and airships. Kambi then ordered his men to prepare for the attack, as he knew what the airships were heading to. When the battle started, Kambi battled on the front lines with all his other men, and, though the main target, fought with strength and defeated every soldier who attacked him.

Meanwhile, however, Tam Mee caused great damage to Kambi's men and even disabled Ray's bending for the rest of the battle. Kambi recognized her as the Earth Kingdom heiress, and told his men to leave the scene the minute they see her. After receiving very negative news from Ray, Kambi finally decides that he must turn himself in to Princess Mitsuki, and that maybe she'll leave the other rebels alone (even though Kambi thinks he'll be double-crossed anyway).

As he walks down his palace steps, he is approached by Tam Mee and Quanlee, who are ready to arrest him. Suddenly however, a rookie soldier infuriates Chen so much, that Chen goes into the Avatar State, revealing himself to be the Avatar. He saves Kambi's life by scaring all the people ready to take him captive away, and he also drives away Mitsuki's fleet (though he is unable to kill the Princess). Kambi can only watch in amazement with the other rebels, until Chen slowly calms down, and faints from exhaustion.

Ruling Kein Forest

New Friends

Alarmed Sokka

Kambi screams when he sees his mother arrive at the city

When Chen awakens after the battle, Kambi and the others great him warmly, though Chen is still very frustrated. Later on, Kambi tells the other rebels that they are in big trouble, as Chen's connection to his past lives is severely dampened. Chen overhears the entire conversation, and is very upset to the point of nearly contemplating suicide, though after talking his father and Avatar Aang, Chen accepts who he is, and asks Ray to teach him Waterbending, which makes Kambi smile.

A few days later, Kambi's mother, Marisolla, visits him from the Spartan Islands. Kambi is terrified of her, and even attempts hiding at one point. Things only get worst when Giu blurts out to Marisolla that Kambi was nearly killed in the Battle at Kein Forest. After hearing this, Marisolla tells Kambi he's moving back to the Spartan Islands with her. Kambi, scared of confronting his mother, asks Mina, Kaila, Chen, Ray, and Giu to do it, though Marisolla throws them through her window the minute they try to argue with her.

Finally, Kambi confronts his mother, and tells her that he's a grown man, and he can take care of himself. Marisolla says she trusts him, but suddenly, an assassin sneaks in and nearly Kambi, though Marisolla promptly snaps the assassins neck with her bare hands. After seeing this, she comes to the conclusion that Kambi needs someone to protect him. Kambi at first believes she is going to stay with him, though Marisolla instead has Kambi's senile grandmother, Kama, stay with him. Kambi is very distraught by this, and ends up fainting from shock.

After Chen begins training with Ray, Kambi, seeing how bored Mina and Kaila are, decides to find them mentors, so they may train themselves. Kambi asks his old friends, Arrow and Lee. Arrow accepts, though Kambi must try a bit harder to convince Lee to train Kaila. Eventually, however, Lee agrees, mainly because of his and Kambi's friendship.

Other Adventures

Kambi, with Ray and Giu, leaves the Rebel City temporarily to go to a fortress selling armory. On their way, however, they run into Yi himself. Without knowing how to stop Yi's technique, Kambi is blasted into the nearby river. His grandmother, however, saves him, Ray, and Giu in time by throwing a grenade at Yi, which throws him into a tree. Kambi is then helped out of the river by his bodyguards. He is slightly bruised up, but not severely hurt. A few days later, his nephew Saito comes to the city for a visit. He decides to give Giu the task of watching him, and says that if anything happens, he will hold him responsible.

After finding out that his grandmother is ill, Kambi has a doctor examine her. Kama tells Kambi that the doctor says she has "Purple Fever", which greatly upsets him. He calls a meeting with his fellow rebels, in which he informs them of Kama's illness. He also reveals that he has the intention of escorting his grandmother to Roki Forest to get the cure himself. Ray strongly disagrees, and tells Kambi that he needs to stay in the city and rule. She, along with Mina, Kaila, Chen, and Giu volunteer to take him instead. The following day, the five kids leave with Kama. Kambi bids them a farewell. Coinciding with their departure, three rebels girls that Kambi sent for are revealed to have finally arrived in the city. Kambi leaves to greet them.

Conspiracy of Kein Forest

Unbeknown to Kambi, the three rebel girls are none other than Princess Mitsuki and her friends Tam Mee and Quanlee. Kambi happily welcomes them, believing they are his fellow rebels. He is easily deceived by Mitsuki when she stages an act where she "saves" him and a servant from Fire Nation soldiers. Thinking that Mitsuki and her friends have saved his life, he allows them access to his secret war meetings with his ten officials. He displays his trust and gratitude to them by showing them the city's master plans and by having his officials applaud. He remains completely unaware of Mitsuki's true intentions, which quickly proves to be his tragic undoing.

When the meeting concludes, Kambi prepares to leave and lock up the room. He is stopped in his tracks by Tam Mee, who distracts him by doing many bizarre and incredibly tricks. While Kambi is distracted, Mitsuki snatches the master plans. Unfortunately, Kambi does not realize that the plans have been stolen until after Mitsuki interprets the information and sends it to General Yi and Colonel Xan. The following morning, Kambi calls Mitsuki and her friends into his throne room, and tells them that the plans were stolen, and that he suspects they may have done it. Mitsuki finally reveals their true identity to Kambi. Before he can sound for his guards, his chi is blocked by Tam Mee, and Quanlee ties a cloth around his mouth.

Kambi is taken down to a secret underground prison that Mitsuki discovers through the master plans. She uses him as a hostage, and has all the prisoners freed. She then arrests Kambi and every guard in the prison. After being thrown into prison, Kambi tells Mitsuki that she won't get away with what she is doing. Unfortunately, Mitsuki officially conquers the city after sending Yi's troops in. Ray and Giu attempt to rescue Kambi, though Tam Mee and Quanlee stop him. Kambi's friends are forced to abandon him, and he remains in jail.


Kambi is a very strong, independent man who cares deeply for the people around him. He is very passionate about what he does, though occasionally his feelings for his fellow rebels can cloud his judgment. Kambi can be very stubborn on occasions, vowing never to leave a battle or to sacrifice other rebels. Kambi is also very trusting, as the fact that Chen was the former Crown Prince of the Fire Nation didn't bother him at all, and he gladly welcomed him and the rest of Team Rebel to his palace. His trusting nature, however, proves his downfall when Mitsuki and her friends infiltrate his city disguised as rebels. Believing them to be his allies, he gives away a great amount of information on the city, which eventually leads to his arrest and the city's demise.


Though not a bender, Kambi is very skilled with many weapons, mainly Water Tribe weapons, as he is of Water Tribe heritage. His skills give him the capability to fight with all his other soldiers on the front lines, where he also exhibited great strength, by smashing an attacking Fire Nation soldier into the ground with just two fingers. Where he learned all these skills is unknown. Kambi has also has shown great accuracy, being able to incapacitate a man who's 60 yards away with a javelin.

Non-canon Appearances

Kambi appears in Part 2 of the non-canon crossover, Clash of Worlds. Kambi seems to keep his personality. He expresses anxiety over having the task of welcoming a new group of rebels that are entering the city, disguised as hookers. Kambi is also shocked at Shiungi's actions, saying "What's wrong with that woman!"

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